Friday, 25 October 2013

Things need to change... for Good

Looks like the 'Good' has lost its meaning ever since the 'Evil' began to take its toll. Personally I'm not satisfied with the society in which I live in, which is completely filled with 'hatred' and 'jealousy'. I do not know how it works in other countries, but in my country 'lack of motivation' is the reason why people aren't able to do what exactly they want to do. For instance, if you try something new, the first thing that comes into your way is 'criticism'. People, as if they knew everything, will start criticizing your work with the notion of letting you down just because you are better than those crackheads. I view that (criticism) in a different way but when motivation is masked by criticism, it is totally unacceptable. I brand that as pessimism and I brand those people as pessimists. It's not that you cannot find a single optimistic person here in my country but what I'm saying is the percentage of optimism is way too low. There are lot of people who stick to negatives rather than picking positives from those negatives. It's just that they are afraid of everything - police, government, neighbors, dogs and they are even afraid of the so called 'God'. This should change and I don't know when it is going to. 

In a country like mine, people are way too afraid of the society. I wonder what's going on with people and what makes them behave so odd. Let me cite an example that I heard from a friend of mine - there were a bunch of people waiting at the bus stop to board a bus. That time a girl slipped off while she was getting into the bus. The guy who was standing behind her helped her out by holding her hand tight. A lady who was watching this from the bus stop commented - 'see, how shameless he is acting. Holding a girl's hand in public is totally indecent'. Now that is the reason why people are afraid of the society. People easily take things in a wrong way, which proves that they are mentally unstable. 

In my country, a guy talking with a girl is equivalent to a crime. Yes, the girl's family will even go to the extremes of lodging an FIR (police case) on the guy if they find them together at a public place. I'm unable to figure out the concrete reason for this but the reasons I've heard so far sounded silly to me. I hear from some people who say - 'things have changed now and it is not like before' - but I say - 'no, things have become worse now' - which is true.

The restrictions comes in various form, right from emotional blackmail to mental torture, and people are fed with fear than with courage. The problem in my country is surely not with guys because they face less restrictions unlike girls who face hell lot of restrictions. For example, if a guy wears modern costumes and if a girl does the same, the girl is branded a 'slut'. Why can't they brand a guy the same way? Both guys and girls are the by products of 'Human Beings', then why restrict girls alone? But branding a girl as a 'slut' just for wearing modern costumes is a complete bullshit. It may sound funny to you but that's what happening in my country. Likewise, if a guy smokes it is okay and at the same time if a girl smokes then it is an issue. This means that there is something like 'to be a guy you should follow these set of rules' and 'to be a girl you should follow these set of rules', but why can't there be anything like 'follow this and live a life of a human'. In my country, there is some special restriction to girls that includes - 'a girl should not step out of the house after sunset'. Now I find this completely bullshit. Instead of restricting them why can't the parents teach them defensive techniques and the way to handle the odds they face if they step out of the house in the darkness? Restrictions alone is not going to help them and teaching them how to handle those odds will be the only way to help them out. This is just my personal opinion. 

Getting back to the 'jealousy' part, people in my country feel jealous about a fellow individual's growth. I've personally experienced it many times and I just don't care about it anymore. People around you will be eagerly waiting for that particular moment that lets you down and take advantage of that moment trying to mock around you. Also, there are a bunch of hardhearted people who just grow utilizing others talent and not giving them credits for anything they do. 

Now a days, people are being more 'desperate' rather than being called 'talented'. I'll be surely writing an article about that in near future and explain you the things witnessed by me in detail. Writing this article doesn't make me anti social, it's just that I'm not satisfied with the society that I live in. I don't care about the society but I feel tired of seeing things like these happening around me. It makes me really tired.


  1. You make good points. Where do you live?

  2. hmm... clearly shows your anger towards the society..... bit strong post.

  3. We should not stop doing things which are right. "Ignore society and be on your own if you are right".

  4. This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

  5. People are jealous of others not for what others have accomplished, but for what they themselves have not accomplished. Next time, when you see a person who is jealous, try to look at it in this perspective and maybe you'll want to forgive them. Maybe even help them.

    Destination Infinity

  6. You have to do what you want to do irrespective of the response from the society. You live for yourself and not for society. Be little thick headed and keep doing what you strongly want to do.People do not stop living just because society is too harsh.There are societies which are harsher than ours.We all have gone through this......

    1. I agree with you Suresh and that's what I'm doing.. I don't really care about the society and that doesn't stop me from doing things. But when I see bizarre things happening around me I just feel helpless but that feeling fades away soon cos we are used to such things..