Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Cultural Fest (Short Story)

'Hello everybody! As your training days nears the end, we would like to entertain you by organizing a cultural fest. We need each and every one of you to participate. Non-participants names will be written on chits and those selected in the lot will have to perform the act written at the back of their respective chits. Participation is mandatory!'

Mr. Saxena, the trainer, made an announcement to the newly recruited graduates who were undergoing their first batch of training at one of the most popular nationalized banks of the country. All the trainees of the batch were excited about the participation, except Sooraj, who was hesitant to enroll his name for any event. He glanced through the list of events - dance, singing, skit, magic, martial arts - but wasn't interested to enroll in any of those. Two things ran in his mind that stopped him from enrolling himself - stage fear and shyness.  He was neither a good dancer nor a good singer. The other events sounded alien to him. As the participation was mandatory, he made his mind to enroll himself in singing as he felt it quite easier task compared to the rest. 

As Sooraj went ahead to give his name, he was stopped by a couple of his co-trainees, who were also his roommates. 
'Hey Sooraj, we need your help.'
'I'm all ears,' replied Sooraj.
'Me, along with Dinesh, Ramesh and Suresh, have enrolled our names for the dance. We need someone to operate the audio part of the event. Would you be interested to take care of it?'