Tuesday, 28 November 2017

You're hired!

In case you're wondering, this article is all about the 'ridiculous-yet-mandated' phase of the Indian guys aged between 26-32, and that's called 'The Arranged Marriage'. I would define arranged marriage as a process that is purely linked to the age, job status, savings and assets of an individual which is forced upon him/her by the parents just for the sake of satisfying the needs of the society in order to live a guilt-free life. Trust me, this is exactly what is happening over the decades and the situation has worsened in the recent times. Increase in inflation and interest rates had a huge influence on the supply and demand. As we all are aware that the price of a commodity is determined by the interaction of supply and demand in a market, the same principle is applied here. You might be wondering what the hell arranged marriage has to do with the economics, but trust me, my friend, arranged marriage has nowadays turned into a 'business deal'. 

Let me walk you through what happened during my first meetup. Not so long ago, I was brainwashed by my parents and they got me agreed to meet a girl, who was a complete stranger to me. Not that I hate girls, I don't really understand the logic behind arranged marriages. Still, I was a little excited as it was my first experience and I wanted to endure it. I, along with my parents and grandparents (I know that sounds weird), was there at the bride's house. After minutes of being in a state of discomfort, I was finally made to talk one-on-one with the girl. The conversation went like this, 

Me: Hello! 
Stranger girl: *smiles and doesn't respond anything*
Me: *before I could speak, she interrupted*
Stranger girl: What's your take-home salary?
Me: *gave a stunned look and answered the question*
Stranger girl: Hmmm, well, what will be the hike in your salary you are expecting from your current organization the forthcoming year?
Me: *i was a little frustrated yet answered the question*
Stranger girl: Are you willing to relocate if everything goes well?

My frustration turned into irritation that reached its level of saturation. I literally felt like I was attending some final level HR interview seeking a job at a CMMI level 5 company (to be honest, that would've been way easier and less frustrating experience). There's a saying that goes like 'first impression is the best impression' and my first impression towards arranged marriage was completely ruined. But, this experience didn't let me down or made me feel terrible, instead, it made me analyze what went wrong with the process that was supposed to be fun and exciting turned into an utterly frustrating event. Upon further analyzing, I found it fascinating that how most of the things in the universe are interconnected with each other - like arranged marriages and job interview process. 

Before getting further into the explanation, here is the categorization of the parties involved in the process of arranged marriage and their link to the job interview process. 

Marriage Bureau Agents - Job Consultants
Bride's Parents - Human Resource Managers
Bride - Project Manager
Bride's Uncle, Elder Brother or Sister - Interview panelists
Bride's Grandparents - On-site or offshore client