Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ssh...! Where are your manners?

Last year, I wrote a post Are we really dignified? stating that most of the people living in the society lack basic manners. Yes, it is indeed true and it is still continuing forever. So far I have never seen anyone greet politely at the beginning of the day. They behave like 'why am I alive today?' and that's so irritating. As far as I have seen there are many people who still don't realize how a polite morning greeting could do wonders. 

I would like to pen down an incident witnessed by me almost every time I visit a movie theatre. Last week I happened to watch this movie Dhoom 3 at a decent multiplex located near my residence. There I noticed a guy who sat one row before me totally involved in his whatsapp conversation such that he didn't even realize that the first song is almost over. The display light was irritating my eyes and I was able to tolerate that only for a certain level. After a couple of minutes he put his cell phone back in his packet before I said anything to him. Incidents like these often spoil my movie watching experience. Also there are few people who don't even realize why they come to watch Hollywood movies even if they don't understand anything in it. They come over to theatre and start chatting with each other causing irritation to movie lovers like me who except pin drop silence while watching an English movie. 

I personally feel that it would be better if theatres install cell phone signal jammer inside the auditorium. Even if people do not follow the basic manners like switching off the device or switching the mobile to silent mode, the signal jammer automatically blocks the incoming as well as outgoing calls. 'What if there is an emergency?' If you ask such a question then my answer will be 'if there is emergency why the hell you're at a movie?' You come to watch a movie to get entertained for the complete 3 hours, not to sit inside the theatre and talk over the phone. That's the most disgusting experience I always had - people talking loudly over the cell phone while the movie is being played. 

I know that living in such a diverse society we need to adjust with people. But when people lack the basic manners where am I supposed to go and what am I supposed to do? If I suggest something to someone they would react like 'who the hell do you think you are?' So it is better to play your part to the fullest. But if all the people out there play their part to the fullest, without any flaws, automatically the society will become a disciplined one. Discipline is the one that our society lacks. Discipline includes many factors and the main factor is to follow rules. If one follow their rules correctly, perfection will automatically come into picture.

When people spit on the roads, drive vehicles rashly, behave indecently in public, jump traffic signals, I could clearly see where my country is heading to and what status it has gained internationally. Behave yourself, the world is watching.


  1. Manners are needed in today's society, yet more important is the attitude behind the practice of social etiquette.
    Nice Read and HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

    1. thanks for dropping your comment, and happy 2014 to you too :)

  2. Hari OM
    Oh Ashwin I had exactly this experience earlier this week!!! The blocker in theatres is a great idea...I agree that if folk think there may be an emergency then really they ought not to be out socialising; different for doctors or such going to conferences, but that is not what we are talking here. Visiting a movie is for total relaxation and nothing should interfere with that.

    I agree whole-heartedly that discipline is now so lacking in society (everywhere!) that when there is any attempt to impose it there is such a negative reaction. Very sad. I guess we can only give example of our own self-discipline and when folk ask, "how come you are so happy/balanced/calm..." we can say it clearly then!!

    Wishing you all the very best for 2014. YAM xx

    1. Exactly! It's just that people are so reluctant to hear examples..! If they would have heard it clearly then situations like these wouldn't have occurred.

      Thanks for reading the post :)

  3. manners matter a lot... very good read. Wishes :)