Friday, 6 December 2013

The Parcel

I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it. Indeed I was, because I moved into this place a couple of days ago and no one other than me knew my whereabouts. Staring at the parcel, I kept wondering who would have sent this, and at that time I found my cell phone ringing. It was from an anonymous number. At first, I hesitated to attend the call but as it kept ringing I decided to pick it up. 
'Hello,' my voice sounded a little low. Clearing my throat, I said, 'hello?' 
'Good to have you back, Ram. Are you wondering who sent you that parcel?' it was the voice from the other end of the telephone.
'Who the hell are you? Tell me your name,' I asked. 
'It doesn't matter who I am. There is a bomb in your parcel.'
'What the crap! Who are you, mister? Is this some kind of a joke?' 
'The clock is ticking, and one more thing, the bomb will explode once you open the parcel.'
'I'm calling the cops,' my voice trembled a bit.
'I wouldn't do that if I were you. Mister, I have the trigger with me. If you do anything silly, I'm sorry that I have to explode the bomb from my end. Do you want that to happen?' 

My heart began to thump louder and faster. I was confused for a moment about what exactly was happening with me. My mind went blank for a second. I took some deep breaths as I wiped the sweat off my face. I then noticed something odd. There was a newspaper on the table that lay in front of me. On the front page there was a news about the serial bomb blasts that took place a couple of days ago at a place which is located exactly 2 km from where I live. That news left me shaking. I then realized that the anonymous guy was still on line waiting for my response. 

'No, please tell me why are you doing this to me?' my voice began to tremble, once again.
'We choose people in random and this time we picked you.'
'But, how do you know my name?' 
'That's our specialty. Look mister, we don't have much time. All I need you to do is follow my orders. I'm offering you twenty minutes to make a choice.'

The call was cut and I sat there holding the phone in my hand as the busy tone constantly echoed in my ears. Something struck my mind at that moment. I looked out of the window and found a school nearby my residence. I then looked at the clock and I had roughly eighteen minutes left with me to make a choice. I didn't have much time to inform the Police about the call. Then, I made a decision. I took the parcel and rushed downstairs. I got into my car and drove away from the location. There was a dumping yard located exactly 3 km from my location. I decided to get there as soon as possible so that even if there is a blast there are possibilities of avoiding collateral damage. I reached there at the dumping yard and sat inside my car with the parcel lying beside me. The dumping yard was totally abandoned and I was there waiting for the call from the anonymous guy. Twenty minutes went by and there was no call. Thirty minutes went by and still there was no call. I looked at the cell phone display and I found the signal reception to be full. Forty five minutes passed by and I started to get suspicious about the parcel. I decided to open it. I took the parcel and placed it on my lap. Closing my eyes tightly, I tore open the parcel. To my surprise, there was nothing inside the parcel except a note and it had 'April Fool' written on it. I then found my cell phone ringing. It was from my friend Shiva. I attended the call.
'You've been fooled,' said Shiva from the other end of the phone.
'Are you crazy? You just scared the hell outta me,' I said with an anger filled tone.
'Chill buddy, can't you figure out what day it is today?'
I then looked at the calendar in my cell phone and it was April 1, fools day. Everything was a prank played by my friend Shiva. I then continued in the phone, 'you're sick! Anyways, how did you locate me?'
'I visited your place a couple of days ago and the house owner informed me that you vacated the house. I traced your new location through the house broker. That's no big deal, buddy. You know me,' said Shiva.
'Yeah, you're insane! Okay, but how did you call exactly after I opened the parcel. Wait, are you tailing me? Are you somewhere around here looking at me and talking?' I looked around as I said this.
'You got me! Can you spot a car at your 3 o'clock' 
I looked at my 3 o'clock and there was a black Chevrolet parked at a distance. I then replied, 'that's it,' I then stepped on my accelerator and said, 'I'm coming to get you.' 
As Ram saw Shiva's car leaving the place, he heard from Shiva over the phone, 'well, then lets race.' 

Written by Ashwin Kumar


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  1. A tricky trick for a tricky treat
    I doubt ifthere would hav been a real bomb? :p

    1. haha, then it should be the other way around, like Ram planting a real one in Shiva's car :P

  2. Right from the beginning i knew, the bomb wudnt be real..[ had it been a real bomb, the title of this post wud hav been different] .I wanted to find out - if it was a dream or a prank.

    Liked the flow of your writing.

    1. haha, yeah, at first I thought of 'The Exploding Parcel' but I felt that to be little odd and hence I ended up with this title..

      thanks for reading and posting your comment

  3. The titles of your stories are very very catchy and thus tempts readers.. This one is too good!!

    1. thanks for your kind words, Swati. I'm glad you liked this :)

  4. lol you tricked us with the parcel.. as usual superb.. a sure wow! post. :D

  5. Simply superb! Well then lets race final line is awesome ... Crazy friends :-) nice story!

  6. A nice short story with a twist at the end ...

  7. Wow my hero ... what a story \m/ Gripping Narration is always your biggest asset and you have thrilled me all the way like always :)

    I would request you to write short film version of this story (with your Stunning Screenplay) and tell you what I am very much excited to act in this one dear :)

    1. haha.. glad to hear this from you Vamsi :) Lets make a plan soon :)