Thursday, 19 September 2013

Love or Lust? It's all in your Brain...

Whenever a guy come across a beautiful girl (or the other way around), his heart beats faster and louder, which in turn results in anxiety, sweaty palms, and several other unusual symptoms. Some of them aren’t aware that the symptoms are caused due to the release of dopamine, norepinephrine and phenlyethylamine in our body, instead they blindly get into a conclusion that "it is nothing but love". Scientific research proved that men have the capacity to produce these chemicals more rapidly than women. Maybe that’s the reason men get easily attracted to women at the first look (viz., love at first sight). This is how the process begins - from our brains. People usually say that trigger of attraction comes from the heart. I contradict the statement by saying that heart just supplies the required amount of blood to the brain and the brain takes care of the rest. But what happens when it exceeds the limit? People (men or women) tend to behave abnormally during those situations and this kind of behavior is because the levels of dopamine are shot up resulting in high blood flow in certain areas of the brain causing imbalance in functioning of the brain. They start to get addicted to their unusual behavior (like you might have heard people uttering these words – I can't live without you, I'll die if you leave me, you drive me crazy – these are the outcomes of the unusual behavior). That's the reason couples who are in love solely focus only on their relationship and are least aware or least bothered about the things happening around them.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Voice of Society

'Dependency' is the single word that ceases the rights of an individual. Being independent is the birth right of a Human and every individual has got rights to utilize it to the fullest whenever they get a chance. In a country like mine, people begin their life with the concept of 'dependency'. They depend on their parents for their basic needs like food, clothing, accessory stuffs and education. But hey, this doesn't stop here. Few people take this on to the next level - selection of bridge or groom. They depend on their parents and let them choose a bride or groom for them. Now let me ask you people a simple question - 'are you lazy enough to pick a bride or groom for yourself?' or 'are you afraid that you have lost the confidence in you to proceed?' Then I thought 'why not get into their point of view and analyze things', and that's when I ended up with an answer from my inner voice which stated, 'they are just afraid of the society'. 

What is a society? According to Google, society means a group of people living together in a community. But to me the society is defined as 'a group of people who stop us from doing what exactly we feel like doing'. Trust me, this might sound 'anti social' to you but the fact always tastes bitter. A coin always has two sides, likewise the society has its two sides - one is they stop us from doing something criminal and the other is they stop us from doing something only for the reason that it appears awkward to them. In this article I'm going to take the latter part and I just want to share my view of 'how to ignore the awkward part and look for the betterment'.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Facebook puts me in a 'discomfort' zone

Me: Hey, I deleted my Facebook account.
Dude: That isn't a great news. You do that quite often. 
Me: Well, I try to stay there for a while but I'm not able to do so. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
Dude: Strange!

That was how my friend reacted when I explained him how uncomfortable I feel logging into Facebook. For the past few years I have created and deleted many Facebook accounts (countless) but today I figured out the reason to stay permanently away from this so called 'social networking' website. Previously, I wasn't stable enough to hold on to my decision (of not recreating the account) and that would have been because of lack of 'proper reason' or 'justification' for the deletion of account. The reason I figured out today was simple enough to understand - 'it puts me in a discomfort zone'. 'Why?' this question might pop up in your head. Let me explain.

Before Facebook came into existence, people used to mingle with each other, in person (I mean the physical existence of people as groups). They used to meet in person, chit chat for hours and then get back home with the memories. But after Facebook became viral, people used to spend most of their time before the computer chatting with each other online. The meetings became hangouts (G+) / video call (in case of Facebook), chit chat became online chat, and the memories came in the form of chat logs and comments on the wall photos or/and photographs.