Thursday, 9 January 2014

It's a small world!

The flight was delayed for three hours and those were the most annoying three hours for Bratindra, who was waiting there at the airport to board his flight to Delhi. He sat there restless listening to the crowd. The noise was indeed irritating to his ears as most of his co-passengers were involved in a loud verbal fight with the airport authorities. He was not willing to participate as he felt that it was meaningless to go and fight with them for unknown reasons. He believed that the flight was going to take off sooner or later and hence he decided to wait for it. That time he had an unusual encounter with someone whom he wanted to meet for a long time. He got up from his seat as soon as he saw that person and walked to him. On seeing him, that person dropped his bags on the floor and gave him a warm and tight hug.
‘It’s been a long time and I was longing to meet you,’ Bratindra said. 
It’s a small world, isn’t it?’ the person said. 
‘Yes, indeed it is. How come you’re here?’ 
‘Am I not allowed to be here?’ 
‘Ha ha! No, I mean, where are you heading to?’ 
‘I’m heading to Mumbai.’
‘Well,’ he looked at the time and said, ‘all the flights are delayed. Let’s talk over a cup of tea. What do you say?’
They talked for an hour and then Bratindra’s flight was ready to depart. He gave that person a hug and bid him goodbye. Bratindra then boarded his flight. 

Three days later
It was the first day for Bratindra at Celio info systems, a middle level software firm, and he was waiting at the reception with a file in his hand. Meanwhile a lady walked to the reception and greeted Bratindra.
‘Good morning, Ms. Asha. How are you doing?’ Bratindra greeted back the lady.
‘I’m doing well, Bratindra,’ she shook his hands and said, ‘welcome to Celio info systems.’ 
‘Thanks,’ Bratindra appeared excited as he said this to the lady.
‘Come on in, let me introduce to your team and your manager,’ said Asha who then escorted him into the office. 

Bratindra found the atmosphere to be attractive. The lighting and the arrangement of the cubicles were appealing to him. The office had an excellent infrastructure and he was very much convinced with it. He was then introduced to his team members and they were looked like the most friendly people to be with. He was then taken into the manager’s cabin. There he saw a man in his mid forties who was composing a mail, but his face was not clearly visible. Entering the cabin, Bratindra recognized the man to be none other than the one he met at the airport and the one he was longing to meet for a long time. 
It’s a small world, isn’t it?’ said Bratindra before Asha spoke anything.
Asha stood there stunningly witnessing the scene where the manager got up from his seat and hugged Bratindra. She was confused with what was going on between them and she was surprised that the manager already knew Bratindra personally. 
‘I guess you both know each other and hence there will be no need for any introduction,’ said Asha.
‘Oh! Asha dear,’ said the manager, ‘you’re curious to know how we recognize each other, aren’t you?’ 
‘Of course, I’m curious,’ replied Asha.
The manager looked at Bratindra, who then started to explain, ‘exactly two months ago I met with a major road accident. I was there stranded on the road suffering with pain as well as suffering to get back my life. At that time, a man in his mid forties,’ tear rolled off his cheek as he continued to explain, ‘carried me to the hospital, gave me blood and saved my life. That man is now standing before me and I owe him my life.’ 

Written by Ashwin Kumar


This post is a part of Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt 'It's a small world'


  1. Hari OM
    this one gave me horripilations!! Nicely done. YAM xx

  2. Oh wow! Can I just say this was a wonderful read to start my Friday morning ? :)

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  3. Hi Ashwin, I'm impressed. Good luck with promotion and sales. Kharis Macey

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  4. Wow what a touching tale.. lovely read. :)

  5. Wow that is a very touching and poignant story.

  6. Wow! Another beautifully humane story. That's the best thing about the prompts where one can etch so many beautiful stories on human triumph and life that adds to the delight of the readers:)

    1. I agree with you Vishal. That's the best thing about the prompts. Glad you liked this story :)
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