Friday, 2 August 2013

Science and Religion interlinked

Disclaimer: The below written words are solely based on my point of view and I'm not intended to target any particular religious group or hurt their feelings. As a human being I believe that I've got the rights to express my views. 

What is religion? According to Google, it is defined as 'details of belief as taught or discussed'. So, what is science? It is defined as 'knowledge attained through study or practice'. Now I guess you'll be able to find similarity between the two entities 'science' and 'religion'. The similarity is that both the entities are followed through study or practice. There is a difference existing between these two entities - religion derives its base from the history whereas science creates history. That doesn't mean that both are not interlinked, after all religion and science were brought into picture by a fellow human being.

Both the entities, religion as well as science, even though they are interlinked they do not function as same. Remember, A is always A and it never becomes B, but B always follows A (read it again if you didn't get it). Still, the questions unanswered by the science remains a mystery when it comes to religion to answer those. For example, if you ask me who created the universe, I would say it's the Big Bang. Now, the Big Bang theory falls under the category of science. Now if you ask me who created the Big Bang, I end up in an infinite loop looking for answer then I transfer that to the religion department. There I get a different answer like God triggered the Big Bang. Then I might ask them 'did God personally tell you that He triggered the explosion? If so, then who's Evil? God isn't supposed to trigger explosions, right?' Then I leave those people in the same infinite loop who then answer me 'some questions cannot be answered'.

Even though the science displays answers / proofs, its base is derived from something (that something is a mystery). Personally I feel that science is something followed by wise category of people and religion is something followed by people who are not really into science (the same thing has been explained in the movie 'Angels and Demons' and it was the movie that triggered me to write this article), and that's because not everyone in this world turn out to be highly intellectual (that includes me as well) who has the capability to answer all the unanswered questions (highly impossible because it is better that some questions remain unanswered else we'll go mad sitting in an infinite loop finding for answers that doesn't really exist).

People who decide to find the answers end up creating a mess between these two entities by contradicting its principles and thereby creating hell lots of problems. The problem here lies with the people and not with the entities. Its the people who need to learn how to bring a bias between those two entities and respect those for what they are. I admire science and respect religion. It's up to me whether I follow it or not, but I respect religion for what it is (and yes I do follow a religion called humanity).

Always remember this - Science involves 'facts' and Religion involves 'God'. But both these concepts were framed by a fellow Human Being. There may be theists who say that 'science is against God' or there may be atheists who argue 'God doesn't exist. Only science remains for eternity', but at the end both the groups fall into one single category called 'Humans'.


  1. Science & Religion enhances our lives with the wonders of the universe.

  2. These two things do not go well with each other and still co-exist. They are kind of complimentary to each other when humanity matters. Nice article.

  3. Religion and science are two different poles, they exist on the same planet yet are poles apart.

  4. By choice, science and religion can really work together as one.