Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lie, only if you're incapable of doing things

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” - Winston Churchill

Lie is nothing but convincing others to accept the false statement as true and liars are none other than the individuals involved in the convincing process. I could say that the liars are the most creative people in this world who come up with a story and turn it into a fact in order to stay away from trouble. On the flip side, i.e., in reality, liars are just ‘cowards’ who are incapable to do certain things they lie about. You lie to someone about your marks because you’re incapable of scoring well; you lie to someone about your salary because you’re incapable of earning better or let me put it in other words, you’re ashamed of yourself that you’re earning a little; you lie about your job not because you feel that you’re at the wrong place but you’re incapable of doing something that suits you; you lie to your wife because you’re incapable of leading a genuine marriage life; you lie to your boss because you’re incapable to hone your skills.

I've come across a bunch of liars in my life who lie in different ways. Even though telling a lie isn't a harmful act but it is an act of pessimism that degrades one’s self respect. You might have this question in your mind – ‘don’t tell me that you've never said a lie in your life’. I’ll answer that question – ‘yes, I have indeed lied many times in my life and I regret it’. It took me some time to realize that speaking a lie will lower my self esteem and that’s when I stopped lying to myself as well as to others. If lying is a practice then the other part (i.e., not lying or being truthful) can be achieved through regular practice. I implement the practice of 'being truthful' in my daily life and trust me, the results are fruitful. Admitting your mistake and moving on with it will cause you no regrets than to cover the same mistake with a lie.

Monday, 4 November 2013

You are your own competition..!

How bad it is to compare you with others?
I would say it is really bad to compare ‘you’ with the ‘others’ because comparing with others will either create a false pride or will lower your self esteem. Both ways are harmful. So far in my life I never had the idea of comparing myself with others (trust me, I mean it). What I do is I take statistics of myself from my past and analyze it thoroughly such that I will use those data to make myself better in the near future. That’s how I was leading my life till now. I’m the King of my World. In the same way, you should be the King/Queen of your World and the others are just aliens to your world. What if you start comparing you with others? It will be like letting intruders (those aliens) into your world who in turn dominate your World. All you’ll be able to see is their success and achievements in your World if you let them in. So it would be better if they stay in their World and taste their success, and you stay in yours achieving what you’re supposed to.

I personally believe that by putting into practice the above mentioned theory, you can eradicate jealousy and hatred. Yes, if you don’t let intruders in, you’ll be safe and happy. In the same way the others will be shining in their World. So when you look at the others from your World all you could do is to appreciate the way they are because they aren’t your competition. When it comes to you, your World will be filled with you and you'll become your own competition. If people start seeing others in this angle, I’m sure there won’t be a factor called ‘jealousy’ entering into picture. Coming to hatred, why should you care about that when they are far apart from your World?