Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Secret Crush

Being the first day at school, Sonia found it a little hard to adjust to the new environment. Milind, the most intellectual and the most silent boy in the class, has been branded the 'nerd' of the class. Sitting in the first row Milind always scores the first mark and most of the students of the class mostly refrain themselves from talking to him. Milind who is totally against their behavior acted the same way like they did - refrain from talking. But Milind could not resist himself once after he saw Sonia entering his class. She was by far the most beautiful girl Milind ever saw in his life. He fell for her the moment he saw her. He kept his crush a secret letting no one else to know about that.

Sonia scanned for an empty place and spotted the last bench unoccupied. She walked to the last row and sat there. She refrained from talking to others as she was a bit shy. When students asked her name, Sonia takes off her spectacles, wipes it with a cloth and wears it back, and smiles back at them. The classes began very soon. This school wasn't functioning like the other schools, like introducing the newly joined student to the class or calling out their names for marking the attendance - instead students should swipe their bio-metric cards before entering the classroom. The rules of the school were quite strict and Sonia felt it awkward being there. She began to hate the new environment.

Friday, 27 December 2013

The Tiffin Box

Sheetal and Swaroop were interestingly playing x-box ignoring the constantly ringing door bell. 
'Oh shit! The doorbell,' said Swaroop as he paused the video game.
'You go,' said Sheetal as she held on tight to her joystick. 
'No sis, you go,' said Swaroop who then resumed the paused game. 
Raina rushed to the hallway from the kitchen and found Sheetal and Swaroop playing video games ignoring the door bell. Raina irritatingly yelled at her kids but they were way too involved in the game such that they ignored her words. She then rushed to the front door to see who it was. 

It was Christmas day and Rosie, Raina's neighbor, was waiting outside the door holding a tiffin box.
'Good morning, Raina. Merry Christmas!' greeted Rosie as Raina opened the door. 
'Hello Rosie aunty. Merry Christmas!' Raina, on seeing the tiffin box in her hand, asked, 'what's in that?' 
'It's something special I made it for you dear,' Rosie said as she handed over the tiffin box to Raina.
'Thank you, Rosie aunty. Would you like to have some tea?' asked Raina.
'No dear, I need to rush. I have guests arriving this afternoon,' she paused for a moment and continued, 'why don't you guys come over for lunch? It will be fun.' 
'Sorry aunty, we are planning for a movie. Next time we'll make it for sure,' said Raina. 
'That's okay dear. Merry Christmas!' said Rosie as she walked away from the place.
'Same to you,' said Raina. 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

11 numbers

Pradeep was late for the quiz competition and Reema was quite irritated about that. 
'You're the organizer of this competition and you're least bothered about it,' said Reema in an anger filled tone.
'Chill Reema, I got stuck in traffic. What am I supposed to do? Stay here overnight?' said Pradeep.
'Okay, where are the questions?' asked Reema.
Pradeep handed over the file to Reema and he said as he walked away from her, 'all the best.' 
Reema returned him a smile and walked into the auditorium.

There was another competition going on at that moment and Reema had to wait for ten minutes. Making sure that she had all the questions available with her, Reema then realized that she hasn't readied the paper chits. The quiz contains 11 questions and Reema had to ready eleven chits of paper, each containing a number. She had to throw those chits on the desk and allow each of the participants to pick one from the eleven folded chits of paper. The participants with a number in their chit will be fired a question that Reema has it corresponding to the number in her list. Reema had no time to prepare the chits as she had to go through the questions. At that time, Baskar came to her rescue. 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

A blessing in disguise (100 words)

Santhosh was fired from his accountant job a couple of days ago. Life has never been miserable to him before. He constantly struggled hard to get a job that feeds him bread and butter. He walked around the city searching for every available possibility to earn a penny. 

His life changed one day when he came across a newspaper advertisement of a scriptwriting contest. Santhosh participated in it. He struck gold with the contest. He was offered a prize of 5 lakh rupees and a job in scriptwriting.

Getting fired from that job was a blessing in disguise for him. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Boxer Ananth (55 fiction)

Boxer Ananth (55 fiction)

It was the last round of the boxing match where Ananth confronted Big Boss. Getting a heavy blow on his chest, Ananth trembled on the stage and lost his consciousness. Big Boss was announced as the winner.

Game over!

‘Damn it,’ said Ananth in a frustrated tone as he held the joystick in his hand.

Written by Ashwin Kumar

Friday, 6 December 2013

The Parcel

I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it. Indeed I was, because I moved into this place a couple of days ago and no one other than me knew my whereabouts. Staring at the parcel, I kept wondering who would have sent this, and at that time I found my cell phone ringing. It was from an anonymous number. At first, I hesitated to attend the call but as it kept ringing I decided to pick it up. 
'Hello,' my voice sounded a little low. Clearing my throat, I said, 'hello?' 
'Good to have you back, Ram. Are you wondering who sent you that parcel?' it was the voice from the other end of the telephone.
'Who the hell are you? Tell me your name,' I asked. 
'It doesn't matter who I am. There is a bomb in your parcel.'
'What the crap! Who are you, mister? Is this some kind of a joke?' 
'The clock is ticking, and one more thing, the bomb will explode once you open the parcel.'
'I'm calling the cops,' my voice trembled a bit.
'I wouldn't do that if I were you. Mister, I have the trigger with me. If you do anything silly, I'm sorry that I have to explode the bomb from my end. Do you want that to happen?' 

My heart began to thump louder and faster. I was confused for a moment about what exactly was happening with me. My mind went blank for a second. I took some deep breaths as I wiped the sweat off my face. I then noticed something odd. There was a newspaper on the table that lay in front of me. On the front page there was a news about the serial bomb blasts that took place a couple of days ago at a place which is located exactly 2 km from where I live. That news left me shaking. I then realized that the anonymous guy was still on line waiting for my response. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kababs and Curries

Recently, I got transformed into a complete foodie. Every week I walk into a restaurant to taste something new with my non-vegetarian buddies. I've now converted to a non-vegetarian from a typical vegetarian, and I'm loving it. Like the bad old days I did not make the mistake of trying Kentucky Fried Chicken at first hand, instead I went ahead to try some authentic chettinad dishes, and those dishes literally enlightened my taste buds. Chettinad is a region in Southern Tamil Nadu and it is famous for its authentic spices and chicken (especially, country chicken). 

Authentic Chettinad Country Chicken fry
The picture shown to the left is the 'Chettinad Country Chicken fry' (if you ask me the recipe I would ask you to wait till I try my hand in cooking non vegetarian dishes). As per my knowledge there seems to be a difference between normal chicken and country chicken as they both are of different breeds (I don't exactly know their origin). Taste wise I would give thumbs up to country chicken as it tastes extremely delicious than the normal chicken. I have literally become a fan of chettinad country chicken and I never miss having it whenever I step into a chettinad restaurant. 

Hyderabadi Chicken Curry
Then I tried a dish called 'Hyderabadi Chicken curry', which failed to impress my taste buds. It was way too spicy and the meat was hard to chew. Maybe I have tried it at the wrong place but as per my experience I wasn't quite impressed with this dish. This chicken curry is a gravy type and it is usually consumed with rice and sometimes with roti or paratha (personally I opt this with steamed white rice). One more dish that impressed my taste buds was 'Pepper Chicken fry' (sadly I don't have the photo to share with). It tasted deliciously awesome along with rice, especially with rasam rice. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Deal (short story)

About 'The Deal'
I was very much obsessed with the movie 'Memento'. Being an ardent fan of Christopher Nolan I have watched that film several times and it continues to impress me every time I watch it. You might be wondering why am I bringing in 'Memento' and what connection it has got with this story? You might find the similarity in the narration that goes in reverse. At first I zeroed in the name 'Reverse' for this story but I felt that title doesn't suit the story and hence I ended up with 'The Deal'. Do read it and share your valuable comments.

The Deal

He managed to hold his grip and ran through the wet narrow street. The other guy followed him. Reaching the end of the narrow street, he turned to his left and ran towards the subway, which was exactly 200 feet away from him. The other guy noticed the same and ran after him. He reached the subway entrance in less than 40 seconds and the other guy, on noticing him entering into the subway, ran faster. Bypassing the security check, he rushed to the platform. To his rescue, the train arrived at the station. He immediately got into the train. The other guy, as he entered the platform, saw the train leaving the station. As the train departed, he took a deep breath and looked at the other guy who was searching for him at the station.