Monday, 10 November 2014

Bang Bang Bangalore

The City
In the year 1927, Bangalore was named as the “Garden City of India”. By the end of 2014, it can be named as “one of the most polluted city of India”. There is a saying that goes like "first impression is the best impression". This city failed to impress me at the first sight. It left me frustrated and irritated to an unimaginable level. I still remember the day I arrived at Bangalore. The climate was breezy and pleasant. It was indeed soothing, but the effect did not last for long as the pollution spoiled the experience. The roads were nasty and dusty and most of them were narrow. As I traveled towards the eastern part of the city, I was surprised to witness the traffic jams. The traffic was not at all moving. I had to wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes at each signal for the traffic to clear. For a 20 km journey it takes almost 3 hours during peak hours and 1 hour during off hours. It clearly indicated how unplanned the city was. The eastern part of the city is completely engulfed with dust and it is the highly polluted part of the city. 

The People
The city is an amalgamation of people belonging to different cities, cultures, and even belonging to different countries. But in this article, I want to stress on people who belong to this city (Bangaloreans). Not all, but few of the Bangaloreans I have come across were RUDE, especially the BMTC bus conductors. Let me explain you a situation I witnessed while traveling in a BMTC bus. The conductor gets the money from the passenger and do not provide any ticket. When the passenger asks the conductor for the ticket, the conductor asks the driver to stop the bus, looks at the passenger with a face filled with anger and asks him to step out of the bus. If the passenger fails to do so, the conductor forcefully pushes the passenger out of the bus, which is totally insane and rude.