Monday, 24 March 2014

Enigma - a tale of mystery

About 'Enigma - a tale of mystery'
About a couple of months ago, I was having a conversation with my blogging friend, Meera, from A Rat's Nibble, and she came up with an idea of a murder mystery but she was at a lack of words to pen it down. I got completely smitten by the concept and I decided to pen it in my style. When I talked about this to Meera, she was quite excited about it and gave a go ahead. I finished the first draft of the story in just 18 hours and shared it with Meera. She was impressed with the first draft and we together began to make some changes to it. The final draft was ready within a week and Meera began to publish the story as a short series in her blog from 20th January, 2014. 

The series comes to an end today, i.e., on March 24, 2014, and I'm sharing the entire story here in my blog. Those who missed reading the series can now enjoy reading it here as a full length story. Do have patience to read it and I assure you that you're gonna have a blast solving this murder mystery. 

Note: The is purely a team work. Both of us equally put our efforts in shaping this story. So, the credits should go to Meera as well for excellently grooming the first draft written by me and also for adding few scenes to make the read interesting.

Click here to get the link to download the free E-book of 'Enigma: A tale of mystery'.

GenreMystery / Thriller


A loud thud from the next door shook Meera up from sleep. She turned on the lights and softly rubbing her eyes, she looked at the timepiece that lay on the bedside table, which displayed the time as 3:07 AM. She sensed something unusual and decided to check with the neighbors just to make sure that everything was normal. She searched for the torchlight and finally found it in her dresser. Carrying it in her hand, she stepped out in the darkness and marched towards her neighbor’s house... unaware of what’s in store for her there...

The howling wind sent chills down her spine. As she stepped out of her house, a lightning hit the road and then the entire place was completely engulfed in darkness. Her heart was thumping loud as she moved towards her neighbor’s house located few meters away from hers. The distant doleful cry of wolf made her shiver even more in fear. She turned on the flash light and walked at a hurried pace. When she reached their entrance, she found that the door was left ajar.

‘Hello, anybody there?’, she raised her voice a bit just to be audible due to the heavy wailing sound of the wind. Not getting any response, she pushed the door slowly and stepped inside. She glanced through the room holding the torch. There she found a lady, in her mid thirties, sitting in the corner of the room staring at the window that lay opposite to her. She touched her shoulders, ‘Is everything okay, Leela?’ That woman looked horrified as Meera could sense it the moment she looked at her pale face under the flash light. With a fixed gaze, Leela lifted her right hand and pointed to the window that lay in front of her.

Meera went closer to the window. Through the glass window, she could hardly see anything as it was pitch black outside. Then a lightning spark produced adequate amount of light for her to take a glimpse of the beautiful garden which only lasted a fraction of second. The next lightning spark made her to witness a red eyed creature standing at the garden staring blankly at her and smiling wide. She stood frozen at the sight of it. She had a weird feeling that someone was out there watching them. Seconds later, she heard a long guttural sound as she witnessed those eyes disappearing in the dark. She turned around and looked at Leela who was still sitting in fear, drenched in sweat. Being scared herself, Meera wondered what made Leela frightened when she couldn't even have noticed that creature behind the window as she was blind. Once again, when she turned back to look at the garden, she saw nothing but the darkness.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Television

Before you read the story...
It has been a while (more than a month) since I posted something in my blog. I apologize for the same as I got carried away with my personal life. 

This story, 'The Television', is loosely based on a real life incident that happened to someone closely related to me. Sit back and enjoy the read, and do not forget to share your valuable comments about the story.

The Television

It was the year 2009 when Vinod joined as an Assistant Engineer in a leading petrochemical company. After a year of joining, Vinod got married to a beautiful girl named Malathi. Even though Vinod’s life was colorful, he always felt some sort of void somewhere at the corner his heart not accomplishing his desire - to purchase a 65 inches LED television. It was difficult for him to run his family with his earnings so he decided to put his desire on hold. With the purchase of a double bedroom apartment, Vinod lost an option of buying his dream television, at least on installment basis.

A year later, Vinod was blessed with a baby girl. Malathi named the girl after her mother, Amrita. Amrita’s birth proved to be lucky for both Vinod and Malathi. Vinod earned a promotion right after the birth of his girl and Malathi won the best cook award from a competition conducted by a state run television channel. Vinod’s promotion gave him a chance to make his dream to turn true - buying the 65 inches LED television.

A year went by and on December 13, 2013, Vinod felt very much happier about the fact that he now became the owner of his dream LED television as the day denotes the end of the monthly installments, which he was paying for the past 12 months. It was a Friday and Vinod purchased a bottle of red wine along with some sweets, and happily headed home to watch his favorite movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ which was supposed to be telecasted in Channel 121 that day.