Sunday, 22 December 2013

11 numbers

Pradeep was late for the quiz competition and Reema was quite irritated about that. 
'You're the organizer of this competition and you're least bothered about it,' said Reema in an anger filled tone.
'Chill Reema, I got stuck in traffic. What am I supposed to do? Stay here overnight?' said Pradeep.
'Okay, where are the questions?' asked Reema.
Pradeep handed over the file to Reema and he said as he walked away from her, 'all the best.' 
Reema returned him a smile and walked into the auditorium.

There was another competition going on at that moment and Reema had to wait for ten minutes. Making sure that she had all the questions available with her, Reema then realized that she hasn't readied the paper chits. The quiz contains 11 questions and Reema had to ready eleven chits of paper, each containing a number. She had to throw those chits on the desk and allow each of the participants to pick one from the eleven folded chits of paper. The participants with a number in their chit will be fired a question that Reema has it corresponding to the number in her list. Reema had no time to prepare the chits as she had to go through the questions. At that time, Baskar came to her rescue. 
'Hi Reema, what are you doing?' asked innocent Baskar. 
'Please do not disturb me,' Reema said and paused after noticing that it was Baskar. She then said, 'Baskar, thank god you're here. I need a help from you.'
'Yeah Reema, tell me,' said Baskar. 
'Look, I need you to prepare eleven chits of papers. You need to write eleven numbers in those eleven chits of papers. Understand?' 
'Ah! That's so simple. I'll do it now,' said Baskar as he walked out of the auditorium to get some papers. 
A couple of minutes later, Baskar walked into the auditorium with eleven neatly folded chits and handed those to Reema with a smile on his face. 
'Thank you, Baskar,' Reema replied with a sigh of relief.

The competition began. After introducing herself and announcing the guidelines of the competition, Reema put the eleven chits of papers on the desk. She asked the participants to pick a chit. All the participants picked up their respective chits and went back to their places. Reema was now about to fire the questions. She looked at the participants and asked them to open their chits. Suddenly, the participants began to murmur with each other. She then noticed the participants walking to her with the chits in their hands. Reema was bewildered with the situation as she smelled something has gone wrong.
'There's a problem with these chits,' said one of the participant who then handed over his chit to Reema. 
'Yes, mine too,' said another participant as she handed over her chit to Reema.
Reema collected all the eleven chits from the participants and looked at it. She was stunned after she noticed what was written in those chits of paper. It was written “11 numbers” in all those eleven chits instead of numbers. Reema, as she stood feeling embarrassed, muttered to herself, 'bloody Baskar!'

Written by Ashwin Kumar


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  1. Bhaskar put Reema in a real tight spot! :)

  2. Ha Ha :) Having been an active Quiz-participant & also having conducted a couple of Quizzes, I could identify very well with this :) Seems like you too are a Quiz-aficionado, right?
    Very nice story, Ashwin :)

    1. haha.. not really a quiz-aficionado, but I once prepared questions for a quiz competition :P
      thanks for dropping by :) glad you liked this story :)

  3. LOL, Bhaskar did what she said,she should be more clear,nicely written

    1. haha... yeah he did exactly what she asked him to do.. thanks for dropping by ;)

  4. Amazing!!! I enjoyed reading this....

    A good piece of work again!!

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