Friday, 7 December 2018

7: The seventh installment of the Domar Series

The Domar series:
Dangerous Domar - A newly recruited intelligence officer 'Agent Domar' sets out on an international mission to retrieve a pen drive from the enemies of the country who stole the nation's confidential information.
The Return of Dangerous Domar -  An arrest warrant has been issued on Domar after the outbreak of some mysterious deaths across the globe. The case has been assigned to the CBI and now, it is the duty of CBI chief officer Hari Prakash to catch hold of Domar and put him behind the bars.
ROD: Rise of Domar - The story is set in the United States of America where Professor Domar along with Officer Hari Prakash and a team of four students has to safeguard the nuclear weapon designed by Domar before the Russian enemy Karolek Romochka takes it away from them. 
Dangerous Domar 4 - The story begins in Jamaica from where Domar and Hari set out on their journey to Seoul to catch hold of the international terrorist Bong-Cha.
Dangerous Domar 5 - With just 46 hours in hand to save the city, Domar and Hari set out on a major operation to save the city and the people from an unprecedented nuclear attack.
Fall of Domar - With the shattering news of Domar's death, Hari hires a new recruit 'Agent Karthick' with whom he sets out to unveil the mystery behind Domar's death. 

The story will be high on sarcasm and exaggeration. 


Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria
Twice in a month, Viktor heads to one of the dense forests of Bulgaria to exercise. He always considered nature as a perfect gymnasium. As usual, he got into the section of the forest that had thick trees which were a good platform for him to perform pull-ups. He placed his gear aside, took off his jerkin and placed it on his bag. He wore a thick military cargo pant and a light green vest. He held on to the tree with both his hands and then pulled himself upwards. As he got to the 230th pull-up, the leaves crackling noise distracted him. He stopped for a moment and concentrated on the surrounding as he hung on to the tree. The crackling sound stopped. He waited for couple more moments before he resumed his pull-ups. Twenty seconds later, he sensed something else. His reflexes were too brisk that he instantly caught the arrow that headed his way from his left. It was a Tranquilizer Arrow. Holding the arrow in his left hand, Viktor slowly let himself on the ground. He then concentrated on his left. He heard the leaves crackling noise again from his left, but it was gentle this time. He headed towards the direction of the crackling noise. He then instantly moved at a great speed, as though hurled by a catapult, towards the bush that lay to his right. He then grabbed a man by his neck with his legs, twisted it so hard that the man's neck turned backward leaving him dead instantly. Viktor stood there holding the Tranquilizer Arrow. He noticed three other men revealing themselves from the bush. All the three men surround him. He did not think twice. He immediately swung the Tranquilizer Arrow to the man who stood right in front of him. He then took the shotgun from the holster of the dead man and shot the man who stood towards his left twice - passing one bullet through his chest and one through his forehead. All these happened in less than 2 seconds. He then sensed some panic from the third man who was standing towards his right. He ran towards the third man and jumped on to him. He then put the shotgun into his mouth. They both heard another noise. It was a roar. 
'You know what that is?' asked Viktor. 
The man who had the shotgun pointed in his mouth nodded a no. 
'That's a Panther. You know what happens when a Panther roars?' As Viktor explained this, they both could sense the footsteps of the Panther approaching them. He continued, 'when the Panther roars, even the brave hunter who has come all the way to kill it will go hiding.' The footsteps approach faster and Viktor continued, 'I am not a hunter, I am a killer.' He shot the man and then looked up to the fast-approaching Panther and shot at it twice.