Saturday, 27 September 2014

When I met a stranger

The following piece of work is purely fictional

When I met a stranger

The welcome screen flashed on the monitor and after all the applications were loaded, Juan double clicked the browser. The web browser was launched and Juan entered the name of the website.

It is where Juan spends most of the productive hours hunting for a girlfriend. It has been almost three years and spending almost $100 every year on that website, Juan was still single. With a ninja as the display picture and with a not-so-alluring profile, Juan did not lose hope and was constantly trying to get rid of the 'single' status. Things weren't the same until a girl came into Juan's life. 

Juan's face was delighted with smile as the chat box popped on the screen. It was from a girl named Maya, who was from Philippines. 

Maya: Hey Juan!
Juan: Hi Maya! How are you?
Maya: I'm good, Juan. Can you please describe yourself?
Juan: I'm a guy, 28 years old, 6 feet tall with dashing hazel colored guys and brown colored neatly-cut hair, well toned body, and I'm working on my eight pack abs. 
Maya: Wow! You sound like a fitness freak. Do you workout everyday?
Juan: Yes, I never miss my schedule.

But the fact was the other way around. Juan was obese, with the tummy bulging out of the pants. The hair appeared like it has not got a trim for some years. Talking about eyes, it wasn't hazel colored, instead it was brown colored and wasn't attractive. Juan was freaking obese. 

Juan: It's your turn now.
Maya: I'm a blonde. I am a born American, currently living in Philippines. My skin tone is white and I've a neatly lined teeth. I cut my finger nails short, keeping them clean. And, I've a good smile too. 
Juan: You must be beautiful as you sound. 
Maya: Do you want to see my picture?

Maya shared her picture and Juan went totally crazy after viewing it. The picture appeared on the monitor screen for more than fifteen minutes as Juan kept constantly staring at it. 

Maya: How do I look like?
Juan: You are stunningly beautiful! 
Maya: Thanks! Hey, Juan. I got to go now. Catch you later. 
Juan: Hey wait, when can I find you online?
Maya: Well, maybe tomorrow at the same time. 

Juan kept staring at the picture for another one hour obsessed with her beauty. Maya appeared like a Hollywood star and Juan couldn't take eyes off her. 

Maya did not turn up online the following day and that put Juan in a state of disappointment. After waiting for 5 hours, Juan gave up and went to bed. Two days passed and on the third day, Juan found Maya online. 

Juan: Hey! 
Maya: Hey Juan! I'm sorry I couldn't turn up as I got held up with something else.
Juan: That's alright!
Maya: That's not alright! I would have made you wait for hours. I'm so sorry, Juan!
Juan: Don't be sorry, Maya. I don't mind waiting for you. 
Maya: Hey Juan, can you share a picture of yours?

Maya's computer screen popped up a window. It was the request to download the attachment from Juan. A handsome guy posing with his shirt off was displayed on screen.

Juan: How do I look?
Maya: Sexy!
Juan: Really?
Maya: You've a pair of dazzling eyes. It totally matches your description, Mr. Charming!

Juan began to blush. They chatted for another few days getting to know about each other. Juan began to like Maya, and it appeared like Maya already flipped for Juan. 

Ten days later, Juan dared to ask Maya for a webcam chat. At 10.05 in the night, Juan found Maya online.

Juan: Maya?
Maya: Yes Juan.
Juan: What do you think about me?
Maya: Well, you're kind, friendly, and moreover I feel comfortable chatting with you.
Juan: Can I see you?
Maya: How?
Juan: You might be having a webcam over there, don't you?
Maya: I'm afraid that I don't have one.
Juan: Why don't you buy one for me?
Maya: I will for sure. Next time we can do a video chat. Okay?
Juan: Okay!

The flu made Juan stay away from the website for two days. After recovering, Juan connected to the website and found 11 messages from Maya. Surprisingly, Maya was online at that time and they began conversing with each other.

Juan: Hey! I'm sorry I couldn't log in as I got a flu.
Maya: Oh dear! I was worried not finding you online. Are you okay now?
Juan: Yeah, I guess I've recovered completely. 
Maya: Do you want to see me?
Juan: What? I mean, did you buy a webcam for me?
Maya: Yes darling, only for you.
Juan: Come on, open your cam. I'm excited to see your beautiful face on my screen. 
Maya: Right away darling.

A pop up appeared on screen. It look some time to load. A blurred image appeared on the screen that slowly got transformed into a motion video. In that video there were three guys staring at the camera. 

'Got you, got you man! You've been fooled!' those guys yelled over the video. 

But they didn't foresee the surprise they were about to witness. Juan turned on her camera that left the three guys speechless. Juan was a girl in her mid twenties who appeared fat with her messy hair, bulged cheeks and big brown eyes.

The fact the three guys at the other end didn't know was Juan was actually Rachel Juan and she was a lesbian looking for a girlfriend. Rachel then realized that Maya wasn't a girl of her dreams anymore. She was also sure that the picture of Maya might be a random porn star, like the one she shared with them.

Feeling embarrassed, the guys deleted the profile of Maya from the website. Rachel was upset with the guys' behavior and ignoring that she continued on her quest to find a girlfriend.

Written by Ashwin Kumar


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  4. Hi Ashwin! I guess everyone was fooled in this one. Ha,ha!

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