Sunday, 18 May 2014

By air (100 words)

He left to the airport directly from his work as he had to catch a flight to Bangalore from Chennai. While rest of his friends opted to travel by road, he preferred to travel by air. It was his best friend’s marriage the next morning and he was quite excited about it.

By the time he reached the airport, he heard – ‘all flights to Bangalore have been cancelled for the day due to heavy mist’. The announcement shattered his excitement. He wished he knew then what he knew now; at least he would have traveled with his friends by road.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Captured! (100 words)

She realized that she could no longer hide the truth after she saw something that she was not supposed to see.

She moved into the new apartment and found something suspicious with the neighborhood. She peeped into their house when no one was around and found traces of gun powder on the floor. She immediately dialed the Police and informed about the suspicious situation.

The next day
Breaking news: 22 kg of RDX seized from an apartment. The terrorists have been captured by the local Police. Massive bomb blasts that were supposed to happen in the city have been prevented.