Friday, 27 December 2013

The Tiffin Box

Sheetal and Swaroop were interestingly playing x-box ignoring the constantly ringing door bell. 
'Oh shit! The doorbell,' said Swaroop as he paused the video game.
'You go,' said Sheetal as she held on tight to her joystick. 
'No sis, you go,' said Swaroop who then resumed the paused game. 
Raina rushed to the hallway from the kitchen and found Sheetal and Swaroop playing video games ignoring the door bell. Raina irritatingly yelled at her kids but they were way too involved in the game such that they ignored her words. She then rushed to the front door to see who it was. 

It was Christmas day and Rosie, Raina's neighbor, was waiting outside the door holding a tiffin box.
'Good morning, Raina. Merry Christmas!' greeted Rosie as Raina opened the door. 
'Hello Rosie aunty. Merry Christmas!' Raina, on seeing the tiffin box in her hand, asked, 'what's in that?' 
'It's something special I made it for you dear,' Rosie said as she handed over the tiffin box to Raina.
'Thank you, Rosie aunty. Would you like to have some tea?' asked Raina.
'No dear, I need to rush. I have guests arriving this afternoon,' she paused for a moment and continued, 'why don't you guys come over for lunch? It will be fun.' 
'Sorry aunty, we are planning for a movie. Next time we'll make it for sure,' said Raina. 
'That's okay dear. Merry Christmas!' said Rosie as she walked away from the place.
'Same to you,' said Raina. 

Raina opened the tiffin box. It had five pieces of delicious cake. The cake had an exceptional aroma that triggered the taste buds of the kids. Sheetal, on seeing the tiffin box, yelled out, 'cakeeee!!!!' Swaroop rushed to his mom throwing his joystick aside and Sheetal followed him. 
'Mamma, I want the bigger piece,' said Sheetal as she peeked into the tiffin box. 
'I want two pieces,' said Swaroop as he took two pieces from the tiffin box.
'You guys better have it before grandfather wakes up. I don't want you guys to share sweets with him,' said Raina. 
Swaroop took a bite of the cake and it proved to be a treat for his taste buds. It was way too delicious and he said to his mom as he took another bite, 'yummy!! This is the best cake I ever had.' 

Rosie rushed back to her home and found her husband sitting at the dining table. He appeared a bit irritated. 
'What's the matter?' asked Rosie.
'Where's the costly cake I bought for the kids?'
'Here it is,' Rosie said as she opened the tiffin box that lay on the dining table. To her surprise the tiffin box had the snacks she prepared for Raina's family. The tiffin box she held in her hand was somewhat identical to the one that lay on the table. 
'The cake was specially baked for Christmas and it is costly. We'll never get it again, at least not till next Christmas. I haven't even tasted a sample of it,' said the angry husband. 
'Sorry, I was confused,' Rosie said as she walked to the door, 'let me go and check with Raina.'

Raina's door was left open and Rosie witnessed the kids licking the left outs of the cake from the tiffin box. She stood there helpless not knowing what to do and how to react. Raina, on noticing Rosie, walked to her with the empty tiffin box and said, 'Rosie aunty, this is delicious.' She handed over the tiffin box to Rosie and said, 'I was just wondering how you baked it.' 

Written by Ashwin Kumar


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  1. lol poor Rosie.. :P nice usage of the words, btw. Incredible cake again.. ;)

  2. Lol.... a funny read... liked it and now following you on google!! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by and sparing time for my blog. Keep blogging my friend :-) cheers

  4. A surprising ending! Loved the sentiments behind the story!

  5. Hahahaha Nicey :)
    Thanks fr your comment Ashwin on my blog post. Appreciate.

  6. Poor Rosie! Good one Ashwin. Congrats on your win!