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Dangerous Domar 5 - a fast paced action packed story

About the 'Domar' series
'Domar' is a Spanish word which means 'to train' or 'to master'. The series started as a satirical series but from the fourth installment I turned it into a semi-serious fast paced action thriller. The series contains highly exaggerated action episodes and it involved lot of hard work to convert my creativity into the words, for example, the burj khalifa action sequence in the first installment took me nearly six hours to put it in words. You can experience the other side of my creativity with this series.

Each and every installment has its specialty and I'm listing it below.

Highlights of Domar series:
Dangerous Domar: The First Installment - The Burj Khalifa 100th floor action sequence; the Grand Canyon helicopter chase sequence.
The Return of Dangerous Domar: The Second Installment - The confrontation scene between CBI chief officer Hari Prakash and ex intelligent agent Domar; the stratosphere space shuttle chase sequence.
Rise of Domar: The Third Installment - Introduction scene of Domar (the tsunami sequence); the adrenaline pumping car chase sequence during the pre climax; interesting never-saw-it-coming twist at the climax.
Dangerous Domar 4: The Fourth Installment - KTX (bullet train) chase sequence; pre climax action episode; climax twist.

I'm mentioning the gist of all the four installments below so that you can directly start reading this instead of going back and reading it from the first installment. But, I assure you that you'll surely consider reading the first four installments once after you complete this.

The Domar series:
Dangerous Domar - A newly recruited intelligence officer 'Agent Domar' sets out on an international mission to retrieve a pen drive from the enemies of the country who stole the nation's confidential information.
The Return of Dangerous Domar -  An arrest warrant has been issued on Domar after the outbreak of some mysterious deaths across the globe. The case has been assigned to the CBI and now, it is the duty of CBI chief officer Hari Prakash to catch hold of Domar and put him behind the bars.
ROD: Rise of Domar - The story is set in the United States of America where Professor Domar along with Officer Hari Prakash and a team of four students has to safeguard the nuclear weapon designed by Domar before the Russian enemy Karolek Romochka takes it away from them. 
Dangerous Domar 4 - The story begins at Jamaica from where Domar and Hari sets out on their journey to Seoul to catch hold of the international terrorist Bong-Cha.

About 'Dangerous Domar 5'
The story begins from where the fourth installment ended. Hari and Domar have just 46 hours to save their country from a terrorist attack. Will they succeed in their mission? Experience some of the most brilliantly exaggerated and never before visualized action episodes.

It took me nearly four months and plenty of sleepless nights to frame the scenes and to put it in words. Have some patience and allot some time to read it as the story is bit lengthy and I assure you that it will be worth your time spent on this read. English is not my first language, so bear with me until I work on my vocabulary. 

Go ahead and experience the thrill of a roller-coaster ride. Do share your genuine comments after reading the story. I believe that the story entertains you to the fullest. Happy reading!

Disclaimer: Everything written in the story is purely fictional and not intended to hurt or target any particular country or an individual or even a pet animal.

Genre: Action / Satire


The voice kept echoing in the ears of Hari Prakash, ‘you have just forty six hours to save your city and the people,’ as he kept staring at his computer. ‘The clock is ticking,’ the voice faded off as he looked keenly into the screen. It appeared like Hari Prakash, after two long hours of struggle, found a clue. 
‘Listen up, guys. This might sound interesting,’ said Hari Prakash who then dragged the table pushing all the files on to the floor. He then spread a World map on the table. Then, he took out a compass and a protractor, along with marker pens, from the desk and placed those on the table. A team of officers gathered around him as Hari began to explain, ‘this might sound a bit weird but the suspect has left an easily traceable pattern.’
‘Excite me,’ a fellow officer said this to Hari Prakash.
‘There was a ticket booked from Seoul to New York in flight number L422 in the name of Bong-Cha but the person did not board that flight. The strangest thing is that, two hours later a person named Choi min ho boarded the flight number L365 bound to New York from Seoul,’ Hari turned on the projector with a remote he was holding in his hand and continued, ‘when I cross verified the identities of the two persons, it was confirmed that Choi min ho was the guy who was chased by me and Domar back at Seoul. It was Bong-Cha in disguise of Choi min ho who boarded the flight L365 to New York.’
‘So, what’s the big deal in it?’ another officer asked Hari Prakash.
‘Look here,’ Hari said pointing the laser beam on to the screen, ‘this is the arrival lounge at JFK international airport. What you see here is three guys meeting each other, having conversation for a while and then suddenly they disappear. This seems suspicious, isn’t it? When I cross checked the identities of these three persons, I found that out of those three one is Bong-Cha in disguise of Choi min ho and the other guy is Afanasy Grebenshchikov, hailing from Russia; and I was not able to trace who the third guy is because his face wasn’t clearly visible, but I could see that he boarded his flight from Vienna.’
‘How could you know that for sure?’ asked another subordinate officer to Hari Prakash.
Hari Prakash zoomed in a bit and said pointing to the screen, ‘did you notice something in his hand? It’s called a boarding pass. I could see nothing but the flight number on it and one could possibly identify what flight he traveled with that particular number. Am I right?’
‘You’re a genius,’ said a fellow officer to Hari Prakash.
‘Not only that,’ Hari turned off the projector and continued, ‘they left a pattern.’ Hari took the protractor in his hand and placed it right on the top of Seoul in the World map. He held a marker pen in his hand and said, ‘let us assume that it is Seoul from where everything began. So, let’s say this is the starting point,’ he made a cross mark at Seoul and continued, ‘our next location is Moscow, which is exactly,’ Hari marked the angle with the help of a protractor, ’16 degrees west of Seoul.’ He then marked a cross at Moscow and drew a line connecting Seoul and Moscow.’ Hari now placed the protractor on Moscow in an inverted D shape manner and said, ‘our next location is Vienna, which is,’ he made a cross mark at Vienna and measured the angle, ’59 degrees west of Moscow.’ Hari then placed the protractor on Vienna in the same inverted D shape and said, ‘now we have our final destination, which is New York, and it is,’ he made a cross mark at New York and measured the angle, ’84 degree west of Vienna.’ 
‘So, what do you get from it?’ asked a fellow officer.
‘Everything points to the west. We have been warned about an attack,’ said Hari Prakash. 
‘What do you mean by an attack? You mean they aren’t kidding?’ 
‘No, if my guess is true their first target will be Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant located at Florida.’
‘But, how could you be so sure?’ 
‘It’s just a hunch. Look at the numbers 16, 59, 84; these belong to a series. My guess is he did not choose places of departure in random,’ Hari then took a piece of paper and put down the numbers in it, ‘listen, this might sound interesting. The first number is 16. He took the ending digit 6 and subtracted one from it, which gives 5. The next number in the series begins with 5. In the same way he added 3 to the ending digit 6, which is half its value; hence we get the second number 59. In the same way he took the ending digit from the second number of the series and subtracted one from it. Then he took the second digit of the second number of the series and added 5, the next odd number, to it. He eliminated the extra number by taking only the last digit, that is adding 5 to 9 gives 14 but he considered only the last digit 4; hence we get the third number 84.’ Hari looked at a federal agent who was standing right opposite to him and said, ‘it’s not just that. He did everything on purpose. If we go on with the series the next number would be 31,’ he placed the protractor in an inverted D shape on New York and marked 31 degrees west, ‘and it points to Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant, which should probably be their first target.’ 
The entire room burst out with cheers and applause. A couple of federal agents present in the room hugged Hari Prakash and they were indeed amazed by his brilliance. 
‘Hold on,’ said Hari Prakash looking at the protractor that was placed on the map, ‘did you guys notice something in common? Except for the first location, he used the protractor in an inverted D shape to mark the other locations.’
‘What does that denote?’ asked a federal agent. 
‘D for Domar; and the one who planned this left a pattern on purpose. He wanted us to trace his plan. He wanted us to go chasing behind the plan so that he could execute his alternate plan without any distractions,’ said Hari Prakash.
‘What do you mean by alternate plan?’ 
‘It’s a diversion.’
‘Yes, it’s a diversion and he cleverly planned it to divert Domar because,’ Hari paused for a moment and continued, ‘he knew very well that Domar would kill him once he gets into his sight.’

Silence engulfed the room and Hari Prakash stood there without uttering a word. To break the silence, a federal agent walked to him and said, ‘is there any way we could trace the suspect?’ 
‘Till now we are not able to see any initiation taken by them. I’m sure that we will receive one very soon. That’s when they begin to distract us. I have a plan,’ said Hari Prakash. 
A fellow subordinate officer rushed to Hari Prakash and informed, ‘Sir, we got a possible hijack of flight number A120 bound to Atlanta.’
Hari asked looking at the federal agent, ‘how do you like the beginning?’ and walked to the podium to make an announcement. ‘Gentleman, we got a problem. There’s a possible hijack of flight number A120 bound to Atlanta. I’m sure that the hijacker is Afanasy Grebenshchikov, the Russian, and I’m sure that he is gonna crash the flight at Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant. We need to stop it.’ 
Hari, after getting off the podium, said to his sub ordinate officer as he walked to the door, ‘listen, I need you to assemble a team and they should assist me in tracing out the criminal.’ Hari, after he reached the door, asked another officer, ‘where is Domar?’ 

Blue Stahli – Anti You song playing in Apple iPod nano 7th generation 16 GB MP3 Player… 
Nodding his head to left and right, Domar was interestingly listening to his favorite song in his mp3 player. As the song came to an end he found his cell phone that lay on the table to be ringing. With his tightened fist, he punched hard on the table that in turn lifted up the cell phone into the air. He then caught the cell phone in his hand before it landed back on the table, pressed the green button, took it close to his ears, and said, ‘did you find anything?’ 
‘We need you,’ said Hari Prakash from the other end of the phone after explaining everything to Domar. 
Getting up from the chair, Domar saw his reflection in the mirror. He saw his eyes that appeared exceptionally ferocious, just like how the eyes of a lion would appear when it hunts a deer. He realized that Hari Prakash was still on line waiting to hear his reply. Domar said over the phone, ‘I’ll stop him.’

Domar sat down before his computer and put on the Bluetooth headset to his right ear. The welcome screen flashed on the computer and entering the password, a command prompt was flashed where Domar entered an IP address. Hitting enter opened another window that displayed the air traffic of United States of America. Hari, who was at the control room, was getting frequent phone calls from air traffic control stating that their system has been hacked by some anonymous personnel. With a smile on the face, Hari replied to the phone calls - ‘everything is under control. The system will be up soon. Till then you guys take a break.’ Domar now hacked the air traffic control main server and took control of all the flights flying across the United States. He tracked the hijacked flight, flight A120 bound to Atlanta, and found that to be in radar limits. His plan was to hack into the cockpit control of flight A120 through wireless remote operation system and operate the flight from the ground. It was possible because only few flights flying across United States were installed with wireless remote operation system and A120 was one among them. Domar then connected the x-box joystick to his computer. After successfully hacking into the cockpit control, Domar held the joystick in his hand and he was all set to operate the flight remotely from the ground. He then spoke over the Bluetooth, ‘Hari, I need you to get moving, faster and faster.’ 

Hari rushed to his car, along with his team, and drove it towards Atlanta. He knew that it would be practically impossible for him to get to Atlanta as the time was running out. But he was sure about one thing, Domar won’t let him travel that far. He felt that Domar would have a reason for everything he does and Hari trusted him. Three cars left the control room towards Atlanta. 
Hari then spoke over the Bluetooth, ‘what’s your plan?’ 
‘Let the game begin,’ said Domar as he pressed a button on his joystick. 

The pilots at the cockpit saw their monitors getting turned off and thinking that there could be a malfunction of the system, they were trying to rectify it by switching on the buttons. Domar, who even hacked the digital cameras fitted at the cockpit, noticed the pilots trying to rectify the glitch. He then uttered the words, ‘could you stay calm you son of a bitch? It’s Domar and I’m going to rescue the hell out of you.’ One of the pilots heard the words uttered by Domar and signaled his co-pilot to stay calm.
‘何が起きているの?’ asked the co-pilot in Japanese language.
[‘What’s happening?’]
[‘It is Domar and he is going to rescue us’] 
The pilots spoke in Japanese language in order to avoid the leakage of plan to the two terrorists who were at the cockpit pointing the barrels of AK 47 towards the pilots. 

Domar, using the arrow keys in the joystick, began to operate the flight A120. He knew that the life of the passengers as well as the pilots will be under threat once the terrorists came to know about the plan and hence Domar cleverly decided to create a flight crash situation. He pressed the left arrow key harder that made the flight get tilted in the mid air. There were screams all over the economy as well as the business classes. All the passengers inside the aircraft were afraid that they were going to die. The tilt of the flight pushed the terrorists away from each other and their weapons were thrown away from them. All the five terrorists – two at the cockpit, two at the economy class and one at the business class – were holding on tight to whatever they found as the flight went totally out of control in the mid air. The pilots were strapped tightly to their seats such that they remained seated no matter how the flight tilted. Domar now turned the flight in the direction of New York and moved the flight in the same direction with the help of the wireless remote operation system. He located the co ordinates of the flight and traced the location to be Harrisburg. While searching for a nearby runway, Domar located one near the outskirts of Jersey City. He asked Hari to move to the runway and wait there along with his team. Hari obliged Domar and drove his car towards the runway. 

The flight moved uncontrollably faster in the air and it took less than two minutes for Domar to reach Jersey City. He was able to see the thin line of runway through his computer screen. He pressed another button on the joystick that turned off the ignition system of the aircraft. Then he moved the motion controls of the joystick that made the aircraft descend faster with its nose pointing towards the ground. All the passengers in the aircraft held each other tightly and were singing prayer songs. The pilots held their grip tight to their seats. As the aircraft was just few meters away from hitting the ground, Domar moved the motion controls in such a way that the aircraft flipped in the air and returned to its normal position, and then made a bumpy land on the runway.  Hari and his team got out of their car and ran towards the aircraft, each of them holding guns in their hands. Once the aircraft was halted, the doors burst open and three terrorists walked out of it. Hari, as he ran, aimed his gun at one of those terrorists and shot him on his chest. The rounds of gun shots were fired from the team members’ guns and all the three terrorists were down in seconds. Hari jumped into the aircraft and entered the cockpit. He noticed that one of the terrorist went unconscious while the other guy, Afanasy Grebenshchikov, stood there after throwing up on the co-pilot’s head.
‘I got him,’ Hari said to Domar over the Bluetooth as he pointed the gun at the terrorist.
‘Game over!’ Domar said as he put down the joystick and popped his knuckles.

After arresting Afanasy Grebenshchikov, Hari Prakash tried his level best to get the information about the third person with whom he met at the airport, but Afanasy Grebenshchikov refrained from talking. This made the situation complex as the time was running out and they did not have more than a day left with them. Hari Prakash silently walked out of the room. Outside the room was Domar who was waiting for Hari Prakash. 
‘What’s wrong?’ asked Domar looking at Hari’s reddened eyes. 
‘Sleep deprivation,’ answered Hari. 
‘You look awkward with those eyes,’ Domar chuckled and said, ‘did you get any information?’
‘Not a word,’ replied Hari.
‘I guess he’s waiting for a special treatment.’ 

Domar walked into the interrogation room. He saw Afanasy Grebenshchikov sitting on the chair with his hands cuffed. He pulled a chair that lay at the corner of the room and placed it in front of the Russian terrorist. He sat down on the chair and looked at him. He saw stubbornness in the eyes of the terrorist. 
‘Do you know something about firecrackers?’ Domar continued to speak as he found no reply from the terrorist, ‘we normally use it for celebrations. But you must be lucky enough to witness it because today there is no celebration.’ 
Domar knew that the terrorist couldn’t understand what exactly he is trying to convey, so he took out a firecracker, a green shelled tiny bomb, from his pocket and placed beside the file that lay on the table. He then said, ‘this is what we call atom bomb in my country. This green shelled atom bomb is specially made from very high quality raw material manufactured at a place named Sivakasi. This tiny shell is packed with gunpowder and do you see this thread?’ Domar asked pointing to the long thread attached to the shell, ‘I’m going to set fire to the end of this thread which is gonna slowly travel towards the shell and boom. The sound will be loud such that you’ll find difficulties in your ears for a while.’ Domar got up from his chair and walked to the terrorist. He took off the terrorist’s pants and his innerwear. He tied the shell to the male organ of the terrorist. He then set fire on to the thread. Domar said looking at the terrorist’s fear filled face, ‘It’s gonna take ten seconds for the fire to travel to the shell. Talk or lose your balls. Make your choice, quick!’
Afanasy Grebenshchikov was shaking as he saw the fire traveling quickly towards the shell. Imagining the outcome of the tiny blast that takes away his manhood, he said, ‘please, please turn it off.’
‘Five seconds, come on, you still haven’t made your choice,’ said Domar.
‘Please, please, I’ll talk. I’ll talk, I swear,’ said Afanasy Grebenshchikov. 
Domar took the glass that lay on the table and splashed the water on the fire. The fire was set off and the terrorist was completely left in a state of shock. Hari, who was witnessing the entire scene from outside, was totally left in awe with Domar’s unique way of third degree treatment. He was stunned by how Domar psychologically manipulated the terrorist’s brain to make him talk just by using a dummy atom bomb. 

Domar walked out of the interrogation room after getting adequate information from the Russian terrorist. He met Hari outside the office and they headed to a nearby coffee shop. 
‘Two espressos,’ Domar ordered the coffee to the waiter at the coffee shop. He turned to Hari Prakash and said, ‘Marko Pasternak, that’s the name of the third guy we are looking for.’ 
‘Did he mention anything about his whereabouts?’ asked Hari.
‘No, it seems like he doesn’t know anything about his whereabouts and his plans. He was just assigned to crash the plane at Crystal River Nuclear power plant.’ 
The coffees arrived at the table and both of them took a few sips of it. Domar then asked Hari, ‘I’m going to take a nap after this coffee. You take care of the situation.’ Domar, after having his coffee, got up from his seat and before he began to walk, he said to Hari, ‘remember to handle with care.’ 
‘I will,’ said Hari who then asked the waiter to get the bill. 

‘Sir, here it is,’ a subordinate officer handed over a paper to Hari Prakash. 
Hari then looked into the paper that had the details of the main suspect Marko Pasternak. He then asked his subordinate officer, ‘where’s my team?’ 
‘On the way, sir,’ he replied.
The room was engulfed with silence for a couple of minutes. Then a loud voice of an officer was heard, ‘sir, we got a clue.’ Hari Prakash rushed to his cubicle and he continued to explain, ‘we have information about someone who just boarded flight to Washington DC in the name of Marko Pasternak.’ 
‘When did the flight depart?’ asked Hari Prakash.
‘Ten minutes ago, sir.’
‘It takes approximately another 30 minutes for the aircraft to reach the destination.’ Hari then turned to his team members and said, ‘guys, the game has just begun. From now anything can happen. Whatever happens we must work together as a team. Understand?’ 
The team members nodded their heads and Hari Prakash walked to the podium. He announced, ‘the aircraft will land at Washington DC exactly in 30 minutes. We have 30 minutes to take control of all the CCTV cameras in and around Washington DC starting from the airport lounge. We need to monitor each and every move of Marko Pasternak.’ Hari then said pointing to a federal agent who stood to his right, ‘please assemble your team at Washington DC and explain them the situation.’ The federal agent obliged to his orders and left the place while Hari continued his announcement, ‘are you ready for this game?’ 
‘Yes sir,’ all the officers assembled there said in chorus. 

Back at home, Domar woke up from his power nap and he sensed something unusual as he walked to the bathroom. He looked at the computer screen and found a warning message. It read ‘malicious glitch in the network’. He immediately opened the magical command prompt and entered some commands. He then hacked into the main network of the United States and found some malicious activity going on but he was exactly not able to trace what it was. 

30 minutes later, Hari and his team of officers got the information that the flight landed at Washington DC. Everyone assembled at their seats and they had the live CCTV footage on their screens. 
‘How can we trace that guy?’ asked a subordinate officer to Hari Prakash.
‘We have his photo retrieved from the airport’s departure list. We will run a check with the help of facial recognition software. Let’s wait until he walks into the baggage area,’ said Hari Prakash.
Once the passengers started to enter the baggage area, the software scanned for identical faces and it threw a success message on screen after identifying the possible person. Hari and his team monitored the movements of the person. They saw him exiting the airport, getting into a cab, and using the cab’s registration number they hacked into the GPS of the vehicle and got to know the locations in which the cab traveled. After the cab reached its destination, the team hacked the particular CCTV cameras around the area with the help of the destination coordinates. They saw the person exiting the cab and walking into a hotel. The team then hacked into the CCTV cameras inside that particular hotel and followed the movements of the person. He walked to the reception, got his keys and then walked into the elevator. The team hacked the camera in the elevator and noted that the elevator was traveling towards the fourth floor. They got into the cameras fitted at the fourth floor and noticed the man entering room number 402.

At the New York nuclear power plant, people were finding it hard to rectify the glitch in the malfunction of the machines. The highly skilled engineers at the power plant were working hard to shut down the reactors but they couldn’t do so. The authorities were worried about the situation which could possibly lead to an explosion. The explosion would prove to be the worst disaster for the entire New York City. 
‘What’s going on? Did you come up with anything?’ asked an engineer working at the power plant to the fellow engineer.
‘Sir, I’m trying to shut down the reactors but I am not able to access the PLC,’ said the engineer. 
‘What if this goes out of control?’ asked another authority.
The tensed engineer replied, ‘in that case it would be another Chernobyl.’

Hari and his team were closely monitoring the exits of room number 402. There were no cameras fitted inside the room for reasons of privacy. The team of police officers assembled outside the hotel and the surroundings were tightened. There was no way that the person could escape from there. But Hari sensed something fishy going on at that moment. He then looked at the old pattern, i.e., the attack plan of the Crystal River Nuclear power plant. 

Domar, after struggling for minutes, found that the network of the New York nuclear power plant was hacked and some malicious activity was going on over there. He infiltrated into the network and as he ran a check he found that he was not able to access any of the underlying network elements. He then began to trace the IP address from which the hack was initiated. 

Hari looked at the pattern. It was in the shape of ‘M’. He then looked at the person’s name. It was Marko Pasternak, which begins with ‘M’. He was sure that this was the strategy of the terrorist, a diversion. Something struck him all of a sudden. He walked to his computer and reviewed the footage at the New York airport where the three terrorists met each other. With the help of facial and body recognition software, Hari ran some checks with the identities of Marko Pasternak and the third man at the airport whose face was not visible. Surprisingly the results were negative. The third man, the main terrorist, at the airport did not match with Marko Pasternak. Then something else flashed on the screen. There was a fourth man at the airport who was staring at these three men at the arrival lounge. The fourth man exactly matched with the identity of Marko Pasternak. This particular search proved that the situation happening at Washington DC was a pre planned diversion and the terrorist is somewhere out here at New York planning something big. At that time, Hari got a call in his cell phone. It was from Domar.
‘Domar, I was about to call you…’
Domar interrupted him, ‘call New York nuclear power plant and inquire about the situation. I want you to do it immediately. I’ll stay on line.’
Hari put the call on hold and made a call to the New York nuclear power plant. The authorities informed Hari about the ongoing malfunction of the reactors. Hari immediately got back to Domar and said, ‘the reactors have been malfunctioning. They said it could lead to an explosion.’
‘Somebody hacked into the network and took control of the reactors. I’m now going to infiltrate into the hacked person’s computer and crash his system. It will take ten minutes for me to do so. Meanwhile run a check on this IP address.’ 
Hari noted down the IP address and asked his subordinates to track the physical location of it. He then said over the phone, ‘and, Marko Pasternak is a diversion.’
‘I knew it,’ said Domar, ‘trace the address and take your team there. He’s the guy we’re looking for.’ 
The team members successfully traced the location of the IP address and the physical address was identified as Lower Manhattan. Hari, along with a team of armed police men, immediately fled to the location. 

Inside a small wooden house located at the corner of a street in Lower Manhattan, a blue eyed guy in his early twenties with neatly combed hair and rugged look on his face was constantly staring at his computer screen. After taking control over the nuclear reactors, he decided to explode it and hence he manipulated the commands by taking control of the PLCs of the reactor setting the explosion time as 60 seconds. Thirty seconds went by and suddenly he noticed a glitch in his network. He was unable to type anything as the entire system froze. He sat there confused and that’s when he found a pop up window on his screen that read ‘click me’. Clicking on that window flashed in a video and it was Domar in the video who spoke, ‘have you ever seen a lion walking on the roads? In that case it would be only the lion that walks while the others will be running around for their lives.’ The guy was totally left in awe after getting to know how clever Domar was to confront him despite all the diversions. He then heard Domar speaking in the video, ‘now you’re going to experience the same. Run for your life!’ The video ended and the system crashed. The doors broke open and it was Hari Prakash, along with his team, who entered the room holding a gun in his hand. On seeing the terrorist, Hari said, ‘freeze! This is FBI.’  The terrorist ran to the window and jumped off it. Hari quickly moved to the window and saw the guy running towards north. He then jumped off the window and ran after the guy. The team of police officers split in each direction and followed the terrorist. Hari, as he ran, spotted the guy and from a distance he tried to shoot him but the bullets did not hit him as there was no clear shot. Without wasting his bullets, he ran faster. He then saw the terrorist grabbing a bike from a person and riding off from the location. 

Meanwhile, the authorities at the nuclear power plant successfully shut down the nuclear reactors after regaining the control over the PLCs of the reactors.

Hari, on noticing the guy driving off, looked around for a bike. He saw a brand new Ducati 1099cc L-twin sport bike parked next to him and also noticed that the guy who parked the bike hasn’t left the place. He grabbed the keys from him and drove the Ducati chasing the terrorist. Entering into the Madison Avenue, the terrorist noticed that Hari Prakash is after him. He doubled his speed and drove towards Upper Manhattan. Hari Prakash doubled his speed and he was now driving four times the speed of the terrorist’s bike. As he neared the terrorist’s bike, Hari applied the brakes. He made an energetic dive and grabbed the neck of the terrorist. The terrorist lost his control and the bike skid on the road. Both of them rolled on the roads. Hari quickly grabbed his gun and pointed at the guy as he got up. The guy hit him and Hari dropped the gun on the road. He then saw the guy running away from him. Hari then noticed a truck passing him. He ran towards the truck and made an energetic jump and got hold of the rod attached to the side of the truck. The truck was heading in the direction in which the terrorist was running. As the truck neared the guy, Hari caught hold of his shirt, lifted him in air and threw him aside on the road. Hari then jumped off the truck and slid on the road. He took out a spare gun he had with him and shot continuously at the guy. The shots were missed as the guy was moving away from the bullets. Hari ran out of bullets. He threw the gun aside and walked to the guy. He lifted the guy and gave a heavy blow on his face. The guy rolled on the road. Hari noticed the blood oozing out of the guy’s nose. He lifted him and said, ‘I had a dream yesterday and in that dream,’ he pushed the guy aside and said, ‘I was kicking the hell out of you.’ Saying this, Hari punched him thrice on his face and then kicked him harder throwing him away a few feet. He was then searching for a rod or a strong object to break the guy’s head. At that time he saw the guy running towards him. The guy got hold of Hari’s abdomen tightly and pushed him away. Hari swung across the road and his body hit a truck that was passing by. He then fell down with his face hitting hard on the road. He was unable to get up as he was severely injured. He couldn’t let the terrorist escape this time. Not knowing what to do, Hari tried his level best to get up but he kept losing his balance. He saw the terrorist laughing at him with a bleeding nose. At that time, a bike vroomed into the location. It was Domar who grabbed the terrorist in his arm and drove off faster from the location. After driving a few meters, Domar threw him away. The terrorist hit the pole and landed unconscious on the road.

The terrorist felt some sort of chillness getting into his veins. He shivered like hell. He was stunned at what he saw after he opened his eyes. Everything around him appeared to be frozen. He wasn’t able to move both his hands and legs. He then saw Domar who wore a thick leather jacking standing few feet away from him. Noticing that the terrorist has gained his consciousness, Domar walked to him. The terrorist lay on the ground with his hands and legs tied tightly with ropes. Domar knelt down and asked, ‘you’re wondering where you are? Aren’t you?’ Domar noticed the terrorist nodding his head. Domar said, ‘this place is called Little Diomede. You are just less than two miles away from the International Date Line. A very interesting place to be, isn’t it? But your time is so bad such that you’re going to die before you crawl and get to the International Date Line.’ A chopper flew towards the island. Before the chopper landed, Domar looked at the terrorist and said, ‘Russia is just few miles away from the Date Line. But I’m not going to give you a choice to enter your country. The weatherman predicted that the snowfall will be heavy tonight. With your hands and legs tied you’ll find it very difficult to survive the night.’ Domar looked at his watch and said, ‘probably tomorrow by this time the army will be retrieving your body.’ Domar said looking into the eyes of the terrorist, ‘your death should induce a fear among your group. They should realize that if they mess with Domar and his country, they will end up in Little Diomede just like you.’ Domar said pointing towards the direction of Alaska, ‘that is my country back there and no one can harm my people. You terrorists should think twice before you plan to destroy it because it is Domar who lives there. Understand?’ The terrorist nodded as the tears flowed out of his eyes. Domar walked to the chopper. Before getting into the chopper, Domar turned back and looked at the terrorist. He smiled at him and said wearing his coolers, ‘remember, my name is Domar.’ 

The chopper left the Little Diomede Island and flew all the way to New York. Getting off the chopper, Domar straightaway went to the hospital where Hari was admitted. Hari was operated as he broke few of his bones. After the operation went successful he was put out of danger. Fifteen days later, Hari was discharged from the hospital. After a month, both Hari and Domar received Nobel Prize from the President of the United States of America.

Written by Ashwin Kumar

Part 6


  1. It was like watching a fast paced action thriller. Narration was awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed :)

  2. fast and furious, I must say. Domar rocks again.. and this time Hari made use of his onscreen presence so well.. ;-)
    a thrilling ride on the whole. :)

  3. Wow! You're the next M. Night Shyamalan! You really should write screenplays my friend. Very exciting!

    1. Wow! I'm totally elated as well as excited after hearing this from you. I will start writing screenplays soon :)
      Thanks for your patience and I'm very glad that you liked this :)