Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Fall of Domar

The Domar series:
Dangerous Domar - A newly recruited intelligence officer 'Agent Domar' sets out on an international mission to retrieve a pen drive from the enemies of the country who stole the nation's confidential information.
The Return of Dangerous Domar -  An arrest warrant has been issued on Domar after the outbreak of some mysterious deaths across the globe. The case has been assigned to the CBI and now, it is the duty of CBI chief officer Hari Prakash to catch hold of Domar and put him behind the bars.
ROD: Rise of Domar - The story is set in the United States of America where Professor Domar along with Officer Hari Prakash and a team of four students has to safeguard the nuclear weapon designed by Domar before the Russian enemy Karolek Romochka takes it away from them. 
Dangerous Domar 4 - The story begins in Jamaica from where Domar and Hari set out on their journey to Seoul to catch hold of the international terrorist Bong-Cha.
Dangerous Domar 5 - With just 46 hours in hand to save the city, Domar and Hari set out on a major operation to save the city and the people from an unprecedented nuclear attack.

All the characters and the events that appear in this story are purely fictional. The events are exclusively intended to target or hurt any particular country, an organization, an individual or even a wild animal - of course, this ain't a fairy tale. There is violence involved in this story.

Fall of Domar

December 19 | 19:15 EST
JFK International Airport, New York
Attention, dear passengers. The boarding is now open for the Swiss Airlines flight number LX23 bound for Geneva. Passengers are requested to proceed to the E gates. 
The announcement was made and Hari had a worried look on his face. Noticing this, Domar said, 'you look a little worried. I haven't seen you carry that look before.' 
'Yeah man, I have a bad feeling. Is it mandatory for you to attend this meeting?' asked Hari.
'Well, it's the United Nations and I gotta do what I gotta do,' said Domar.
Hari hugged Domar and said, 'you better take care of yourself, man. I won't be there to keep a watch on you.' 

Domar put on his jacket and backpack and made his move towards the E gates while Hari stood there and watched him leave. Hari, on noticing Domar disappearing in the crowd, marched towards the exit gate. Exiting the airport, he walked past the loading zone and got into the parking zone. Reaching his car, Hari had another sense of bad feeling. He looked at his watch. It was analog and it was a black Hermes Arceau maxi. The watch showed the time as 19:40. He opened the door of his Nissan Armada SUV and got into it. He looked at the airport terminal and then drove towards the freeway. 

December 20 | 06:40 EST
Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York
The alarm, after a couple of snoozes, woke Hari up from a not-so-pleasant sleep. He reached for his spectacles he placed on the side draw and wore those on. He then reached for the television remote and turned it on. What he saw next shook him up. He heard the news reporter say the following,
It is a horrifying event. The death toll is 35. Not even a single passenger who was onboard survived the crash. 
Hari switched the channel to Fox news. The headlines scrolling went like this,
Swiss Airlines LX23 bound for Geneva was crashed 4 hours post its departure, approximately 400 miles east of Nuuk, Greenland.  
The news startled Hari. He sat down on the bed with sweat all over his face. He was able to feel his pulse rate rising. He got up, walked to the dining table, and fetched himself some water. Gulping down some of the water, he threw the glass aside leaving the glass pieces shatter all over the floor. He screamed deep from his throat. The scream was loud that it startled his neighbors living 121 yards away from his house.