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Fall of Domar

The Domar series:
Dangerous Domar - A newly recruited intelligence officer 'Agent Domar' sets out on an international mission to retrieve a pen drive from the enemies of the country who stole the nation's confidential information.
The Return of Dangerous Domar -  An arrest warrant has been issued on Domar after the outbreak of some mysterious deaths across the globe. The case has been assigned to the CBI and now, it is the duty of CBI chief officer Hari Prakash to catch hold of Domar and put him behind the bars.
ROD: Rise of Domar - The story is set in the United States of America where Professor Domar along with Officer Hari Prakash and a team of four students has to safeguard the nuclear weapon designed by Domar before the Russian enemy Karolek Romochka takes it away from them. 
Dangerous Domar 4 - The story begins in Jamaica from where Domar and Hari set out on their journey to Seoul to catch hold of the international terrorist Bong-Cha.
Dangerous Domar 5 - With just 46 hours in hand to save the city, Domar and Hari set out on a major operation to save the city and the people from an unprecedented nuclear attack.

All the characters and the events that appear in this story are purely fictional. The events are exclusively intended to target or hurt any particular country, an organization, an individual or even a wild animal - of course, this ain't a fairy tale. There is violence involved in this story.

Fall of Domar

December 19 | 19:15 EST
JFK International Airport, New York
Attention, dear passengers. The boarding is now open for the Swiss Airlines flight number LX23 bound for Geneva. Passengers are requested to proceed to the E gates. 
The announcement was made and Hari had a worried look on his face. Noticing this, Domar said, 'you look a little worried. I haven't seen you carry that look before.' 
'Yeah man, I have a bad feeling. Is it mandatory for you to attend this meeting?' asked Hari.
'Well, it's the United Nations and I gotta do what I gotta do,' said Domar.
Hari hugged Domar and said, 'you better take care of yourself, man. I won't be there to keep a watch on you.' 

Domar put on his jacket and backpack and made his move towards the E gates while Hari stood there and watched him leave. Hari, on noticing Domar disappearing in the crowd, marched towards the exit gate. Exiting the airport, he walked past the loading zone and got into the parking zone. Reaching his car, Hari had another sense of bad feeling. He looked at his watch. It was analog and it was a black Hermes Arceau maxi. The watch showed the time as 19:40. He opened the door of his Nissan Armada SUV and got into it. He looked at the airport terminal and then drove towards the freeway. 

December 20 | 06:40 EST
Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York
The alarm, after a couple of snoozes, woke Hari up from a not-so-pleasant sleep. He reached for his spectacles he placed on the side draw and wore those on. He then reached for the television remote and turned it on. What he saw next shook him up. He heard the news reporter say the following,
It is a horrifying event. The death toll is 35. Not even a single passenger who was onboard survived the crash. 
Hari switched the channel to Fox news. The headlines scrolling went like this,
Swiss Airlines LX23 bound for Geneva was crashed 4 hours post its departure, approximately 400 miles east of Nuuk, Greenland.  
The news startled Hari. He sat down on the bed with sweat all over his face. He was able to feel his pulse rate rising. He got up, walked to the dining table, and fetched himself some water. Gulping down some of the water, he threw the glass aside leaving the glass pieces shatter all over the floor. He screamed deep from his throat. The scream was loud that it startled his neighbors living 121 yards away from his house.

December 20 | 10:50 EST
Federal Plaza, New York
'What do the reports say?' asked Hari.
'Positive. It's Domar,' said Matthew, who was a part of the Accident Forensics department.
Hari asked Matthew as they walked out of his room and entered the hallway, 'do you know who's behind this attack?'
Matthew stopped for a moment, looked at Hari and replied, 'what makes you think it was an attack?'
Hari followed Matthew as he resumed walking towards the cabin of Joel Cobbledick. He said, 'if you look at the passenger's list, almost 40% of them were diplomats and there is...' Hari paused for a moment and continued, 'there was Domar. What do you think this was, a natural calamity?'
Hari and Matthew entered Cobbledick's cabin. Mr. Cobbledick was a man in his early fifties. He had a well-built body and a beer belly. 'What are you two arguing about?' asked Joel Cobbledick.
'Sir, he suspects that crash might be a planned attack,' Matthew said this as he handed over the file to Cobbledick.
'It's better to let someone think you are an Idiot than to open your mouth and prove it,' Hari said this to Matthew.
'Could you please leave us alone?' asked Cobbledick as he received the file. He signaled Hari to close the cabin door as Matthew left with a sign of disgust on his face.
'Don't you think there's a motive behind this attack?' asked Hari.
'Attack? Well, that thought has crossed my mind.' said Cobbledick.
'So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey.'
'Don't insult me, Mr. Prakash. We are doing our best to figure out the cause of the crash. This process will definitely take some time.'
'Okay, let's get to the business. Why did you call me?'
Cobbledick threw a file on the table and said, 'here are three profiles for you to choose.'
'To choose, what?'
'Your partner.'
'No, I'm better off alone,' said Hari.
'It doesn't work your way anymore, Mr. Prakash. It's not an option it's an order.'

December 20 | 15:10 EST
Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York
Sitting on a bench close to the East River, Hari was going through the profiles given by Cobbledick. All the three candidates were Indians. The profiles were shortlisted by Mr. Himmat Singh who works for the Indian Prime Minister's office. The first candidate was a female named Pornika Das. Hari did not find both the candidate as well the profile attractive. He instantly rejected her at the first look. The second candidate was a male named Alpesh Vishal. The profile showed him having a good track record but Hari's gut said otherwise. He rejected the second candidate. The third candidate was a male named Karthick Gunasekar. This profile got Hari's complete attention. The candidate's track record was outstanding and Hari's gut said he was the one for the mission. He called Cobbledick and informed him to start the onboarding process for Karthick.

December 21
Somewhere in the southern part of India
A man in his late twenties carrying a backpack walked towards the train station. The train station appeared to be roughly 200 yards from him. As he walked towards the train station, he looked to his right. There was an abandoned garment factory. Without giving a second thought, he sneaked into the factory. He made some baby steps into the abandoned factory and noticed a group of four men indulged in a serious discussion. He hid behind a garment making machine and before he tried to overhear their discussion, one of the four guys spotted him. He revealed himself to them with his hands in the air as he clearly noticed that two out of those four were armed.
'Gentleman, relax! I just sneaked in out of curiosity.'
'Who the fuck are you?' one of the four asked him.
'Well, I'm just a...' the other guy pulled his hands down and locked him from behind, while he continued to explain, 'banker.'
The third guy, as he searched his body for any weapons, asked, 'are you trying to be smart?'
'No, no...' the guy who held his hands pushed him aside as he was clear of any weapons on his body.
'What's in the backpack?' asked the fourth guy.
He took the backpack in his hand and said, 'nothing.'
The other guy who stood behind him pulled his gun and aimed at his head. He then asked, 'I'm not this polite every time. Tell me what you got.'
He panicked a little. He responded in a jittery tone, 'wait, wait, I got money. Money. M-o-n-e-y, I got money.'
The guy lowered the gun a little and said, 'oh yeah! Show me what you have.'

He placed the backpack down and knelt before it. He opened the zipper and took some documents off it placing it aside. He looked at the other guy who was still aiming a gun at him. He reached to the base of his backpack. He felt some metal. It was a .45 caliber Ruger P-Series handgun. He took the gun out of his backpack and shot at the thigh of the other guy who was pointing a gun towards him. He then shot in the chest of the other guy who was armed, leaving the armed guys injured.

'Jesus! That's a lot of blood,' he said to the other two guys pointing to the guy who got shot in the thigh, 'my guess is a ruptured artery. This guy's chances of survival are less if we delay getting him to the hospital, which we're definitely going to do.' He then turned to the other guy whom he shot in the chest and said, 'the bullet might have grazed you on the chest at an oblique angle onto the edge of a rib then there is a good possibility that it could skip right off, causing only a superficial laceration. Meaning, you will survive, but not for long.'

He then looked at the other two guys. He started at their faces constantly for ten seconds. He then concentrated his looks on just one guy. He continued that on for another thirty seconds. He started to sense that the guy whom he is looking at has started to feel uncomfortable. He didn't like that. He shot that guy on his forehead, leaving him dead instantly. He then turned to the other unarmed guy who was shaking and pissing in his pants and said, 'you must have been born on a highway because that's where most accidents happen.' He shot that guy in the chest close to the heart. The guy died in seconds.

He walked to the guy who experienced superficial laceration and asked, 'is this where the deal was going to happen?' The guy nodded a yes. He then shot him on his face and walked away leaving the last guy bleed to death. As he walked out of the factory, he reached to his ringing cell phone and spoke, 'Hello! Karthick here.'

Two hours later
'What kind of mess you've got me into this time?' asked the Commissioner of Police, Kaarmegam Chitraguptan, to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Karthick, who entered the Commissioner office carrying a backpack.
He opened the backpack, took out the Ruger P-Series handgun and placed it on the table. He then said, 'I've emptied it. There were four of them and none of them are alive...' he paused and thought of the guy whom he left to die there bleeding, and continued, 'at least three, for sure.'
'Why did you have to kill them? You could've just arrested them, for God's sake,' asked the Commissioner.
Karthick sat down on the chair and replied, 'Sir, with all due respect, these people deserve to die.'
'How can you decide that? You're neither a court nor a judge.'
'A wise man once said... Nothing, he only listened. Listened to his inner voice, which said let's save some O2.'
'Oxygen, we're wasting Earth's oxygen by letting these people breathe it.'
'This is absurd!'
'Nothing is absurd, Sir. Nothing is. I just did my duty.'
'Are you the square root of -1? Because you can't be real. This is not how we do our duties.'
'But Sir, this is how I do my duty.'
'Alright! Then I've to deport you to a new location.'
'Oh! The transfer, again! Here it comes. Where this time, to Gummudipoondi?'
The Commissioner took out a file from the drawer and placed it on the table. He then said pointing his finger towards the file, 'this is a covert operation. You'll be posted elsewhere.'
'Else... where?' asked Karthick with an extreme enthusiasm in his voice.
'The United States of America.'
'What?' he asked widening his eyes.
'The US of A.'
'Did you just say America?'
'You mean, you're sending me on-site?'
'Yeah, on behalf of Research and Analysis Wing, India.'
'You mean, I'm going on-site?'
'I never expected to get on-site opportunities in this job.' Karthick was awestruck with surprise.
'You've earned it. Officer Hari Prakash handpicked your profile. Your track record earned you this opportunity. Now go, save some oxygen.'

December 23 | 06:00 EST
JFK International Airport, New York | Terminal 4
Hari, as he was waiting at the arrivals section of the Terminal 4, opened his laptop and skimmed through the case files. The following information flashed on his screen.

Mission: O2
Retrieving Agent Information...
Name: Agent Karthick
Age: 29
Origin: Indian
ID number: 12788
Known as: Ruthless Mister K

He then checked his watch. It was ten minutes past six and there was no announcement of the flight AI101 bound to New York from New Delhi. He checked the FlightAware website which showed that the flight is 51 minutes away, which means the actual arrival is delayed by 26 minutes. He closed his laptop and leaned forward to tie his shoelace. That's when he noticed something unusual. There was a Russian who was standing 30 degrees towards his right signaling another Russian who was standing 140 degrees towards his left. And there was another Russian standing 90 degrees from him, looked at these two guys and started walking into the terminal upon their signal. Hari trusted his gut and did not want to take any chances. He swiftly opened his laptop and did a quick search on the FBI portal to retrieve the emergency satellite number that linked ATC to the cockpit of AI101. He made a quick call to Cobbledick, who in turn granted him access to the secure link. In less than 5 minutes, Hari got connected with the Co-pilot of AI101. 
'Listen to me carefully. There's a fugitive in your flight. I repeat, there's a fugitive in your flight.' Hari types something on his laptop keyboard and continues, 'you'll be flashed with a picture of the fugitive on your screen. Secure him and hand him over to the TSA once the flight lands.' Hari gave a pause and continued, 'handle with caution. The fugitive is extremely dangerous.' 

Karthick's photograph was flashed on the screen. The pilots immediately alerted the cabin crew of a positive fugitive situation. The panic spread among the cabin crew but they dealt it with normalcy so as to not to panic the passengers. The flight touched down the runway and was halted before getting to the gates. Both the crew and the passengers became restless, each for their own reasons. The TSA agents jumped out of the moving vehicles that were approaching the aircraft and ran towards the door. A crew member named Butternut Chantilly, a girl in her early twenties opened the door making the way for the TSA to enter the aircraft. The TSA agents grabbed Karthick by his collar and dragged him out of the aircraft. Karthick looked completely baffled with the situation but he assumed there might be some reason behind everything happening at that moment. He obliged calmly with the TSA agents.

As they got to the terminal, Karthick's head was covered with black cloth and the TSA agents handed him off to the FBI agents, who then escorted him to the convoy. The two Russians who stood at the arrivals section of the terminal 4 assumed it was their Russian friend, the third guy, who went into the terminal got caught. They immediately fled the location. The third Russian who was inside the terminal was carefully looking through the passengers exiting out of AI101 aircraft. He then looked at the picture of Karthick he had in his mobile to cross verify with one of the passengers. Yermolay Vasnetsov, the Russian who was at the gate checking the passengers, noticed Butternut Chantilly walking towards the exit. He followed her.
'What happened?' he asked Butternut Chantilly as he walked next to her.
'The TSA agents took him away,' she replied as they walked hastily towards the exit.
'Impossible! How did they know about his arrival?'
Chantilly halted for a moment, looked into the eye of Vasnetsov and said, 'isn't that your job to figure it out?' She resumed walking.
'Wait,' he rushed behind her, 'listen..'
She interrupted him, 'If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I'd fart.'
Vasnetsov stood there speechless as he noticed Chantilly exit the terminal.

December 23 | 09:40 EST
Federal Plaza, New York
Karthick was made to wait in Cobbledick's cabin while Hari arrived there an hour later. 
'What took you so long?' asked Cobbledick as he noticed Hari entering his cabin. 
'I did not want anyone to tail me.' He then walked to Karthick and extended his hand, 'I am...'
Karthick interrupted, 'I know, Officer Hari Prakash.' He shook hands with Hari. 
Hari pulled a chair and placed it next to Karthick. 'Let's cut to the chase,' Hari spoke as he sat down, 'how in the hell are Russians involved in this?'
'We're still trying to figure it out.' said Joel Cobbledick. 
'How many years are you gonna take?' asked Hari.
'We'll get there soon, Mr. Prakash. In the meantime, please do us a favor,' Cobbledick got up from his chair and escorted Hari to the door, 'walk your partner through the mission.' 

Hari nodded a yes and stepped out of the cabin. Karthick followed him. Exiting the cabin, Karthick threw a smile at Hari. Hari, looking at Cobbledick from outside his cabin, said, 'I was going to give him a nasty look, but he already had one.'

December 23 | 11:11 EST
Lafayette St, New York
Few feet away from the Federal Plaza, a biker was monitoring the inflow and outflow of people at the Federal Plaza. The biker was wearing a thick black leather jacket and a black GPA Visor helmet. On noticing Hari and Karthick exiting the building, the biker pulled out a cell phone and sent a text. The biker then passively followed Hari's car as they drove away from the Federal Plaza.

December 23 | 11:09 EST
Federal Plaza, New York
Hari and Karthick left the briefing room and walked towards the exit. On their way, Hari handed him a gun.
'Thanks,' said Karthick as he inserted the gun into the backside of his pant.
'Use that whenever required,' said Hari as they reached the exit of the building.
As they exited the building, they crossed the road and reached the opposite lane where Hari parked his car. Hari got into the driver's seat and as Karthick got into the car, Hari said, 'we have company.'
Karthick casually scanned the surroundings and noticed a biker with a black jacket standing at the corner of the street noticing their movements. He then said, 'we got a biker at my 6 o'clock.'
'I know,' said Hari as he started the car. He then noticed the biker tailing them. 'I'm going to confirm the same in a while.'

Hari turned the right blinkers on and he noticed the biker sliding towards the right. At the interjection, Hari turned off the blinkers and took a quick left. The biker slid through the vehicles and took a long left following Hari's car. Hari doubled his speed. Jumping two signals, he vroomed into the I-95. The biker followed Hari's car into the I-95. Hari noticed that the biker was right behind their car. He increased his speed and so did the biker. Both were racing at a constant speed for a while and that's when Hari pulled the handbrake. The car came to halt at once. This came as a surprise to the biker as the bike hit the rear end of the car leaving the biker flip thrice in the air before the biker made a hard landing on the road. Hari instructed Karthick to remain in the car. He got off the car and walked towards the biker. He took off the biker's helmet unveiling the face. The biker was a woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties.
'That hurt.' She said as Hari threw the helmet aside.
Hari walked to his car, fetched a water bottle and threw it at her. He then asked, 'whom do you work for?'
She gulped down the water so quickly. Emptying the bottle and throwing it aside, she said, 'for maximum attention, nothing beats a good mistake.'
'Wait...' Hari was confused for a moment and asked, 'what?'

He noticed her getting up as quickly as she can. He also noticed her limping her way to the middle of the road. He then turned around and looked at Karthick who stepped out of the car. He then noticed the woman holding something in her hand. A huge truck was heading in her direction and caring less about that, she held the device, which appeared more of a trigger, and said, 'for the greater good.'

Hari, on noticing this, cued Karthick to run. She pressed the trigger and the truck smashed her into pieces. The bike that was next to the car blew up. Hari's car caught fire and blew up in the next few seconds. The explosion pushed Hari and Karthick few yards away and they made a hard landing on the road. The smoke from the explosion engulfed the freeway. Vehicles came to a halt causing massive traffic congestion on the I-95.

December 23 | 13:25 EST

I-95 Express
The forensics and the meds arrived at the scene. Hari and Karthick were treated for their minor wounds while the forensics team analyzed the scene. What the biker said kept echoing in Hari's mind.
'What did she mean?' said Hari as the medics tied a bandage on his bruised arm.
'They're Russians, Hari Prakash. With your past relationship with them, I am guessing they're looking for a revenge,' said Karthick who sat next to Hari. He had a bruise on his forehead and knee.
'Revenge? For what?' Hari asked as he looked at Karthick.
'Remember the terrorist Domar left for dead at the Diomede island?' asked Karthick.

Hari got flashed with the conversation that happened with Domar at the hospital a year ago.

One year ago
'Did you kill him?' Hari struggled to speak through the tubes inserted into his mouth as he lay on the hospital bed taking treatment for the injuries he obtained during the bike crash while chasing the terrorist.
'Just relax,' said Domar, 'I've taken care of it. He will be dead in a few hours.' Domar looked at his watch and said, 'which would be now. The army will take care of disposing of his body.'
Domar switched on the television which flashed the news regarding the death of a terrorist at the Diomede islands.

Baku, Azerbaijan 
18:34 hours
'The army has retrieved a body,' Daniel whispered in Mikhail's ears. Mikhail Vasiliev continued to stare into Daniel's eyes. 'It's your son's,' said Daniel in a low tone.

Mikhail's eyes reddened. He politely walked out of the party hall where he was attending a fundraiser event. He was then picked up by a limousine that was waiting at the entrance of the hotel where the event was hosted and he was driven to the nearest private airstrip. From there, Mikhail boarded a private jet that took him to Moscow.

Moscow, Russia 
21:45 hours
'I don't care if he is busy. I want you to set up a meet with him tonight.' Mikhail gulped down the whiskey and continued with an arrogant tone as he got off the private jet, 'I want you to fix an appointment with my brother the moment you place your receiver down.' Mikhail hung up the phone.

A couple of minutes later, Mikhail got a call back from the secretary stating that his appointment has been fixed at 23:00 hours.

Moscow Kremlin 
23:06 hours
Mikhail was escorted into the war room where Yulian Vasiliev, the President of Russia and the younger brother of Mikhail Vasiliev, was waiting. Upon greeting each other, the brothers got into a serious conversation about the loss of Mikhail's son.

'When did this happen?' asked Yulian.
'I am guessing a couple of days ago. The army retrieved the body a few hours ago,' said Mikhail.
'What was he doing in New York?' Yulian asked this in a frustrated tone.
'I thought he was holidaying in Argentina. I have no idea why he went to New York,' said Mikhail with a pinch of anger in his tone.
'What happened to Afanasy and Marko?'
'Didn't hear from either of them. I'm sure they're dead by now.'
'This is insane! This can't be happening.'

Yulian turned on the television and switched to channel 846, which plays the International news. The news reporter in the news mentioned something about a chopper landing at a private airstrip near a private hospital in New York. In the video clip, Yulian noticed Domar walking out of the chopper and getting into a car.

'We need to get rid of him,' said Yulian pointing to Domar in the television.

Present day
December 23 | 14:15 EST
I-95 Express
'Do you think Russia is behind the plane crash?' asked Hari with a huge sense of doubt in his tone.
'Maybe or maybe not,' replied Karthick.
Something struck Hari's mind at that moment. He asked Karthick, 'wait, how did you know about the Diomede incident?'
'I have my sources and I've used them so wisely to impress you,' said Karthick.
'Of course, I'm impressed.' Another thought flashed Hari's mind. He looked at Karthick and asked, 'what time it is now?'
'Ten minutes to 2.30,' said Karthick.
'We need to rush.'

December 23 | 15:30 EST
Federal Plaza, New York
'What are we doing here?' asked Karthick.
'Cobbledick is out to Philadelphia. This is the right time,' said Hari.
'Right time to?'
'Hack his computer.'

Hari and Karthick sneaked into Cobbledick's cabin. Karthick closed the blinds and Hari made himself comfortable on Cobbledick's seat. He turned on the PC and it prompted for a password. Hari typed the password and the system let him in.
'How do you know his password?' asked Karthick out of awe.
'The idiot was using his social security number as his password,' replied Hari.
'But how did you know it was his social security number?'
'Simple, I noticed the last three letters he keyed in for his password the other day, and that seemed to match his social security number. It was a hunch. If it prompted for an error then it would've taken another 20 minutes to enter the system.'
'Clever!' said Karthick as he noticed Hari seriously browsing through all the case files.

Hari's eyes widening as he was going through one of the 500 unread emails that Cobbledick received from a person named Mikhail Vasiliev. What he read took him by surprise.
'Vasiliev, does he belong to the Russian President's family?' asked Karthick as he noticed that email.
'We just found the rat in our department.'

As they were about to complete reading the email, they noticed someone entering the cabin. It was Joel Cobbledick.
'What are you two doing here?' asked Cobbledick as he stepped closer to the desk.
'Stay where you are,' said Karthick as he pulled out his gun.
'Karthick, stay calm,' said Hari signaling him to lower the gun to which Karthick refused. Hari then looked at Cobbledick and said, 'you fucking rat. You are with the Russians and you were a part of the plan, you sick fuck.'
Cobbledick said with two of his hands in the air, 'wh... what? What do you mean?' He stuttered.

Karthick noticed Cobbledick lowering his hands and reaching for his pocket. He shot Cobbledick on his forehead leaving him dead instantly.
'Are you fucking mad?' Hari screamed at Karthick.
'He was making a move,' said Karthick.
Hari opened the drawer, took out a gun and threw it on the desk. He then said, 'he was not armed, you fool.'
'Whoops!' said Karthick.

Hari then placed the gun on Cobbledick's hand before people entered the cabin. He then explained the shooting as a self-defense situation. He also showed everyone the proof that Cobbledick was working with Russians.

December 23 | 19:30 EST
Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York
'Need a drink?' asked Karthick as he poured the wine into the glass.
'Sure,' said Hari as he leaned on the couch and turned on the television.
Karthick handed the glass off to Hari and sat beside him on the couch. He then asked, 'did you use to share this apartment with Domar?'
'Yes,' Hari sipped some wine and said, 'I bet you're aware of Sherlock and Watson.' He saw Karthick nodding a yes. 'We were exactly like that.' He sipped some more wine. 'Domar used to be Sherlock.'

Hari then began to lose his consciousness. He leaned back on the couch and swiftly drifted into sleep. Karthick got up from the couch and walked towards Domar's office room. He took a peek inside and noticed Domar's laptop laying on the desk. He went to the desk, dragged a chair and sat down. He opened the laptop and turned it on. It prompted for a passcode and a facial recognition. 'Damn! He has secured it well,' Karthick said and he began to hack the laptop. Within 25 minutes, Karthick was into Domar's system. What he saw blew his mind. The laptop was filled with sensitive information. It has nuke codes and designs of ICBM and warheads. He opened a browser and logged into an email account. He then sent all the sensitive information to an email ID that belonged to a person named Bartoloměj Žížala.

'25 minutes. Not bad.'
Karthick heard this voice from his behind. He turned around to see who it was. He did not foresee the surprise that came his way. It was Domar who was standing at the door. Karthick, as he tried to make a move to look for a weapon, Domar pulled out a handgun and pointed at him.
'It is easy to become a superman, you just have to change the sequence of clothes while wearing.' Domar pulled a chair for himself and sat in front of Karthick. He pointed the gun at his forehead and asked, 'why did you frame Cobbledick?'
'How... How did...' Karthick stuttered as he answered. 'How did you know about Cobbledick?'
'I know you were behind everything. Okay, let me rephrase my question. When did you start working for the Russians?' asked Domar.
'I knew it was you who pulled the trigger at the interstate,' Karthick sensed he heard this voice before. He noticed Hari entering the room. 'She was trashed by the truck a second before she could pull the trigger. It was you who blasted her bike. Why did you do that? To cut the loose end?' Hari pulled a gun and pointed at Karthick.
Karthick laughed.  He looked at Hari and said, 'you are not so smart as people say.' He then looked at Domar and said, 'the question you need to ask yourself is why didn't I tie him up?'

Karthick pressed a button on his watch. The lights went off and darkness engulfed the room. Domar and Hari didn't fire any shots as they didn't want Karthick to be dead before they figured out what he has planned with the Russians. A few seconds later, both of them heard a glass cracking sound. The lights came back in 50 seconds. Domar noticed the window glass being shattered.

50 seconds ago
Outside Hari's Apartment
Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York
Butternut Chantilly was at the fuse box that was present next to the garage outside Hari's apartment. She waited for the cue. The cue was a morse code transmission that was transmitted from Karthick's watch to Chantilly's. She noticed the watch blinking and immediately turned the fuse off. After 50 seconds, she noticed Karthick jumping off the window and turned the fuse back on. Both of them fled the place.

December 23 | 20:45 EST
Main Street Park, Brooklyn, New York
'Why the fuck did you send the Russians to the Airport?' Karthick asked Chantilly in an anger-filled tone. 'You might have ruined the plan.'
'Worse than you ruining it by killing Cobbledick?' asked Chantilly. 'You were hired for a reason. Why don't you just stick to what you've been ordered?'
'I told you, if I'm going to pull this off, it's going to be my way.'
'Just because you have one doesn't mean you have to act like one,' said Chantilly and she started to walk away.
'Listen...' Karthick went behind her and held her hand. Chantilly stopped walking. Karthick pulled her closer and said, 'Listen, Natasha, I know it has been a tough year for you and I feel your pain. Trust me, I'm going to make this right.'

December 24 | 05:40 EST
East Orange Station, New Jersey
Karthick and Chantilly aka Natasha waited for 15 minutes at the deserted East Orange station. They noticed a man in her early twenties walking towards them carrying a backpack. He sat next to them, pulled out a laptop from his backpack and copied the contents to a flash drive. He handed the flash drive to Natasha. Natasha smiled and said, 'thank you Bartoloměj.' Bartoloměj nodded a yes and began to walk away until he caught a bullet in his chest. Bartoloměj crippled on the ground. He then looked at Natasha who was holding a Beretta 92 with a sound suppressor.
'Natasha Vasiliev,' he said a moment before he died.

Natasha Vasiliev is the daughter of Mikhail Vasiliev. She had a brother named Nikolai Vasiliev, the terrorist who was killed in Diomede. She also has a cousin named Marko Pasternak, who was long forgotten to have existed.

'What now?' asked Karthick as they exited the station.
Natasha looked at him and smiled. She took out the phone from Bartoloměj's backpack and dialed Marko Pasternak's number. The call was attended from the other end. She said, 'it's on.'

December 24 | 12:27 EST
San Fransisco International Airport
Getting off UA 637, Karthick and Natasha walked towards the exit that led them to the Air Train. They took the air train from the terminal 3 to the terminal 1. Getting off the station, Karthick and Natasha walked towards the pickup zone. They waited for five minutes. Karthick was already restless as he had a long day the day before. He leaned back on a pillar and relaxed. Meanwhile, a red Audi A4 Sedan vroomed towards the pickup zone. Natasha signaled Karthick to get into the car. Karthick took the backseat while Natasha took the front seat.
'Karthick, meet Marko Pasternak,' said Natasha as she introduced the guy who drove the car.
'Well, Marko, it's a pleasure meeting you.'

Karthick extended his hand but Marko declined the handshake. Without uttering a word, Marko drove the car away from the terminal and entered the Bayshore freeway through the Airport access road and drove towards San Bruno. Crossing the San Bruno Ave, Marko took a left and entered the Quentin L. Kopp Freeway. He drove for a couple of miles and entered the Junipero Serra Freeway.
'Where are we heading to?' asked Karthick.
'Sausalito,' replied Natasha.

Marko continued on the Junipero Serra Freeway towards Daly City. As they reached Serramonte, Karthick looked out of the window. He noticed a blue Fiat 500X getting out of the Chevron gas station and vrooming towards the Junipero Serra Freeway after crossing the Hickey Blvd. That was his cue. He reached into his right pocket, took out a pen and wrapped his right fist around the pen holding it tight. He then looked at Natasha who seemed to enjoy the view from her window. He took a deep breath and stabbed the sharp point of the pen on the carotid artery of Marko, who was driving the car. Blood oozed out of the artery and splurted on Natasha's eye blinding her vision. The car then hit the divider, flipped in the air and landed upside down on the other side of the freeway. Karthick quickly managed to get out of the car. He had blood oozing out of his left leg. He limped his way towards the divider. He kept his eyes on the blue Fiat 500X that was heading towards him. He then felt someone stabbing him from behind. It was Natasha. The knife was penetrated a few inches away from his spine. Holding the knife, he turned back and kicked Natasha on her stomach with his right leg. He jumped off the divider and noticed the blue Fiat slowing down. The rear door was open and Karthick immediately jumped into the car. The car vroomed towards Daly City.

Inside the blue Fiat 500X was Domar driving the car and Hari who sat at the back seat gave a quick first aid to Karthick who was bleeding from the injury and knife stab.

December 23
Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York
After Karthick jumped out of the window...
'I'm going after him,' said Hari who took the gun and walked towards the shattered window. 
'Wait,' said Domar after noticing a notepad file on his laptop. 'Come here,' he said to Hari. 
Hari walked to the laptop and read the note aloud, 'SFO, Dec 25, doing this for my country, pl help.'
'He even left his cell phone,' said Domar as he took the cell phone left by Karthick in his hand. 

December 24
San Fransisco
As Karthick was being treated, Domar asked him, 'What in the hell is happening?' 
'It's serious. They...' Karthick screamed out of pain when Hari applied spirit on the wound. He then continued, 'the exchange is happening at Sausalito.' 
'What about the note?' asked Hari as he wrapped his waist with a bandage. 
'She said she's gonna detonate the three bombs she had her team place at the three metropolitan cities in India,' said Karthick.
'And, you left her there,' Hari's tone was filled with anger, 'damn it! She has the trigger.' 
'No,' Karthick threw Natasha's cell phone on the front seat next to Domar, 'I have the trigger.' 
Domar took the cell phone in his hand. It asked for a passcode. 'What's the code?' he asked Karthick.
'94965,' said Karthick. He then looked at Hari who threw an absurd look at him. He said, 'What? I'm a spy and it's a part of my job.' 

Domar unlocked the phone and passed it to Hari. Hari noticed a text message asking about the status of detonation. He realized it was from her team who are waiting to detonate the bombs in India. Hari responded to the message, 'Abort mission! Destroy your cell phones. You'll be contacted. Stay low.' 

Exiting the Junipero Serra Freeway, Domar entered the 19th Ave and drove towards the Crossover Dr. As the car crossed the Lincoln Way, Hari noticed a motorbike tailing their car at an exceptional speed. It was Natasha who was driving it. Domar applied his handbrake and slid right to the Park Presidio bypass. Natasha slid to the right and followed the car. Domar then took a swift left and drove towards Veterans Blvd. He then entered the Presidio Pkwy and headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza. Natasha did not lose them. Domar did not halt at the toll plaza. He vroomed beside the cars and trespassed the toll plaza by smashing the gates. Natasha followed them in the same way. The authorities at the toll plaza alerted the cops.  Domar, on entering the Golden Gate Bridge, applied handbrake, turned his car towards the right in a direction perpendicular to which Natasha was driving. Natasha did not foresee this move. She hit the car and flipped in the air and made a crash landing on the road a few feet away from the car. Domar and Hari got off the car and walked towards Natasha. Domar took out his Dan Wesson 1911 Semi Auto Pistol. He aimed at Natasha and shot at her twice. One bullet hit her thigh and the other bullet hit her shoulder. She screamed out of pain. 
'You're making a mistake,' said Natasha with a trembling voice.
'If you really want to know about mistakes, you should ask your parents.' 

Domar shot Natasha on her chest leaving her dead instantly. The cops arrived at the location and they were extremely happy to see Domar back in action. A Police officer walked towards Domar and asked him, 'Weren't you supposed to be dead?'
Domar replied, 'that was a decoy. I wanted to convince people that I'm dead such that the enemies concentrate less on coming up with a plan to kill me and actually do what they're planning to. I wanted to find out what the Russians were up to and hence I used the crash as a trap.' 
'What about the passengers? There were 35 including you who were pronounced dead.' 
'The passengers...' Domar looked around for a moment and continued, 'they were the Prisoners in disguise of diplomats. All of them were death row inmates.'  Domar then looked at Hari and said, 'something is not right.' He then looked at his car that was parked a few feet away and said, 'go check on Karthick.' 

Hari made his steps towards the car while Domar noticed the gasoline leaking from the fuel tank. He ran towards Hari shouting 'get away from the car'. He grabbed Hari tight from behind and jumped off to his left while the car exploded. Domar then noticed a Police car vrooming away from the location. He noticed it was Karthick who was driving it. 
'Traitor!' shouted Domar and he ran towards another Police car. Hari followed him. 

Domar raced his car towards Redwood Hwy following Karthick's car. He noticed Karthick's car taking a right towards the Bridgeway and entering Sausalito. The car sped towards Pelican Yacht Harbor and it was halted. Karthick got off the car and ran towards the harbor. Domar parked his car behind Karthick's car. Both of them got off and ran towards the dock. They saw Karthick talking to a middle-aged man who was wearing a black Prada Suit. Karthick then turned and looked at Domar and Hari who was walking towards him. He smiled and turned back to the middle-aged man. Domar noticed Karthick handing off a flash drive to the middle-aged man. 
'You fucking traitor,' said Domar and he walked close to Karthick. 
'It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Domar,' said the middle-aged man throwing his cigar aside. 
'Do I know you?' asked Domar.
'My name is Mikhail Vasiliev and I'm here for you.' 
Domar looked perplexed. He looked at Karthick who said, 'it was a trap you set for yourself, Domar.' 
Mikhail noticed Hari stepping forward and said, 'don't you dare place a step forward.' He then held a rifle at Domar's head and said, 'this won't hurt you.' Mikhail then poked a needle into Domar's neck and injected the stimulant.' He then said, 'this will make you sleep like a baby.' He handed Domar to one of his guard who then carried him to the boat that was waiting for the departure. He then pointed the gun at Hari and said, 'if you make one stupid move, you'll find him dead.' 

Hari stood there motionless while he noticed Karthick and Mikhail getting into the boat that cruised through the Pacific getting out of sight in less than five minutes.

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. Ashwin, happy to see you are back with Domar. Good thrill and action. The truth is, I almost forgot what happened in the previous stories but then I know Domar never failed to make an impression. Enjoyed reading and thanks for sharing the link.

    1. Hey Meera! It's been a while and good to hear from you. Usually the earlier parts will have a very minimal ties with their prequel but I intentionally made this part have a strong tie with Part 5. I'm glad you found this thrilling. I'll try to complete Part 7 as soon as possible