Sunday, 17 August 2014

Ghosts! Are you sure they really exist?

Have you ever wondered what a Ghost looks like? Have you ever had a chance to witness a Ghost with your naked eye?

No, isn't it? Don't be confused, you cannot see what isn't visible to your eyes, and that's called 'energy'. 

We live in a Universe that has abundance of energy - both positive and negative. 

The positive energy is what we call 'God' and the negative energy is what we call 'Ghost'.

Confused? Well, let me explain something very interesting!

Most of you are aware of the fact that magnetic fields exists everywhere on this planet and also outside the planet. Some of you might be aware of how the coronal mass ejection triggers the formation of something more interesting called ‘Auroras’ – the mass ejection from the sun releases huge quantities of matter and electromagnetic radiations which consists of mainly protons and electrons along with the small quantities of helium, oxygen and iron. On reaching Earth, these particles collide with the magnetic fields circulating the Earth’s orbit and the particles get excited producing spectacular Auroras. 

The above explained fact is what happens outside the Earth. Let’s consider that the magnetic field also exists inside the Earth in the form of some energy. Energy is around us everywhere. We can feel it but cannot see it. Hence the concept of God and Ghosts arise – both of which can be just felt but is invisible to our eyes. 

I will now explain you what exactly is called Ghost, before getting into the God stuff. 

Ghost, a word that has a complicated definition in the dictionary, but in simple words I can say that it is nothing but a negative energy. How many of us know that Moon has a ghostly impact on Humans? Yes, you heard me right. Moon is the major source for ghosts. Maybe that’s the reason we humans always say that ghosts turn up only during the dark. I did make an extensive research on how exactly this works and I’ve got an excellent piece of scientific explanation coming straight from my brain. So buckle up yourselves to your seats and get ready for the ride. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

"The Car" - a short story by Ashwin Kumar

‘Hearty congratulations, Sanjay,’ said the manager, giving Sanjay a pat on the back.
‘Oh! Thank you, sir,’ replied Sanjay with a broad smile on his face. 
‘Here are the legal documents,’ said the manager as he handed the file to Sanjay. ‘You can collect the cash from Nandini before you leave for the day.’ 
‘Your support has eased the process, sir. Thank you very much.’ 
‘That’s no problem, kid. Make sure you invest in the right one.’ 
At the end of the day, Sanjay collected the amount of 10 lakh Indian rupees from Nandini, and then walked towards his car. 

The next day

The loud chants of music interrupted his sleep. It was the soundest sleep that Sanjay had in months. He was quite pissed off about waking up early on a Sunday morning. Getting up from the bed, Sanjay reached for his glasses, unfolded them, and put them on.  He walked through the hall way to reach the entrance to fetch the newspaper. Sanjay did not foresee the surprise that was waiting for him at the entrance of his house. It was more a shock to him than a surprise. His car was missing.