Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lie, only if you're incapable of doing things

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” - Winston Churchill

Lie is nothing but convincing others to accept the false statement as true and liars are none other than the individuals involved in the convincing process. I could say that the liars are the most creative people in this world who come up with a story and turn it into a fact in order to stay away from trouble. On the flip side, i.e., in reality, liars are just ‘cowards’ who are incapable to do certain things they lie about. You lie to someone about your marks because you’re incapable of scoring well; you lie to someone about your salary because you’re incapable of earning better or let me put it in other words, you’re ashamed of yourself that you’re earning a little; you lie about your job not because you feel that you’re at the wrong place but you’re incapable of doing something that suits you; you lie to your wife because you’re incapable of leading a genuine marriage life; you lie to your boss because you’re incapable to hone your skills.

I've come across a bunch of liars in my life who lie in different ways. Even though telling a lie isn't a harmful act but it is an act of pessimism that degrades one’s self respect. You might have this question in your mind – ‘don’t tell me that you've never said a lie in your life’. I’ll answer that question – ‘yes, I have indeed lied many times in my life and I regret it’. It took me some time to realize that speaking a lie will lower my self esteem and that’s when I stopped lying to myself as well as to others. If lying is a practice then the other part (i.e., not lying or being truthful) can be achieved through regular practice. I implement the practice of 'being truthful' in my daily life and trust me, the results are fruitful. Admitting your mistake and moving on with it will cause you no regrets than to cover the same mistake with a lie.

I've come across a few people who think that lying alone can help them gain a better position in the society, but what they couldn't realize was it doesn't last long. Liars find themselves left in the dark zone after a certain period of time and by the time they realize that they’re cornered, their life will be filled with nothing but misery.

There are many side effects of speaking a lie. You may lose your trustworthy friends, you may lead a miserable marriage life, you may not gain respect from the society, your self esteem will be lowered, your health will deteriorate, you may get addicted to alcohol, and finally you may very well ruin your life as well as the lives of others who are dependent on you. Lying is similar to alcohol, drug and cigarette addiction. They all share equal possible outcomes if they’re practiced in a regular manner.

There is no need to lie if you’re capable of doing something with perfection and on time. Be truthful to yourself and to others and that will fetch you excellent results in your life. Stay away from lies, because it is injurious to health as well as wealth.

I would like to end this article by mentioning a saying that goes like, 'the truth may hurt for a little while but a lie hurts forever'. 


  1. Lies have an interesting quality. Repeated often enough, lies become accepted as truth, and it must be said that our lives and our minds are filled with them. !!!!

  2. Powerful and honest piece Ashwin. Is it possible for human beings (given our nature) to never lie?

  3. Nice read here...I agree with you...Sometimes we are forced to say lie,which seems to be better for the situation than to tell truth which make the situation much worse...Actually I remember a movie I watched long back "the invention of lying" which goes pretty good on this subject...

    1. yeah, sometimes we're forced to lie, and we're just 'forced' to lie.. we just do things that are 'forced' only if we are not able to do certain things out of our own interest.. that shouldn't be the case..

      anyways, thanks for sharing your view about my post, and regarding the movie, i haven't seen it yet. will try watching it soon..