Friday, 7 December 2018

7: The seventh installment of the Domar Series

The Domar series:
Dangerous Domar - A newly recruited intelligence officer 'Agent Domar' sets out on an international mission to retrieve a pen drive from the enemies of the country who stole the nation's confidential information.
The Return of Dangerous Domar -  An arrest warrant has been issued on Domar after the outbreak of some mysterious deaths across the globe. The case has been assigned to the CBI and now, it is the duty of CBI chief officer Hari Prakash to catch hold of Domar and put him behind the bars.
ROD: Rise of Domar - The story is set in the United States of America where Professor Domar along with Officer Hari Prakash and a team of four students has to safeguard the nuclear weapon designed by Domar before the Russian enemy Karolek Romochka takes it away from them. 
Dangerous Domar 4 - The story begins in Jamaica from where Domar and Hari set out on their journey to Seoul to catch hold of the international terrorist Bong-Cha.
Dangerous Domar 5 - With just 46 hours in hand to save the city, Domar and Hari set out on a major operation to save the city and the people from an unprecedented nuclear attack.
Fall of Domar - With the shattering news of Domar's death, Hari hires a new recruit 'Agent Karthick' with whom he sets out to unveil the mystery behind Domar's death. 

The story will be high on sarcasm and exaggeration. 


Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria
Twice in a month, Viktor heads to one of the dense forests of Bulgaria to exercise. He always considered nature as a perfect gymnasium. As usual, he got into the section of the forest that had thick trees which were a good platform for him to perform pull-ups. He placed his gear aside, took off his jerkin and placed it on his bag. He wore a thick military cargo pant and a light green vest. He held on to the tree with both his hands and then pulled himself upwards. As he got to the 230th pull-up, the leaves crackling noise distracted him. He stopped for a moment and concentrated on the surrounding as he hung on to the tree. The crackling sound stopped. He waited for couple more moments before he resumed his pull-ups. Twenty seconds later, he sensed something else. His reflexes were too brisk that he instantly caught the arrow that headed his way from his left. It was a Tranquilizer Arrow. Holding the arrow in his left hand, Viktor slowly let himself on the ground. He then concentrated on his left. He heard the leaves crackling noise again from his left, but it was gentle this time. He headed towards the direction of the crackling noise. He then instantly moved at a great speed, as though hurled by a catapult, towards the bush that lay to his right. He then grabbed a man by his neck with his legs, twisted it so hard that the man's neck turned backward leaving him dead instantly. Viktor stood there holding the Tranquilizer Arrow. He noticed three other men revealing themselves from the bush. All the three men surround him. He did not think twice. He immediately swung the Tranquilizer Arrow to the man who stood right in front of him. He then took the shotgun from the holster of the dead man and shot the man who stood towards his left twice - passing one bullet through his chest and one through his forehead. All these happened in less than 2 seconds. He then sensed some panic from the third man who was standing towards his right. He ran towards the third man and jumped on to him. He then put the shotgun into his mouth. They both heard another noise. It was a roar. 
'You know what that is?' asked Viktor. 
The man who had the shotgun pointed in his mouth nodded a no. 
'That's a Panther. You know what happens when a Panther roars?' As Viktor explained this, they both could sense the footsteps of the Panther approaching them. He continued, 'when the Panther roars, even the brave hunter who has come all the way to kill it will go hiding.' The footsteps approach faster and Viktor continued, 'I am not a hunter, I am a killer.' He shot the man and then looked up to the fast-approaching Panther and shot at it twice.


Nikolski, Umnak Island, Alaska
The pontoon that took off from California traveled a day and a half reaching Nikolski on the Umnak Island of Alaska. Mikhail Vasiliev deboarded the pontoon and stood on the dock while Karthick stayed on the pontoon. Mikhail noticed three men standing at the far end of the dock, towards the pier, with a helicopter parked behind them. 
'Get the package,' Mikhail said this in a loud tone facing the pier.
Karthick dragged a man who wore a brown jumpsuit towards the dock. The man's face was covered with a cloth.
Mikhail noticed one of the three men signaling him to unveil the face behind the mask. Karthick removed the cloth revealing the face of the hostage, who was none other than Domar.

Federal Plaza, New York
Hari sat at the Forensics department, along with Matthew, and kept staring at the tracker device he held in his hand.
'What are you looking at?' asked Matthew. 
'It's a tracker. This is the only way we can trace the whereabouts of Domar,' said Hari.
'How?' asked Matthew. 
Hari looked at Matthew and replied, 'I'm sure they might have done a thorough search on Domar for any bugs. We had a Plan B that we've planned to use when we get into such situations. Domar has a non-detectable nano GPS chip implanted into his groin area. The device cannot be detected by any bug detector. We've paired the device directly with the ISS and the signals from the nanochip are automatically detected by the satellite and the coordinates are transmitted to this receiver.' 
'So, why is the delay?' asked Matthew.
'We've programmed it in such a way that the satellite catches its signals only when there are no barriers, meaning, when Domar is wearing clothes, it acts as a barrier blocking the signal.' 
'How do we get the signal then?' asked Matthew. 
'We just need Domar to go naked for the satellite to detect the signal from the nanochip.' Hari looked at the tracker and said, 'I just can't wait for Domar to pull his pants down.' 

Nikolski, Umnak Island, Alaska
Mikhail signaled them to initiate the transfer. Thirty seconds later, Mikhail got a pop up on his cell phone screen stating "Transfer Complete". He then signaled Karthick to handover Domar to them.
'Hey, wait, I need to take a piss,' said Domar.
Mikhail nodded and got into the pontoon. Karthick took him to the edge of the dock facing the sea and asked him to finish his business. 
'Untie me,' said Domar. 
Karthick threw a bizarre look at Domar. Noticing this, Domar replied, 'dude, where am I gonna run in this island?' Domar gave a pause and said, 'untie me.' 
Karthick untied Domar. Domar turned towards the sea, took a deep breath and pulled down his pants. The satellite got activated after it received the signal from the nanochip implanted in the groin area of Domar. It then transmitted a signal to the receiver. 

Federal Plaza, New York
The tracker began to blink. Hari noticed the numbers floating on the screen.
'We've got the location,' said Hari as he began to trace the location.

Nikolski, Umnak Island, Alaska
Domar put his pants back on. Karthick handed him over to the three men, who then took him to the helicopter. The helicopter took off and flew East.
'What next?' Karthick asked Mikhail.
Mikhail handed a brown colored package to Karthick and said, 'deliver it safely. Don't bother to look into it.' 
'To where?' asked Karthick.
'The address is written at the back of the package. Deliver it and then you're free to go.'
Mikhail's pontoon left the dock and traveled into the sea towards Russia while Karthick stood there at the dock holding the package in his hand. He then looked at the package. The name 'Viktor' was written in black ink. He turned the package to look at the address. He read the words 'Bulgaria' on the package.

Somewhere in Cameroon, Africa
Not too far away from the Gulf of Guinea is a Central African country named Cameroon which is famous for its varied terrain and wildlife. On the flip side, it is one of the places that supplies well-trained terrorists to different terrorist organizations across the globe. The country is equally beautiful and dangerous. Rumors state that the organization that trains the terrorists is funded by Russians. The terrorists here are trained in a rigorous and stealthy way. They turn Humans into an indestructible weapon and in exchange, the organization gets a fair amount of deal by selling them to the most notorious terrorist organizations. The more indestructible the Human is, the more the price. Among them is Comrade Baraka Bapoto, who heads the weaponry department. Baraka is by far the best shooter the organization has ever seen. The organization that doesn't go with any name has a leader named Akachukwu, who has imposed a rule that all the bloodlines of the soldiers working for the organization must be a part of the organization once they attain the age of 18.

Onyekachukwu Bapoto, younger brother of Baraka Bapoto, has turned 17 recently. He always had a dream of living a life as a city boy having a desk job, a girlfriend and a pet. He always wanted to lead a peaceful life. Violence wasn't his cup of tea and Baraka knows it. As Baraka clearly knew that the organization might turn his brother into a soldier within a year, he wanted to get his brother whatever he wished for. He wanted to get his brother out of that country.

Nikolski, Umnak Island, Alaska
Eleven hours after the pontoon departed, Hari arrived at the coordinates by his jet ski. He noticed the island to be absolutely deserted. There was no sign of any activity at the port. Without further ado, he turned the jet ski and sailed in the direction of the nearest mainland, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Viktor had a small condo to himself located at the center of the city. The condo was located on the third floor of an eight-storey building. The condo had an adequately sized living room with a 65-inch television attached to the wall along with tower speakers accompanying it. A couch was placed right in front of it giving the room a cozy feel. Apart from the living room, the condo had a small kitchen and a bedroom.

Viktor walked out of his bedroom and headed to the kitchen to grab himself an energy drink. Holding the drink in his hand, he walked to the couch and sat on it making himself comfortable. He then switched on the television.

Breaking news! Man calls the police to report he is being followed by a pig.

The news scrolling attracted Karthick's attention as he exited the Sofia International Airport. Ignoring it, he walked towards the bus station. Karthick, as he waited for the bus, took the package from his backpack and held it in his hand. His curiosity to open the package tripled but he refrained to do so. He held on tight to the package as he got into the bus.

Cameroon, Africa
It was past ten in the night. While everyone was enjoying the party hosted by Akachukwu, Baraka sat on an empty bench near the fence looking all worried. Nomalanga Alamieyeseigha, daughter of the commander in chief of the nameless organization and Baraka's girlfriend, noticed the sadness on Baraka's face. She walked towards the bench and sat next to him.
'What's wrong, Baraka?' asked Noma as she rubbed his back,
'I'm worried about my brother,' Baraka looked into her eyes and said, 'I just want to give him a good life, which I'm sure he won't get it until he is here.'
'What do you want to do then?' asked Noma.
'Get him out of this country.'
'They will kill you,' Noma stood up facing him and continued, 'they will kill you and your brother.'
'That's why I need you. I can't pull this off without your help,' said Baraka holding Noma's hands.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia
Hari parked his jet ski at the Khalaktyrsky Beach. He then hired a motorcycle and drove all the way East to Kamchatka Local Kitchen. Parking the motorcycle aside, he walked into the restaurant and ordered himself a hot and delicious crab soup. Hari took out a laptop from his backpack and started working on it. A few minutes later, the soup arrived. Hari, as he sipped some soup, went through the list of top 10 best snipers available in the market. He clearly knew that he cannot indulge in this battle by himself, he needed a partner. He was looking to hire someone with the offbeat skill set and that's when he stumbled upon the sniper named 'Viktor'. Hari had a unique portal designed with the help of his friends at FBI from where he was able to retrieve this information. Using the portal, Hari was able to trace the whereabouts of Viktor. He read the words 'Bulgaria' on the screen.

Sofia, Bulgaria
As Karthick sat in the bus, he kept staring at the package he held in his hand. He wanted to open it as the curiosity kicked deep inside his veins. The bus exited the airport and headed towards the city. 

Meanwhile, Viktor, who was resting on his couch, noticed his ringing cell phone. He picked up the call. 
'Hello Viktor,' it was the voice from the other side. It sounded a bit Russian mixed English to him.
'Yes, who's this?' asked Viktor and gulped down the last few drops of the energy drink. 
'The package will arrive anytime today,' said the voice from the other side.
'What do I need to do?' 
'Clean slate,' said the voice from the other side. 
'Copy that,' said Viktor who then hung up the call. 

Meanwhile, in the bus, Karthick gained the courage to open the package. It was empty. That's when he realized the package was none other than him and it was a trap laid by Mikhail to have him killed. He then recollected Mikhail's words back at the dock 'Deliver it and then you're free to go', and realized what those actually meant.

Meanwhile, at the condo, Viktor pulled open a drawer that lay at the corner of the living room. He took out a SIG Sauer P229 Legion Compact Semi Auto Pistol and loaded it with bullets.

Meanwhile, in the bus, Karthick held on to the package and decided to confront the situation. He got off the bus at the stop that was a few yards away from Viktor's condo. He realized he was walking towards his own grave. 

Viktor heard the doorbell ring. He went to the intercom and asked who it was. The voice from the intercom said 'the package has arrived'. Viktor hid the weapon below the couch and headed to the ground floor. Opening the door, Viktor noticed a brown package at the doorstep and he found no one there. He stepped out and scanned around the place for any suspicious activity. Something to his left gained his attention. A person who was walking faster than normal kept turning his head back and looked at Viktor as he walked forward. Viktor locked his vision on that particular guy, who was none other than Karthick. Karthick, on noticing this, began to run. Viktor went on chasing him.

Cameroon, Africa
It was two hours past midnight. Noma felt it was the perfect time for escape as the changing of guards takes place around 2.30 am. She had Baraka sent to Mbouda that evening and instructed him to wait at the N6 highway around 5 am. Noma drove the jeep past Baraka's house and waited at the end of the street. She recollected the plan she discussed with Baraka a day ago while she waited for his brother.

The checkpoint is twenty minutes away from Batamo, the place where Southwest and Northwest are divided. After crossing the checkpoint, I will head to Njikwa and catch the P18 and drive towards N6. Once I cross Njikwa, it shouldn't take me more than 3 hours to reach Mbouda. From Mbouda, we switch to a different vehicle and drive towards Yaounde International Airport. It shouldn't take us more than 6 hours from Mbouda to Yaounde. 

Noma's thoughts bounced back to reality as she noticed Baraka's younger brother walking towards her jeep. He hid behind the cotton beds at the backside at the jeep. Noma drove the jeep towards the checkpoint. Noma arrived at the checkpoint exactly at 2.31 am. The checkpoint is usually guarded by 3 guards. Unfortunately, two of the three guards turned up late to their shift and the checkpoint was left with just one guard. The guard recognized Noma as the commander in chief's daughter and he let her past the checkpoint. Noma drove her jeep past checkpoint and headed towards Njikwa. Driving for 2 h 34 min, Noma arrived at Mbouda where she met Baraka. Baraka exchanged hugs with his younger brother and all the three got into another vehicle. They drove towards Yaounde. 

Sofia, Bulgaria
Arriving at the Sofia International Airport, Hari cleared the customs and walked towards the exit. He then got into a rental car and drove towards Viktor's residence.

Karthick ran past the Vasil Levski Stadium and entered into Graf Ignatiev Street. Viktor followed him. Karthick ran into a narrow street and halted at the dead end. Viktor slowed down and took some deep breath.
'A dead end is a good place to turn around,' said Viktor.
Karthick turned around and faced Viktor. He said, 'you forgot your weapon, didn't you?'
Viktor checked his pants and he realized he left his weapon back at his residence. Viktor shrugged and ran towards Karthick. On noticing it, Karthick climbed up the garbage can that lay to his left and jumped past Viktor and ran towards the main road. 

Hari arrived at Viktor's residence. He noticed a package at the doorstep and the door was left open. He tried buzzing the intercom but he did not get any response. He then took out his cell phone and dialed Matthew.
'Give me the exact coordinates of Viktor. I need to meet him now,' said Hari and he hung up the call.

Yaounde International Airport, Cameroon, Africa
Noma parked the vehicle outside the departure terminal. Baraka looked at the air ticket. He showed some signs of restlessness.
'What's wrong?' asked Noma as she noticed the restlessness in Baraka's face.
'I don't feel good about this situation,' Baraka looked into Noma's eyes and continued, 'I don't feel like sending him alone.'
'What's on your mind, Baraka?' asked Noma.
Baraka looked at his watch. It was past six in the evening. He said, 'The flight has a layover in Paris. I'm going to accompany my brother till there.'
'Baraka, you can't just leave,' said Noma.
'I know and I haven't thought of coming back. I'll figure out a way. But all I can think of now is to safeguard my brother,' said Baraka looking at his younger brother who sat at the backseat. He turned to Noma and said looking into her eyes, 'I'm going with him.'

Sofia, Bulgaria
Hari received the coordinates of Viktor while he was driving his car. The map on the display began to direct him to the exact location.

Crossing the Odeon Cinema, Karthick took an immediate right entering the Dante Street. Once he got to the Patriarch Evtimiy Boulevard, he was welcomed by a massive traffic jam. He halted. Viktor plunged on to him, grabbed him by his waist and threw him aside. Karthick's face hit a bus and he made a hard landing on the ground with a thud. Blood oozed out of his mouth. Karthick stood up facing Viktor. He noticed him breathing hard due to excessive running. He signaled Viktor to come forward. Viktor advanced towards him and swung his right arm towards Karthick's face. Karthick moved his head slightly leftwards making Viktor miss his punch. Viktor had a reflex. He immediately swung his folded left fist and hit Karthick's abdomen very hard. Karthick spat out saliva along with some blood.

Yaounde International Airport, Cameroon, Africa
Baraka and his younger brother checked in to the flight. The boarding was about to begin and Baraka went to his girlfriend to bid her goodbye. 
'I hope you don't get into trouble,' said Baraka holding Noma's hands.
'You don't worry about me. You're doing the right thing, Baraka,' said Noma. 
'Thanks for everything,' Baraka kissed Noma's forehead and continued, 'just stay out of trouble.' 
The announcement was made. Baraka and his younger brother walked towards the boarding gate. 

Sofia, Bulgaria
Hari was stuck in traffic. He noticed that the coordinates of Viktor kept moving.
'Damn! What's he up to?' muttered Hari as he noticed the red dot constantly in motion.

'You're nothing without a sniper, aren't you?' asked Karthick as he bent down and spat out some more blood.
Viktor swung his folded right knee to hit Karthick's face but Karthick's reflex was quick this time. He held Viktor's knee tighter and thrust his knee on the ground. Viktor crippled on the floor yelling out of pain.

Inside Air France AF775
The flight took off from Yaounde at 22:45 local time. Baraka felt relieved as he noticed the aircraft exiting Cameroon airspace and heading towards Paris. Two hours later, an announcement was made.

Ladies and Gentleman, this is your chief flight attendant Yolanda Squatpump. We are diverting the aircraft to Sofia as we've not got any clearance to land in Paris due to some technical glitch. For passengers who are connecting to London, Air France has arranged a special aircraft from Sofia. For the passengers traveling to Paris, an alternate aircraft will be arranged once the technical glitch is corrected. We're extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Baraka sat there listening to the announcement. He read the words 'Bulgaria' on the map displayed on the screen in front of him.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Karthick grabbed Viktor tightly by his neck suppressing his movements.
'Let go of me,' said Viktor as he choked.
'I am aware that you've been assigned to kill me. I am not going to let that happen,' said Karthick as he grabbed his neck by his arms.

Sofia International Airport, Bulgaria
AF775 made a safe landing at Sofia International Airport and taxied towards Gate B7. Baraka and his younger brother exited the aircraft and as they walked towards the immigration, Baraka's younger brother excused himself to the men's room.

Twenty minutes passed and Baraka sat there outside the men's room waiting for his younger brother. The suspicion grew on Baraka and he immediately rushed into the men's room to find his brother lying dead on the floor with froth mixed with blood oozing out of his mouth. He held his brother in his arms and cried out loud. People, on hearing his cries, rushed into the men's room and surrounded him offering help. They assisted Baraka in carrying the body out of the men's room. One of the airport staff arranged for a stretcher to take his younger brother to an ambulance. While this was happening, something distracted Baraka. He noticed an airline cleaning staff placing the cleaning trolley aside and changing his shirt. As the airport staff took his brother away, Baraka locked his vision on the cleaning staff and walked towards him. The cleaning staff noticed that Baraka has identified him. He began to walk faster towards the exit. Baraka followed him. As the cleaning staff got to the exit, he began to run. Baraka went chasing him.

Outside the terminal, the airline authorities were found provided masks to all the people exiting the airport. The masks were provided to avoid exposure to the hazardous chemical that was spilled outside the terminal as a result of the collision happened between a chemical truck and a cargo truck. Few meters away from the loading zone, close to the runway, lay the derailed truck and the chemical appeared to be spilled all over the road. Part of the road that led towards the exit was closed for access and the vehicles were re-routed to take an alternate exit.

A group of four people was waiting at the loading zone for their pickup. They had masks provided by the airport authorities tied over their faces. They noticed a person run past them towards the blocked road and they noticed the person was being chased by an African male.

Baraka noticed that the cleaning staff was heading towards the derailed zone. He also noticed a van rushing towards the location. As Baraka ran close to the derailed zone, he lost his balance. He slipped and fell with his face hitting hard on the ground. He lifted his head up to notice the cleaning staff getting into the van which vroomed towards the exit. He began to feel his skin ripping off his face. Moments later, he felt someone carrying him to the car. He couldn't identify who that person was as his vision began to get blurry. He was able to sense that he was made to lay down at the back seat inside the car. As the car moved, he heard the person driving the car say 'I can't promise you that you'll get through this alive, but I will try my best to save you.' Baraka started to experience immense pain as the chemical began to consume his skin cells. A few minutes later, he felt the car coming to a halt. He also felt a huge beam of light shining on his face irritating his burns as the car door opened. He was then carried by the unknown person to the hospital entrance.

Sofia, Bulgaria
'I am aware that you've been assigned to kill me. I am not going to let that happen,' said Karthick as he grabbed his neck by his arms.
Viktor coughed as Karthick attempted to crush his neck. Karthick then noticed a deep lump on Viktor's right neck.

Outside Pirogov Hospital, Sofia
The person noticed a weird lump on Baraka's right neck as he placed him on the stretcher. Baraka was carried to the emergency room while the Doctor had a word with the savior.
'What's his name?' asked the Doctor.
'Ah, let me check,' the person pulled out the identification card from Baraka's wallet that he retrieved from his pant pocket while carrying him to the car at the airport, and read the name, 'Baraka ViktorBapoto.'
'Alright! We'll take care of him and thanks for your help,' said the Doctor.
'You're welcome.' The person handed his card to the Doctor and said, 'feel free to give me a call in case you need any assistance. I work with the Police.'
The Doctor nodded a yes and glanced at the card as the person left the hospital. The name on the card read 'Karthick'.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Karthick, after noticing the lump, took his arm off Viktor's neck and freed him. Viktor coughed heavily and caught some breath. He noticed Karthick constantly staring at his neck.
'That lump,' said Karthick, 'I've seen it 2 years ago.'

Pirogov Hospital, Sofia
2 years ago
The Doctor nodded a yes and glanced at the card as the person left the hospital. The name on the card read 'Karthick'.

The Doctor then rushed to the emergency room and noticed that the face of Baraka Bapoto has been completely disfigured. After stabilizing his vitals, the Doctor has decided to do plastic surgery on his face. The operation seemed to be partially successful. 

Later that evening, the Doctor met with his chief over dinner. 
'We have a patient with extremely unique bodily functions whom we can use for our experiment,' said the doctor who performed plastic surgery on Viktor.
'Mr. Benesj, are you sure? We got to make sure that experiment doesn't cost us or our hospital any damage,' said the chief doctor. 
'No chief, he seems to have no ties. Also, his body is so tough that he was able to handle a massive amount of pain with such ease. I don't know what he did to himself but I'm sure he is well trained to sustain any kind of pain that comes in his way.' 
'So, what's your plan, Mr. Benesj?' asked the chief doctor.
'We inject the serum into him, fly him to Antarctica, preserve his body in the sub-freezing temperature for 4 months under the natural sunlight, and fly him back to Bulgaria.'
The chief doctor, on noticing Mr. Benesj giving a pause, said, 'go on.'
'He will have a new face, a new identity, and a new life. And, we will have proof that our experimental drug worked and get approval from the drug association.' 

Sofia, Bulgaria
Karthick handed the energy drink can to Viktor. They sat at the entrance of a cathedral and exchanged a conversation.
'So, they sent you to Antarctica, preserved you for 4 months and transported you back to Bulgaria. That's interesting!' said Karthick as he sipped some drink.
'Thanks for saving me that day, mate. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been alive,' said Viktor as he patted Karthick's back.
'That's okay,' Karthick said, 'I used to have the good in me back then.' He looked at the sky and said, 'things have changed lately and I've done some things that I am sure gonna regret for the rest of my life.'
'I'm all ears,' said Viktor.
'I used to work for this Russian guy, well, not exactly him, but I used to work for his daughter. How I ended up working for her was a different story altogether.'
Viktor interrupted him, 'alright! I'm curious. Go on.'
'Well, Natasha used to be my girlfriend. I met her here in Sofia exactly the day after I saved you. I was put here as an undercover agent for one of the covert operations and Natasha was my partner. After the operation ended, we dated a while and got to know each other better. We kinda shared a zing for each other, well, that's what I thought. I didn't know Natasha carried a dark side of herself until the day she put forth her proposition.

4 months ago
Goa, India
It was a few minutes past sunset. Natasha and Karthick lay on the sands of the Palolem beach facing the sea with Karthick's arms wrapped around Natasha.
'It's a beautiful day, isn't it?' asked Natasha.
Karthick looked at Natasha and said, 'I am not sure if the day is, but you are.' He planted a kiss on her forehead.
'What if I say tomorrow is not gonna be as beautiful as today is?'
Karthick got up. He sat down facing Natasha and asked, 'what's wrong, babe?'
'I'm gonna bring up a proposition that you're going to hate. You'll surely loathe me and you would even wanna kill me.'
Karthick interrupted her, 'Natasha, what is this?'
Natasha got up. She put her finger on his lips and continued, 'ssshh.. just listen. I want you to follow my instructions. I know that you've been assigned on a special operation that requires you to travel to the United States of America and pair up with Hari Prakash.'
Karthick looked stunned for a moment. Natasha continued, 'if you don't follow my instructions, you may end up being the reason for the destruction your country is gonna go through.' She opened up a map on her tablet and said pointing it, 'with the help of my contacts, I've planted some nuclear bombs across your country. There are just three but the devastation it's gonna cause is humongous. The trigger is with three people whom even I have no idea where they are. I've been asked them to wait for my instruction to detonate the bombs. The future of your country depends on you.'

Sofia, Bulgaria
'Holy cow! What happened then?' asked Viktor.
'Luckily, with the help of Domar, I was able to stop the event from happening. Unfortunately, Domar killed her during the confrontation and I believe Mikhail figured out that I was responsible for the death of his daughter and booked you to have me killed.'
'Wait, did I just hear Mikhail?' asked Viktor as he placed his energy drink can aside.
'Mikhail Vasiliev, he is Natasha's father,' said Karthick.
Viktor got up. His face was filled with anger. He then said, 'Mikhail Vasiliev, the Russian.'
'Yes, you know him?' asked Karthick.
'He was the one who funded our organization back in Africa. He was the one who had my younger brother killed.' He then looked at Karthick and said, 'I now believe everything in life happens for a reason.'

Their conversation was interrupted by gunshots. Karthick noticed Hari opening fire at him as Hari exited the car. Viktor ran towards Hari and held his hand holding the gun to the air.
'Are you insane?' asked Viktor looking at Hari.
'Give me 5 minutes. I wanna kill that swine with my bare hands,' said Hari as he threw his gun aside.
Karthick stepped forward and said, 'Listen, I can explain.'
'You fucking can't explain rat shit,' said Hari.
'Calm down, gentleman. Let's get this straight,' said Viktor, 'I'm Viktor, this is Karthick.'
'He is a fucking traitor,' said Hari pointing his finger at Karthick.
'And, he is Hari,' Karthick said this to Viktor pointing at Hari.

Three of them sat in front of the cathedral and indulged in a conversation.
'Okay, so you say you did this for the country. But why did you have to betray us and hand Domar to Mikhail?' asked Hari.
'Wait, Domar has been kidnapped?' asked Viktor.
'Yes, and that's because of his foolish act of betrayal,' said Hari looking furiously at Karthick.
'Hey, I did this for my country. I had a hunch that Mikhail might have a Plan B, an alternate trigger that he can use to detonate the nukes planted across India. I didn't want to risk it further, hence I used Domar as a bait to get close to him,' said Karthick.
'Did he have the trigger?' asked Viktor.
'No. It looks like he and Natasha did not get along too well. When I was with him on the pontoon, I tried to extract information from him, but it looks like he knew nothing about any nukes,' explained Karthick.
'Do you realize that you have placed the entire World at risk by handing Domar to him?' Hari asked Karthick.
'Guys, I'm confused. Someone, please explain what exactly is happening,' said Viktor.
'Back at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, as I waited for my crab soup, I hacked through few of the cell phone towers in the 1000 miles vicinity and I was able to trace some information about a launch,' said Hari.
'Like a missile launch?' asked Viktor.
'Maybe.' Hari continued, 'they have Domar and they can have him do anything they want to. He is a nuclear oncologist, for God's sake. So the launch, in my opinion, might be related to a nuclear missile.' Hari opened his cell phone and said looking at the screen, 'the coordinates point to a place somewhere in Siberia but I'm not sure about the exact location where the launch is gonna happen.'
'How do we figure that out?' asked Viktor.
'We need to wait till Domar takes a piss,' said Hari.

Somewhere in Siberia
A man in the brown jumpsuit walked to the loo in an enclosed tiny capsule. He pulled down his pants and began to urinate.

Sofia, Bulgaria
The tracker began to blink. Hari received the exact coordinates of where Domar was located.
'That means...'
Viktor was interrupted by Hari, 'we need to move our asses to Siberia.'
'I have a business to take care of.' Viktor said, 'I need to find and kill Mikhail Vasiliev.'
Hari said, 'this isn't the time for revenge. We have no idea what kind of catastrophe they're gonna cause to this World. Our primary goal now is to get to Domar and find out what they're up to. We can then think of a way to fulfill your revenge later. But surely not right now.'

Sayylyk, Sakha Republic, Russia Сайылык Hari, Viktor, and Karthick arrived at the coordinates displayed by the tracker. The temperature was dipping below zero and the place received continuous snowfall for more than 2 hours. The trio sat in the freezing cold and using a binocular they monitored a military base in the valley.
'Damn! That looks like a tough place to infiltrate,' said Hari. 'With that multi-layer security, we're gonna get killed even before crossing the second gate,' said Viktor. 'I agree. What do you have on your mind?' Karthick asked looking at Hari. 'I have no idea.' Hari then noticed a convoy exiting the base. He noticed a person wearing a blue colored uniform driving it. He seemed not to be accompanied by anyone. As the convoy exited the main gate, Hari got a clear view of the person's face. He was none other than Domar. 'Holy shit!' exclaimed Hari out of surprise. 'That's Domar and what the fuck is wrong with him?' Karthick grabbed the binocular from Hari. He then focussed the binocular to the person sitting inside the vehicle, 'oh dear! that's him.' 'Did they hypnotize him?' asked Viktor. 'This isn't the time for discussion. Let's get moving,' said Hari as he got up and rushed towards the hummer that was parked a few feet away from them. Karthick drove the hummer tailing the convoy from a distance. It was open barren land and Karthick could get a clear view of the convoy. A few minutes later, the convoy halted at a helicopter strip. Hari noticed a helicopter landing at the strip. Karthick halted the hummer at a distance. They saw Domar getting off the convoy, and getting into the helicopter. The helicopter took off and headed towards the north. Karthick started the ignition and followed the helicopter from the ground. After traveling for almost an hour, they noticed the helicopter landing at a place that seemed like a space shuttle launch station. Karthick parked the hummer at a reasonably safe distance from the launch station in such a way that they get a clear view of what's happening there and at the same time hiding from them. All the three sitting inside the hummer had no clue of what was happening over there. They noticed Domar exiting the helicopter and heading to a caravan. A few minutes later, they noticed Domar exiting the caravan wearing a spacesuit and walking towards the launch pad. They noticed him entering the space shuttle. The doors of the space shuttle were shut and the ignition began. Twenty-five seconds later, the shuttle was launched into space.
To be continued...

Written by Ashwin Kumar

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