Monday, 13 January 2014

A short story without a title

‘Hey, you want anything else?’ she asked offering me a glass of water. 
‘No, no, this is fine,’ I said and I sipped some water. 
‘How did you find me?’ she asked.
I replied her with a smile, ‘it’s not a big deal to find you.’ 
Meanwhile her granny walked into the room. It looked like she just got up from her sleep as she walked like a zombie. Wearing her spectacles, the granny asked her, ‘who is this guy?’ 
She walked to her granny, whispered something in her ears and then all I could see was granny getting back quietly into her room. 
‘What did you say?’ I asked her after she came back and sat before me.
‘I said that you’re an adventurer who traveled miles to meet his long lost girlfriend.’ She then put her arms around my neck and asked, ‘would you like to go out with me?’
‘That would be wonderful,’ I replied.
She got up and said as she walked towards her room, ‘give me five minutes.’ 

Five minutes later
We were getting down the stairs holding each other’s hands. Once we reached the parking lot, I realized that I forgot the car keys back at the house.
‘Oh shit!’ 
‘What happened?’ 
‘I left the keys, my mobile and my wallet at your house.’ 
‘No worries, I’ll get it.’
‘No, give me the keys. I’ll get it.’ 
Getting the keys from her, I walked to her house located at the second floor of the apartment. I rushed into the house and I found the keys, mobile and wallet lying on the table. I collected all those and as I rushed downstairs I heard a thud. I ran to the parking lot and saw her lying dead on the floor. She had a bullet wound at the center of her forehead. My heart was thumping aloud and not knowing how to react to that situation, I simply stood there staring at her dead body. Then a car came out of nowhere. Luckily I jumped off the way once after I heard the screeching sound of the wheels, and the car passed by without hitting me. There was a man inside the car who looked out of the window and smiled at me as the car left the place. With that smile, I was able to guess that it must have been that guy who shot her. I, at once, got into my car and went chasing him. 

I drove the car for a certain distance and lost his track. I halted at a junction and was confused about the direction he took and the direction I was supposed to go. With the engine turned on, I was hesitant to put my leg on the accelerator and at that time I experienced another bizarre situation. A man from the SUV that was approaching from my right began to shoot at me. I stepped on the accelerator and turned the car to my left. I rushed towards the end of the road escaping his bullets. As I reached the dead end, I turned the car to the left and continued to move forward. I was able to spot a drawbridge at the end of the road. As I was nearing the bridge, it opened up all of a sudden leaving me no choice but to turn back and ride in the direction in which the man was chasing me. I halted my car at the end of the road and saw the man driving his SUV faster towards me. I looked to my left and noticed that the road was under construction and the right side appeared to be a dead end. I took a left turn and got into the bumpy road and drove my car to the next drawbridge which would be opened in the next five minutes. It took me three minutes to reach the end of the road. The gun shots ceased and I thought that the guy who was chasing me must be running short of bullets. Entering the drawbridge I witnessed another situation. The end of the drawbridge was closed using barricades. But there was a small opening to the left corner of the bridge and I doubted whether the car would fit in the gap. I had no other option than to take the risk and hence I drove my car into the gap. Luckily the car fitted into the gap and got into the road that was completely devoid of traffic. I slowed down my car and looked back at the guy who was chasing me and found his SUV got stuck in the bridge. The poor guy was trying hard to move the barricades but he wasn’t able to do so. 

As I continued to drive my car, I saw a man from nowhere jumping on to the top of the car. He was holding a knife in his hand. Sudden brakes applied by me made him to roll on the road. I decided not to run further so I got out of the car to confront him. He ran towards me with the knife in his hand and as he approached me, I caught the hand in which he held the knife and twisted it. He threw the knife on the ground and I kicked it away from us. I further twisted his hand and he cried aloud out of severe pain. Suddenly, the SUV that was coming from the other side hit the man and he was thrown twenty feet away from me. I was able to hear the sound of his head hitting hard on the ground – ‘thud!’ 

Drenched in sweat, I woke up from my sleep and found myself out of danger. 

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. Damn!! how many twists, huh? I was trying to figure out whats going on and then happened that thud.. cool n gripping narration.. Loved this.. :) :)

  2. Ohh whoa! I thought something supernatural would happen in the end .. it gripped me till the end... good one :)

    1. haha.. seems like i placed the twist at the right place :D

  3. That's thrilling, racy and heart pounding. Very well etched, with the twists make it crisp to the hilt. I visualized the whole scene.

  4. Hi Ashwan, what an imagination. This is the tell tale sign of a great writer. I'm glad the whole thing was a dream. Good luck. Kharisa Macey