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Operation Dragonfly

The Domar series:
Dangerous Domar - A newly recruited intelligence officer 'Agent Domar' sets out on an international mission to retrieve a pen drive from the enemies of the country who stole the nation's confidential information.
The Return of Dangerous Domar -  An arrest warrant has been issued on Domar after the outbreak of some mysterious deaths across the globe. The case has been assigned to the CBI and now, it is the duty of CBI chief officer Hari Prakash to catch hold of Domar and put him behind the bars.
ROD: Rise of Domar - The story is set in the United States of America where Professor Domar along with Officer Hari Prakash and a team of four students has to safeguard the nuclear weapon designed by Domar before the Russian enemy Karolek Romochka takes it away from them.
Dangerous Domar 4 - The story begins in Jamaica from where Domar and Hari set out on their journey to Seoul to catch hold of the international terrorist Bong-Cha.
Dangerous Domar 5 - With just 46 hours in hand to save the city, Domar and Hari set out on a major operation to save the city and the people from an unprecedented nuclear attack.
Fall of Domar - With the shattering news of Domar's death, Hari hires a new recruit 'Agent Karthick' with whom he sets out to unveil the mystery behind Domar's death.
7 - Hari hires one of the World's best sniper, Denz, to assist him in finding Domar.


The Eighth Installment

 "Some people believe that the nuclear bomb should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize since it scared the major powers away from war by equating it with doomsday."
- Steven Pinker

Le café des arts, Liège, Belgium
'I'm curious about the mission L3SAT545.'

Two buildings away
Pricilla rotated the focusing ring on her binocular until she obtained a sharp image of them sitting at the corner table. She adjusted the earpiece in her left ear to get clear reception of the audio.

Le café des arts, Liège, Belgium
'What about it?' asked Professor Bala as he sipped some coffee.
'Why L3? Science has not found a use for this spot yet,' said Monisha as she leaned towards the table to pick her cup of coffee.

Two buildings away
'We're in position,' Pricilla heard a voice in the radio she had in her coat pocket.
Pricilla took the radio in her hand. She took it close to her mouth and said, 'copy that.' She paused for a moment and said, 'standby.'
'Copy,' the voice faded into a distortion.

Le café des arts, Liège, Belgium
'NASA was unlikely to find any use for the L3 point since it remains hidden behind the sun at all times.  If a spacecraft at L3 drifted toward or away from Earth, it would fall irreversibly toward the sun or Earth. It was indeed challenging for both NASA and EASA to design a spacecraft that makes slight adjustments to maintain their orbits, hence they always stayed away from exploring the L3 point. But, with my design, it would override the possibility of the spacecraft getting drifted towards or away from Earth. I have programmed the spacecraft in such a way that it stays within the orbit.'
'Yet the mission failed,' said Monisha.
'I take the blame upon myself. It was a human error. We should, of course, learn from our mistakes and not to whine about them,' said Professor Bala.
'I agree, but didn't it cost a lot to both NASA and EASA?' asked Monisha.
'It was worth the investment. The initial data sent by satellite seemed promising. With that kind of data, it would add more value to the space research,' said Professor Bala.
'What kind of data?' asked Monisha.
'Sorry, I'm not supposed to discuss the specifics.' Professor Bala sipped his coffee and said, 'hope you understand.'

Two buildings away
'Stand down, guys. Seems like the conversation is going pretty smooth,' Pricilla said as she pulled up her radio.

Le café des arts, Liège, Belgium
'What next?' asked Monisha.
'NASA and EASA had agreed to invest more on this project. They are funding me to work on a prototype that will not only speed up the time taken to travel to L3 but will also make use of the embedded artificial intelligence technology to work on a blockchain system in order to help unmanned spacecraft think for themselves.'
'Similar to CIMON?'
'More or less.'
'Will you be sending a dummy payload as in L3SAT545?' asked Monisha.
'Depends. I still haven't thought that far.' Professor Bala noticed his cell phone blinking. 'Sorry, I got to go. Something came up.'

Pricilla noticed Professor Bala excusing himself and walking out of the cafe. She noticed her cell phone ringing. The call was from Monisha. Pricilla attended the call.
'I've heard it....'
Monisha interrupted Pricilla, 'we need to talk.'
'Meet me at Les Films du Fleuve in twenty minutes.'

Les Films du Fleuve, Liège, Belgium
Pricilla walked into the movie theatre and noticed Monisha sitting at the aisle seat located at the third row from the top. She noticed an empty seat next to Monisha and walked towards it.
'Anything serious?' asked Pricilla as she sat next to Monisha.
'He is lying,' said Monisha.
'About the mission?' asked Pricilla.
'About everything. He tricked NASA and EASA to fund him to build a satellite, which he has been using it on something else.'
'I need proof,' Pricilla paused for a moment and continued, 'I cannot convince our agency without any solid evidence.'
Monisha handed a thumb drive to Pricilla and said, 'you have everything that you need in there.'
'Did you bring your gun?' asked Pricilla.
Monisha turned to Pricilla and asked looking at her, 'what?'
'How many levels of training did you complete?' asked Pricilla as she held the hammer of the gun with her thumb gently uncocking it.
'I don't understand,' said Monisha with a perplexed tone.
'You sure you had no idea that you've been followed?' asked Pricilla.

Pricilla got up from her seat and aimed her gun at the guy who sat the corner seat towards her right and shot at his head. There were roughly twelve of them in the movie theatre who panicked and rushed out the moment they heard the gunshot.

Monisha, the moment she noticed the guy, her face turned red. She walked to Pricilla and said, 'are you mad? He's my boyfriend.'
Pricilla unlocked her mobile, scrolled through the files and showed her the photo. She asked Monisha, 'what did you say his name was?'
'Lukas,' said Monisha.
Pricilla chuckled at her and said, 'look darling, his name is Volodya Kuznetsov.' She spoke as she loaded a fresh bullet cartridge into her gun, 'he is...' she paused for a moment and said, 'he was a rogue spy.' She then patted her shoulder and said, 'you definitely need some additional training hours.'
'I'm not following you,' said Monisha still looking perplexed.
Pricilla took a photo of the dead guy with her cell phone. She then turned to Monisha and said as she bent down to look at her watch, 'if my calculations are right, we'll expect someone to attack us in the next,' she paused a moment, lifted her head up and looked at Monisha, and said '55 seconds.'

40 seconds later
Pricilla and Monisha rushed out of the movie theatre and walked faster towards Pricilla's car that was parked not too far away from the theatre exit. As Pricilla reached the door, she noticed a bullet dodge through the car door shattering the glass. It missed hitting Pricilla's arm by a few inches. Pricilla grabbed Monisha by hand and pushed her aside as the other bullet went through the back door of the car.
'They're here,' said Pricilla looking at Monisha.
'What do we do now?' asked Monisha who looked panicked.

Monisha followed Pricilla and they ran along the Meuse river towards Passerelle Saucy. Monisha noticed a black sedan chasing her and she also noticed that no one was firing.
Pricilla breathed out of her lungs as she said this to Monisha, 'shit! I dropped my radio.'
As they got close to the overbridge, Pricilla noticed a speedboat heading towards Passerelle Saucy.
'Why aren't they firing at us anymore?' asked Pricilla as they got on top of the overbridge.
Pricilla slowed down and turned back to look at the black sedan that passed by.
'What's happening?' asked Pricilla as she looked at Monisha.

Pricilla then looked at the speedboat nearing Passerelle Saucy. She then turned to Monisha who stood there holding a gun with the barrel facing Pricilla.
'Whoa! What are you doing, Mono?' asked Pricilla.
'I'm sorry. This is for Volodya,' said Monisha who shot Pricilla on her left shoulder.

Pricilla rushed to the edge of the overbridge and jumped off it. She landed on the speedboat. Monisha rushed to the edge of the bridge and opened fire at the speedboat. The bullets hit the rear end of the boat as it vroomed off the location in less than five seconds.
'What took you so long?' Pricilla asked Edric who drove the speedboat.
'Painful?' asked Edric as he noticed the blood oozing out of her left shoulder.
'Are you kidding me?' Pricilla yelled out of pain, 'get me out of here.' She then sent a distress signal from her cell phone.

Indian Intelligence Agency (IIA), New Delhi, India
Special Agent Arun noticed a buzz on his cell phone as he was about to exit the headquarters after wrapping up the day's work. The display read 'Code Red from Agent 87545'. He immediately got off his car and rushed back into the headquarters.

Sayylyk, Sakha Republic, Russia
Hari Prakash, Karthick and Denz, sitting inside the hummer, noticed the space shuttle getting launched into space. A few seconds later they noticed the space shuttle catching fire at the rear end. It began to lose its balance and the gravity took its turn pulling the shuttle towards the ground. They noticed Domar ejecting out of the space shuttle. Moments later they noticed a chute getting deployed. Karthick started the ignition and drove the hummer in the direction where Domar was seen gliding. Minutes later, they picked up Domar in the hummer. He sustained some minor injuries from the fall.
'What happened back there?' asked Hari as he applied the antiseptic liquid on the wounds.

Domar coughed blood. He then went unconscious.

Baku, Azerbaijan
'She killed Volodya,' said Monisha.
'Goddamnit!' said Mikhail in a tone filled with fury as he threw the wine glass aside. He continued, 'I cannot afford to lose my people anymore.' He then held Monisha by her hair and said, 'listen, girl! This one is on you.' He then pushed her away and said, 'I asked you to do one job. The same job that your agency offered you to do - spy on Professor Bala and find out what he is up to.'
'He was working on something serious,' said Monisha.
'How serious is it?' asked Mikhail.
'I don't know.'
'This is insane!' Mikhail's tone was furious for the second time. He then calmed down after a moment and said, 'the intel I received states that Professor Bala is on to something that might end up being a catastrophe.' He walked close to Monisha, held by her arms and said, 'listen, kid! This is serious shit. I know you're loyal to your agency as I am to mine. But the evidence you handed to Pricilla might put us in big trouble if it ends up in wrong hands.' Mikhail, as he walked out of the room, stopped at the doorstep and turned to Monisha. He asked her, 'any word on Agent Karthick?'

Moscow, Russia
'What happened back there?' asked Hari as Domar sat down with a cup of herbal tea.
'Where are we right now?' asked Domar.
'Moscow,' replied Karthick.
Domar looked at Denz and asked, 'would you mind stepping out for a second?'
'Oh sure. I'll take a walk,' said Denz and he walked out of the room.
Domar, after noticing the doors closing, said, 'Mikhail Vasiliev.'
'What about him?' asked Karthick.
'He works for the agency,' said Domar.
'You mean the Russian Intelligence?' asked Hari.
'Yes, he is a Russian agent.'
'I'm confused. What happened back there?' asked Karthick.

Sayylyk, Sakha Republic, Russia
Mikhail entered the facility where Domar was taken into a hostage. He walked into the tiny cell where Domar was accommodated.
'Hello, Mikhail! The time has arrived to seek revenge for your son's death, huh?' asked Domar.
'Look, Mr. Domar, my son was a rogue operative, a terrorist. I can't deny that fact. But I'm not whom I was projected as. I have been told by the President of Russia to have you eliminated from the face of Earth. But here I am disobeying my orders and keeping you alive,' said Mikhail.
'And why would you want to do so?' asked Domar.
'For the greater good,' said Mikhail.
'I don't get it,' said Domar.
'I'm Mikhail Vasiliev, a Russian intelligence operative.'
'You're a spy?'
'Yes, I am a spy. I work for my brother Yulian Vasiliev, the President of Russia.'
'This is getting interesting. Go on,' said Domar.
'Remember Natasha?' asked Mikhail. 'She's my daughter. You killed both my son and my daughter yet I'm here trying not to lose my cool as I'm having this conversation with you.'
'Whoa! Wait! You're making me feel like I'm the bad guy here,' said Domar.
'Honestly, that's the truth. You're the bad guy and not us.' Mikhail stood up and continued as he walked across the tiny capsule room, 'Natasha was sent to bring you to us, instead, she ended up being dead. I knew this would happen hence I used Agent Karthick as a backup, which in reality worked out pretty well.' Mikhail looked at Domar and said, 'sacrifices should be made for the greater good.'
'You're confusing me,' said Domar.
'I will explain.' Mikhail continued, 'the real reason why Yulian wanted you dead is because of the intel you carry in your mind. The North Koreans have recently stumbled upon a technology teaming up with the Chinese to capture one's subconscious.'
'You mean, like taking a backup?' asked Domar.
'Exactly! It takes a backup of your subconscious mind and using a computer anyone can decode the information that you've in your mind. The worst part is using the technology the backup can be restored into another person's subconscious.'
'What happens now?' asked Domar.
'We need your help on something that's far more important than the war among the countries.' Mikhail walked to Domar, sat next to him and said, 'it's for the greater good.'
'Whoa! You keep stressing about the greater good. What's that?' asked Domar.
'My intel says that some catastrophic event is going to happen sometime real soon.'
'And what exactly is that event?' asked Domar.
'I am not sure. We have one of our finest agents working undercover in the Russian Space Agency. I had one of my undercover agents, Astronaut Industria, send me a message stating that she has collected some promising information which she has safeguarded in one of the pods at the Russian Space Station.'
'Okay...' Domar nodded.
'Two days after she sent the message, she was found dead in the space station.' Mikhail looked at Domar and said, 'we need you to travel to the Russian space station to retrieve the information.'

Moscow, Russia
Denz furiously barged into the room.
'And you guys want to hide this information from me?' he asked as he entered the room.
'Calm down, Denz,' said Hari as he held Denz by his arms.
'I can't. He was the reason for my brother to die,' said Denz as he softened his tone.
'Look, Denz. Look into my eyes,' said Hari, 'it's not always about you. There are plenty of innocent people like your brother out there in this World. It's our duty to keep them away from the evil.'
Denz calmed down and sat next to Domar.
'Mikhail seems to get on your nerves, but he ain't that bad,' said Domar patting Denz's back.

Hari noticed his cell phone ringing. The call was from Special Agent Arun. He attended the call and put in the loudspeaker.
'Yes, Agent Arun,' said Hari.
'I got a distress signal from Agent Dorothy,' said Arun from the other end of the call.
'Did you try to get in touch with her?' asked Hari.
'Who is Agent Dorothy?' asked Domar.
'Is that Domar?' asked Arun from the other end of the call.
'Yes, Agent Arun. It has been a long time since we spoke. How are things down there?' asked Domar.
'Same old stuff,' replied Arun.
'Same old stuff, I like the way you say it,' said Domar.
'Alright! Listen up guys, I've shared the coordinates of Moscow safe house with Agent Dorothy. She will be arriving there in a couple of hours, and so am I.'
'Can't wait to see you in person,' said Domar.
'What next?' asked Karthick.
'Where is the safehouse?' asked Domar looking at Hari.

Baku, Azerbaijan
Mikhail, as he walked out of the room, stopped at the doorstep and turned to Monisha. He asked her, 'any word on Agent Karthick?'

He did not foresee Monisha standing there pointing a gun at Mikhail.
'What are you doing?' asked Mikhail as he lifted his hands up in the air.
'This is for Volodya.'

Monisha shot Mikhail thrice aiming at his chest. The bullets traversed through his ribs and one of them hit his heart so hard that left him dead instantly.

Moscow Safehouse, Russia
Pricilla and Arun arrived at the safehouse. While they were waiting for Domar and his team to arrive, Arun received a message on his cell phone stating the demise of Russian spy Mikhail Vasiliev. Pricilla was shocked to hear that it was none other than her subordinate Agent Monisha who killed Mikhail Vasiliev.
'I can't believe she went rogue,' said Pricilla.
'I did not see this coming. The situation is getting worse and it will get much worse if she takes side with Professor Bala,' said Arun.
'What's with that Professor?' asked Pricilla.

Domar and his team of three arrived at the safehouse. Pricilla and Arun greeted them by exchanging handshakes. Everyone in the house began to get into a serious conversation.
'Mikhail is dead,' announced Arun.
'I'm glad he is,' said Denz.
Domar looked at Denz and said, 'I bet you are.'
'I can't believe it happened. Who did this?' asked Karthick.
'Oh no! The double agent is sad about his master's demise,' said Hari.
Karthick got up from his seat furiously. Hari, on noticing this, asked, 'are you going to hit me?'
'Calm down, guys. We have bigger issues to deal with,' said Pricilla.
'We need to work as a team here,' said Arun.
'Agent Monisha has gone rogue. But she handed me something very important and I'm confused on why she would do that,' said Pricilla.
'The information retrieved by Astronaut Industria...' Domar interrupted, 'I was supposed to retrieve that from the Russian Space Station. Unfortunately, the space shuttle malfunctioned as I was making my way to retrieve it.'
Pricilla placed a pen drive on the table and said, 'Monisha claims that this pen drive has information related to Professor Bala's works.'
'All we need to do is match this with the information retrieved by Astronaut Industria,' said Hari.
'Why do we need to match it? Can't we act based on the information we have in this drive?' asked Karthick.
'No, this is big. We need to figure out specifics before we make a move. Even the slightest mistake we make at this point could trigger the catastrophe faster than we expect,' said Hari.
'Alright! We need to split into different teams.' Domar walked to the whiteboard and picked the marker. He noted down the names in different columns splitting the crew into three different teams - Team Advil, Team Brufen and Team Aspirin. Pricilla and I, Domar, belong to Team Advil. We'll operate from up above.'
'Up above?' interrupted Pricilla.
'I'm aware that you have some spaceflight training.' Domar continued, 'I officially call this Operation Dragonfly.'
'I like the name,' said Pricilla.
'Team Brufen and Team Aspirin will operate from the ground. Karthick and Hari will be a part of Team Brufen. Arun and Denz will be a part of Team Aspirin.'
'When do we leave?' Pricilla asked Domar.
'Tomorrow,' said Domar. He then turned to Team Brufen and said, 'you guys leave to Belgium and try to find out as much information as possible about Professor Bala.' He looked at Team Aspirin and said, 'you guys be with me for now.' On noticing Team Brufen standing there without uttering a word, he said, 'make a move now. Keep us updated.'

Team Advil
Pricilla and Domar got into the space ranger. They set their course to the Russian Space station.
'Nervous?' asked Domar as he looked at Pricilla.
'Umm... A little.'

Domar turned on the ignition.

'Should be a smooth ride up there,' Domar said pointing his finger at the sky.
The liftoff began and the ranger was gently floating in the air off the launchpad. Eight seconds later, the ranger was traveling at a speed of 1600 kilometers per hour plunging out of the stratosphere and out of the Earth's orbit. The ranger reached the Russian Space station in less than twenty minutes. Docking the ranger to the space station, Domar and Pricilla stepped into the space station. They walked into the pod where Astronaut Industria safeguarded the information.

Team Aspirin
Arun and Denz flew to Sayylyk.

Team Brufen
By the time Karthick and Hari reached Liège, they had a surprise waiting for them. Hari went to the University of Extra-Terrestrial Studies, where Professor Bala worked, to check the records while Karthick went to visit the Professor's apartment. Unfortunately, the storage room where all the records were stored caught on fire a couple of days ago burning most of the documents. Hari was able to gather a few which he thought could help him. Karthick noticed the house being messy. He noticed the documents scattered across the hallway. There was no trace of the Professor both at the apartment as well as at the university.

Team Advil
Domar noticed a ThinkPad laptop inside the space station which was up and running. He grabbed himself a seat and inserted the drive he retrieved from the pod. Pricilla noticed another laptop lying at the corner of the table. It was functional. She inserted the drive that Monisha gave her. They began to cross verify the data.

Team Brufen
Karthick and Hari assembled at the coffee shop, where the Professor and Monisha had their last conversation, with all the information they could gather from the university and the apartment. Hari opened his MacBook air and began to cross verify the information in the half-burnt documents with the information he could get from the FBI Portal.

Team Aspirin
Arun and Denz were waiting to hear from Team Advil.

Team Advil
Domar and Pricilla were astonished by what they saw while skimming through the data. The information on both the drives seemed to contain different sets of information. The drive given by Monisha seems to contain the blueprints of an advanced space shuttle named as "eject pod" whereas the Astronaut's data contained the tracking information of a satellite that is drifting towards the Earth.

Team Brufen
'What is an eject pod?' asked Karthick as he looked at a document that appeared like a blueprint.
'Look at this,' Hari showed him a news article on his MacBook, 'this happened in 2006.'
Karthick read the news headline aloud, 'a young boy files a petition against IAU asking them to reconsider their decision of branding Pluto as a dwarf planet.' He then looked at Hari and asked, 'what's the name of the young boy?'

Team Advil
Domar realized that like UStream there should be something set up for this space station. The space station seemed to have its own streaming platform integrated into all the laptops that the astronauts use which in turn sends a direct feed to the ground control. When Domar opened the app, he noticed that for the past two days the communication between the space station and the ground control seemed to be halted. Browsing through the feed, Pricilla stumbled upon an Earth-shattering video clip that revealed some mysterious information related to the possible catastrophe.

Team Brufen
'Eject pod seems something like an advanced manned spacecraft.' Hari moved to another article and said pointing to one of the scientists in the photo, 'look at this guy. He lost his astronaut license six years ago. I wonder what made the Professor team up with him.'
Karthick noticed something that distracted him. He asked Hari to zoom in to the picture. He then asked pointing to the woman in the picture, 'notice who this is?'
'Agent Monisha?' Hari's voice was perplexed.

Team Advil
Pricilla played the feed. Monisha appeared on the screen.
'Hello, Astronaut Industria! I see that you have information that solely belongs to us,' said Monisha.
'It's an unmanned satellite that is drifting towards the Earth. If I don't send this to the ground control, the satellite might hit our planet in another ten days,' said Industria.
'It's ours, Industria. We want that to happen. We triggered it,' said Monisha.
'I don't understand,' said Industria.

Pricilla and Domar, as the feed played on screen, noticed Professor Bala appearing on the screen.
'Astronaut, please delete the data and we will leave you unharmed,' said Professor Bala.
'Are you kidding me? I can't do that.'
'Astronaut, please do not make me repeat what I said. I'm giving you one last chance,' said Professor Bala.
'I can't do that.'
'Goodbye, Industria.'

The feed got terminated. Pricilla and Domar looked at each other.

Team Brufen
'Bala, that's the name of the young boy who filed the petition,' said Hari who went back to the article about the petition filed by a young boy against IAU's decision.
'If we link the 2006 incident with the current scenario...' Karthick sounded more confused at the moment. He took a deep breath and said, 'ugh! I am unable to connect the ties.'
'I got it,' said Hari as he stumbled upon another news article.

Team Advil
'That's L3SAT545,' said Domar.
'How can you be so sure?' asked Pricilla.
'Look at the data collected by Industria. It says the course has started from somewhere close to the L3 point.'
'But the mission was a failure, isn't it?' asked Pricilla.
'How did you think the Professor and your Agent friend knew Industria captured its data?'
Pricilla shrugged a no.
'Because the Professor had a dedicated and a secure channel of communication open between him and the satellite. The moment Industria intercepted the data, a distress signal would've been sent to the Professor alerting him about a possible breach.' He looked into Pricilla's eyes and said, 'Kid, the mission wasn't a failure, it was the most successful mission of mankind.'
'You're scaring me, Mr. Domar,' said Pricilla.
'What scares me more is how we're going to stop it,' said Domar.
'Any idea what's in it?' asked Pricilla.

Team Brufen
'Plutonium payload. That's what the Professor hid in L3SAT545?' asked Karthick.
'Seems like it from what I see,' said Hari, 'the same day when L3SAT545 satellite was launched into space, there were reports stating that amount of Plutonium that went missing from the nuclear waste products in an underground uranium deposit in Oklo, Africa, accounted to 450 tonnes, which is equivalent to the weight of the payload that L3SAT545 can carry.'
'Plutonium...' Karthick widened his eyes as he read the name Planet Pluto in the document he held in his hand and asked Hari, 'isn't Plutonium after the planet Pluto?'

Hari did a quick search and confirmed his theory.

Team Advil
'Once it enters the orbit, the friction creates a spark thereby causing an immense explosion. So, whatever it might carry might bring in a catastrophe to the entire planet,' said Domar.
'What are we gonna do to stop that from happening?' asked Pricilla.
'Not we. What am I gonna do to stop that from happening? That's the question.'
'Domar, you got to be kidding me. I can't let that happen,' said Pricilla.
'Kid, the time is running out and we all got to make sacrifices.' Domar got reminded of something when he uttered the word 'time'. 'In the feed, Industria said it takes 10 days for the hit to happen. Check the date of the feed.'
Pricilla checked and confirmed that it was dated nine days ago.
'The attack is about to happen today.'
Domar glanced at the empty void from the window of the international space station. He noticed a tiny blinking object heading towards the course of Earth.
'That must be it,' said Pricilla pointing to the shiny object.

Team Brufen
'Damn it! I now understand why he named it as eject pod,' Karthick got up as he said this, 'we need to rush.'
'To the nearest launch site.'
'Because the attack is going to happen today and he is going to eject out of the Earth anytime in the next few hours.'

Team Advil
'I need you to get back to Earth,' said Domar as he handed a device to Pricilla.
'What's this?' asked Pricilla.
'It's a copy of my subconscious. I had it back up when Mikhail and his team kidnapped me.'
'What should I do with this?' asked Pricilla.
'I see that Denz would be a right fit for this. I need you to restore it into his subconscious. That will make him smarter and a stronger person.'
'I don't think I can do this,' said Pricilla.
'Kid, look at me,' said Domar, 'I believe in you. You're Earth's only hope. Be brave and step out there to save mankind. I am sure they have Plan B and C already in place if this didn't work out. I also know that I won't be around for longer even if I survive this event.'
'What... What do you mean?'
'I was exposed to a huge amount of radiation when they backed up my subconscious. My cells are dying and my death isn't far away. I'm better off dying saving the Planet.'

Domar escorted Pricilla to a space shuttle.
'I'll take the ranger. You can drift into the Earth in this shuttle.'
'I'm gonna miss you, brother,' said Pricilla.
'Take care, kid.'

Pricilla got into the space shuttle and ejected out of the space station. The shuttle then drifted into the Earth.

Team Aspirin
Arun received a distress code on his mobile. He keyed in the code number into the communication channel which linked him with the space shuttle.
'Is everything alright, Agent Dorothy?' asked Arun.
'Guys, hold on, A feed is getting transmitted...' Pricilla's communication was terminated.

Shuttle drifting into the Earth
The video feed was displayed on the screen that lay in front of Pricilla. Monisha's face appeared on the screen.

'Hello, Pricilla.'
'Monisha...' Pricilla noticed Professor Bala appearing in the background of the feed. 'Is that Professor Bala? Since when were you on his side?' asked Pricilla.
'I was always on his side, Pricilla.'
Pricilla turned on some controls as she responded, 'do you think I'm gonna easily let you go with what you've done?'
'Oh! Pricilla, are you threatening me?'
'I'm talking facts. I'm gonna make you experience the taste of death.'
'Oh dear! I'm so scared.' Monisha chuckled at her angry face and said, 'you realize whom you're threatening? We used to be friends, Pricilla. I'm your buddy, Mono.'
'Listen up girl! You may be Mono but I'm Dolby Atmos.' Pricilla turned on the engines and said, 'I'm coming for you.'
'Good luck.'

The feed ended.

The shuttle landed in the East China Sea, close to Taipei. She waited for the rescue boats to arrive at the drop point and pick her up. Arun was able to trace the path of the drifting satellite. He, along with Denz, flew to Taipei in a private aircraft. Domar got into the ranger and traveled towards the blinking object that was heading towards the Earth. Karthick and Hari rushed to the nearest private airstrip and hired a private jet to head all the way to the nearest launch site.

Written by Ashwin Kumar

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