Saturday, 27 September 2014

When I met a stranger

The following piece of work is purely fictional

When I met a stranger

The welcome screen flashed on the monitor and after all the applications were loaded, Juan double clicked the browser. The web browser was launched and Juan entered the name of the website.

It is where Juan spends most of the productive hours hunting for a girlfriend. It has been almost three years and spending almost $100 every year on that website, Juan was still single. With a ninja as the display picture and with a not-so-alluring profile, Juan did not lose hope and was constantly trying to get rid of the 'single' status. Things weren't the same until a girl came into Juan's life. 

Juan's face was delighted with smile as the chat box popped on the screen. It was from a girl named Maya, who was from Philippines. 

Maya: Hey Juan!
Juan: Hi Maya! How are you?
Maya: I'm good, Juan. Can you please describe yourself?
Juan: I'm a guy, 28 years old, 6 feet tall with dashing hazel colored guys and brown colored neatly-cut hair, well toned body, and I'm working on my eight pack abs. 
Maya: Wow! You sound like a fitness freak. Do you workout everyday?
Juan: Yes, I never miss my schedule.

But the fact was the other way around. Juan was obese, with the tummy bulging out of the pants. The hair appeared like it has not got a trim for some years. Talking about eyes, it wasn't hazel colored, instead it was brown colored and wasn't attractive. Juan was freaking obese.