Thursday, 22 August 2013

Incredible Cupcake!

The disco lights glittered. The music was louder creating irritation to the ears. People around me were dancing hysterically. Well, It's a birthday party. It was my best friend John’s birthday and I was there along with few of my friends to celebrate it. I took a look at the dining table. There were wide varieties of delicious dishes arranged neatly and I was searching for my favorite, Butterscotch cupcake, among those. At the corner of the table there was a single Butterscotch cupcake lying untouched. I rushed to that before someone spotted it and took it in my hand. ‘Phew!’ I sighed as I held the delicious cupcake in my hand. Closing my eyes, I took my face near the cupcake and smelled it. Oh my God! The aroma was awesome. Having my eyes closed, I took a bite of it. It was yummy. I enjoyed the delicacy as I chewed it slowly. I now decided to take a second bite and opened my eyes.  

Cupcake was in my hand, my mouth was wide open and so were the eyes, but I wasn’t able to go ahead and take a second bite. There were three sharp wooden sticks pointed to my chest and holding them were three incredibly scary tribal people. Their skin was tanned and reddish in color. They had those weird scary eyes and had ornaments made of skull tied over their necks. I looked around and the place appeared like an island with a dense jungle lying in front of me. They weren’t allowing me to take a bite of my cupcake. Moments later I was tied with chains and with the cupcake still in my hands I was taken along with them inside the jungle. 

After walking a mile, they made me to sit at a corner. There was a village inside the jungle and there were more tribal people over there. They appeared scarier than those three tribes I encountered. I just sat there with only one thing running in my mind, ‘damn! This is going to be the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Why the hell did I go to the birthday party?’ My thoughts were interrupted by a giant red tribe who came to me and said something in a sign language. Not knowing how to react to his gestures, I just nodded my head up and down. After seeing me nod, he hysterically jumped and was making some weird sounds. Every others present over there started making the same kind of sound. It was indeed irritating to my ears. They grabbed me up and tied to a thick wooden stick like a grilled chicken. Then two of the tribal people carried the wooden stick to yet another location.

The route to the second location appeared denser than the first. On the way, a tribal kid grabbed the cupcake from my hand. I signaled him not to eat it and to my surprise he followed my instruction. The tribal people halted below a tree. They untied me and made me sit under the tree. There was an open ground opposite to me where those tribal people were arranging for a camp fire. Something struck my mind that moment. I then knew that those tribal people are man eaters after I saw a tribe setting fire onto the sticks. I realized that they were going to fry and eat me. I then looked at the kid who was standing few feet away from me. I signaled him to come to me. He followed my instruction and walked to me with the cupcake. I took my face near to his hands, closed my eyes and took the second bite of the cupcake. 

Opening my eyes, I found myself at my home staring at the computer screen. I then got a phone call from my friend. I heard his voice after I attended the call, ‘have you started?’ 
I asked, ‘where?’ 
‘Hey, you’re coming to John’s birthday party, aren’t you?’ 
I looked at the calendar. It was John’s birthday and all my friends already left to the party. I then replied him, ‘yes, I’m on my way’. 
The disco lights glittered. The music was louder creating irritation to the ears. I was at John’s birthday party. I was searching for my favorite dish, Butterscotch cupcake. I found one at the corner of the table. I rushed to the table and grabbed it before someone noticed it. Closing my eyes I took a bite of it. It tasted heavenly. I then decided to take a second bite. I opened my eyes…

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. haha.. it was a delightful read.. i am all the way laughing at your misery in their land. and finally...... you made me start the journey all over again :D

    wish your adventure lasts longer... I had so much fun reading it. all the very best :)

    1. haha.. :) lol.. lasts longer? :P
      it was you who got me into the loop :P

    2. haha ya but still i wish this one lasts longer.. and laugh at your misery.. ;)

    3. then i'll turn into a reddish tribe and take revenge on you by dragging you into my world :P :P haha

    4. hah i'd be amused to land there as long as you guys wont tie to fry me :P

  2. Hari OM
    Loved this Ashwin - a real sense of being drawn into the lure of desire and its consequences.

    ...or just plain fun!!! &*> YAM xx

  3. Replies
    1. Hi aswin. Well narrated. Was completely glued to your narration. Especially when you were approaching that tribal kid I thought you would be whispering to his ears but instead you had your second bite. That was soo funny.keep it up. Good luck for your next post

    2. thank you, Bharani :) I'm glad that you liked it

  4. Hahaahaha :D Hilarious....I was also surprised the kid listened to you :P All the best for the contest (Y)

  5. Haha I thought u wud not attend the party!

  6. brilliant twist ...loved the post :) all the best for the contest :)