Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Secret Crush

Being the first day at school, Sonia found it a little hard to adjust to the new environment. Milind, the most intellectual and the most silent boy in the class, has been branded the 'nerd' of the class. Sitting in the first row Milind always scores the first mark and most of the students of the class mostly refrain themselves from talking to him. Milind who is totally against their behavior acted the same way like they did - refrain from talking. But Milind could not resist himself once after he saw Sonia entering his class. She was by far the most beautiful girl Milind ever saw in his life. He fell for her the moment he saw her. He kept his crush a secret letting no one else to know about that.

Sonia scanned for an empty place and spotted the last bench unoccupied. She walked to the last row and sat there. She refrained from talking to others as she was a bit shy. When students asked her name, Sonia takes off her spectacles, wipes it with a cloth and wears it back, and smiles back at them. The classes began very soon. This school wasn't functioning like the other schools, like introducing the newly joined student to the class or calling out their names for marking the attendance - instead students should swipe their bio-metric cards before entering the classroom. The rules of the school were quite strict and Sonia felt it awkward being there. She began to hate the new environment.

It was lunch time and almost everyone in the class headed out to canteen except a gang of six. Milind remained at his seat while Sonia was hesitant to make a move. The gang had 4 girls and 2 guys, and one out of the 4 girls announced a bet.
'Listen up, guys. This new girl is way too hesitant to let out her name. The one who guesses her name will get a puppy (means kiss),' the girl turned to Sonia and said, 'you've got to do that, baby.'
People started to guess the names - 'Erika... Priya... Chandni... Reema...' - like that it went on. Sonia felt quite uncomfortable to be there. She took her bag and walked to the door to exit the class. People were yelling out the names louder that made Sonia move quickly to the door. As she crossed Milind, she dropped her water bottle after losing her balance. Milind picked up the bottle and said as he handed it over to her, 'Sonia, here is your bottle.' Sonia was shocked to hear her name from Milind. Not knowing how to react, Sonia returned him a lovely smile and kissed him on the cheek before leaving the class. That moment left Milind as well as the gang of six in a state of shock.

Moments earlier...
Milind realized that his heart was beating faster like never before. He wasn't able to figure out why that was happening and at that time a girl entered the classroom. She was the most beautiful girl ever saw by him till date. His heart kept thumping faster and faster as he looked at her captivating eyes through her spectacles. For him, the Earth stood still for a moment and all he could see was a beautiful girl walking past him. He witnessed a beautiful key chain hanging to the bag with 'Sonia' written on it. He guessed that to be her name.

'I think she likes you,' said a girl from the gang of six to Milind.
Milind, without wasting his time, rushed out of the classroom.

Note: Milind and Sonia were studying class 5 when this happened. 

Written by Ashwin Kumar