Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Genre: Thriller


Slowly and steadily he opened his eyelids and found himself stuck in darkness. He moved his eyelids to his left and right, and he was able to figure out nothing as everything around him appeared pitch black. Minutes later, after his eyes got adjusted to the darkness, he spotted a white clock dial mounted on the wall. It displayed the time as 1 o'clock. Suddenly the lights were on and he was there lying on the floor. He looked around and noticed blood stains all over the floor. The floor was partially wet and that made him slip twice before he stood up on his legs. The walls of the room appeared dirty and there were blood stains all over it. Then he heard the sound of footsteps approaching the room. He noticed that the door was getting unlocked from outside. He stood there without moving an inch. He saw a stretcher and then a man who was pushing it into the room. He heard the man speak as soon as he entered the room.

'What the hell is wrong with you? I asked you to clean the room and you have not even cared about it. Is this the way you follow orders? Man, tell me what makes you so dumb?'

He kept staring at the man constantly. The man noticed it and then said -

'Why are you looking at me like that? This isn't your first time at the mortuary. Come on, help me out.' 

He said nothing and walked to the man. He saw a dead body on the stretcher and it was covered with a thick green cloth. He then looked at the man who was staring at him with irritation. He heard the man say -

'Now you want me to close the door?' 

He walked to the door and closed it. While getting back to the stretcher, he spotted a mirror in which he had a glimpse of his face. There were blood stains all over his face, just like a butcher. He then wiped some of the blood and walked back to the stretcher. He heard the man say, 'open it', looking at the dead body. His hands were shaking as he slowly took it towards the stretcher to remove the cloth. His heart thumped faster once after he looked at the dead body. It was none other than him lying dead on the stretcher. He fainted on the floor at once. 

Blackout happens 

He regained his consciousness and found himself sitting with his friend on a playground. He heard his friend speak - 

'Hey, the class is going to start at 1 o'clock. We need to go.'

He looked around and the playground appeared empty. The classrooms that were located few meters away also appeared empty. Getting up from his place, he scanned his vision around the place to see any sign of life but there were no one except them. He then asked his friend, 'What are we doing here?', and he heard no reply from his friend. He turned back to look at him. He was startled that moment when he noticed that it was not his friend, instead it was the reflection of himself standing behind him. It resembled him in the appearance. Then he heard something from his look alike - 

'Why are you looking at me like that?' 

Blackout happens 

He found himself in a fully enclosed room that had just one light and there was a person, a doctor, sitting opposite to him. He heard the doctor speak - 

'Are you wondering how you ended up here?' 

He noticed the clock on the wall that displayed the time as 1 o'clock. He then looked at the doctor and noticed him wearing a face mask. The conversation began. 

'What was the last thing you remember?' 
'I... I remember being at a mortuary. There was this stretcher guy and... I saw a dead body.'
'What did it look like?'
'It... It resembled me.'
'Okay, and the man? Did he resemble you?' 

The scene at the mortuary flashed in front of his eyes. He struggled hard to recollect the face of the stretcher guy who was at the mortuary along with him. The stretcher guy's face closely resembled his face. He began to turn nervous. The doctor, on noticing this, asked him -

'What happened?' 
'Was it me?'
'Maybe, he might have been your reflection.' 

He then looked at the doctor and his face mask. Then he heard the doctor speak -

'Why are you looking at me like that?'
'What is that you are covering your face with?' 
'It's a face mask. Why, do you feel uncomfortable looking at it?'
'It freaks me out.'
'Fine, then let me take it off.'

The doctor took off the face mask. Once again, he was stunned to see his reflection in the form of doctor. 

Blackout happens 

There he was, sitting on a wheel chair with his body completely paralyzed as there was no movement with his limbs. The electrodes were attached to his body and the doctor was observing the readings from the ECG machine. The patient's friend stood there with a sad face looking at him. Then the doctor asked the friend to accompany him to her cabin. 

'Look, it's getting too complicated. His condition is getting worse day by day. All his body parts have been paralyzed except his brain that remains hyper active showing tremendous amount of neural activity. All he is experiencing right now is nothing but mental stress and frequent blackouts within his brain. There is no use in keeping him in observation. We have to go ahead with euthanasia.'
'You mean mercy killing?' 
'Yes, that's all we can do for him. You're the only person related to him and we couldn't proceed without your permission.'
'Is there a second opinion?' 
'Are you kidding? You just had a look at what exactly he is experiencing.' 

He was staring at her face constantly and noticing that she asked him - 

'Why are you looking at me like that?'
'Okay, let me think about it. I need some time.'

The clock struck 1 o'clock.

'Well, I have an appointment at 1 o'clock. Come back tomorrow at the same time and we'll discuss about it.'
'Sure doctor.'

Exiting the doctor's cabin, he walked through the corridor to reach the staircase that lay at the corner. While walking he heard some voices running in his mind. 

What the hell is wrong with you?
Man, tell me what makes you so dumb?
Hey, the class is going to start at 1 o'clock.
What did it look like?
It's a face mask. Why, do you feel uncomfortable looking at it?
The class is going to start at 1 o'clock.
Well, I have an appointment at 1 o'clock.

He stopped walking once after he got down the stairs. He then thought, 'What's happening with me? What are all those running in my mind?' He then recollected what the doctor said, 'All he is experiencing right now is nothing but mental stress and frequent blackouts within his brain.' 

He then muttered, 'If my friend has the problem why am I hearing these voices?' Slowly, he turned his head and looked straight at the mirror that lay on the path. It wasn't him. He saw the reflection of his friend in the mirror. 

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. hmm yeah its bit confusing.. now i don't know who is who.. :(