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"D4" - a story by Ashwin Kumar

About the story
This story is the fourth installment of my 'Dangerous Domar' series. This will be more of an action oriented rather than a full length satire. The major highlights of this story is the screenplay towards the end (I hope you'll be stunned by it) and the climax twist. 

Is it mandatory to read the prequels before starting this?
Not necessary, but if you've already read it then you'll enjoy this to the fullest. Even if you haven't read those, I can assure you that you're gonna enjoy reading this.

Links to the previous installments

Summary of Dangerous Domar 4
The story begins at Jamaica from where Domar and Hari sets out on their journey to Seoul to catch hold of the international terrorist Bong-Cha. 


Montego Bay, Jamaica
After arriving at Sangster International Airport, Hari Prakash got a cab and traveled all the way to Holiday Inn, where Domar was supposedly holidaying. Getting out of the car, Hari Prakash spotted Domar, who was in his boxer shorts, walking towards the car from the sea shore flaunting his perfectly toned six pack abs. Hari Prakash gave a high-five, a gesture of greeting, to Domar and they both walked towards the bar. 
'Vodka,' Domar looked at Hari and after Hari nodded a yes Domar said to the bartender, 'two vodkas'. 
'So, what brings you here?' Domar asked Hari. 
'Bong-Cha, we have found his whereabouts,' replied Hari.
The vodka arrived and Domar said as he took a sip of it, 'now what are we going to do?' 
'I've already booked the tickets. It's time to travel,' said Hari as he sipped some vodka. 
'Where?' asked Domar.
'To Seoul, South Korea.' 

Jamaica - Houston - Seoul
While Domar occupied the window seat, Hari Prakash sat next to him inside the flight. On their way from Houston to Seoul, Hari Prakash began a conversation with Domar.
'Hey, I wanted to ask you something,' said Hari.
'What's that?' asked Domar.
'Why did you resign from the post of the President of United States? It's an honorable post and what made you to quit from it?'
'I noticed that it is tough to live a normal life as a President. Responsibilities came in my way and I couldn't handle the pressure. I just want to live a normal life with fewer responsibilities. My only responsibility as of now is to catch Bong-Cha and hand over him to the Police. I can't do that if I'm a President of a country. I can't have my freedom and I can't roam around people like I normally do. That's the reason I resigned from the post of the President of United States of America,' explained Domar.
Domar signaled the air hostess for help while Hari asked him, 'do you regret it? I mean, resigning from the Presidential post?' 
The air hostess walked to the seat where Domar and Hari were seated. Domar handed over the glass containing milk to the air hostess and said, 'hi, I'm Domar,' he shook hands and continued, 'could you make this a bit warmer?' 
Domar then asked Hari, 'come again?' 
'I asked, do you regret it?' 
'Maybe, if I don't find Bong-Cha,' said Domar. 

Incheon International Airport
Seoul, South Korea
Hari Prakash was at the snack counter while Domar was waiting to collect the baggage. Hari, after getting the coffee from the counter, as he walked towards the baggage counter he got hit by someone accidentally and that slipped the coffee cups he held in his hand leaving all the coffee to spill on the floor. 
'What the hell! Have you gone blind?' asked Hari looking at the guy who was rushing towards the departure terminal.
'Sorry, I'm in a hurry,' said the man who then walked away from the location.
Domar collected the baggage and put them in a trolley. He then walked to Hari and said pointing his finger towards the men's room, 'restroom is over there.'
At the arrival gate, No WooHyun, the local manager and tour guide, was waiting for the arrival of Domar and Hari Prakash. He identified them with the photos he held in his hand as they walked through the exit door.
'Annyeonghaseyo,' No WooHyun greeted Domar as they exchanged hugs.
'Annyeong,' replied Domar.
'Man, you know Korean? You're awesome!' Hari said this after he heard Domar's flawless Korean accent. 

Millennium Hotel, Seoul
'Kamsahamnida,' said Domar over the telephone and he hung up the call.
Hari Prakash was browsing through the FBI archives and Domar sat next to him. Hari then turned to Domar and asked, 'who was that on the phone?'
'It was No WooHyun. He said that he'll be picking us up tomorrow at 8 am sharp.'
'To DMZ, I want to visit that place,' said Domar.

Domar then walked to the balcony with a cup of coffee. As he sipped some of it, he noticed someone familiar walking out of the supermarket that lay opposite to the hotel. He immediately reached Hari Prakash's laptop and browsed for the pictures. The face of Bong-Cha exactly matched with the guy who walked out of the supermarket. Domar then rushed to the balcony and found the guy still in sight. He then said to Hari, 'it's Bong-Cha. I didn't expect things to happen this early. Come on, let's get him.' Without wasting a second, Hari rushed downstairs and noticed Bong-Cha walking towards the end of the street. Domar ran to the terrace to keep an eye on Bong-Cha. Hari and Domar were communicating through blue tooth enabled Korean handsets. 
'Do you see him?' asked Hari through the phone.
'Yes, he is exactly forty feet away from you,' Domar said over the phone as he kept looking at Bong-Cha's movements through the binocular. 
'I see him,' said Hari over the phone. 
'Oh shit! He noticed you. Run,' said Domar after he saw Bong-Cha running away from the place.

Domar then jumped into the terrace of the adjacent building which was close to the hotel and likewise he crossed many other building that was feasible enough to make a jump. Then he noticed Bong-Cha getting into a building that lay several feet away from him. He saw Hari Prakash, who was on ground, losing track.
‘Hari, you’re losing him,’ Domar said over the Bluetooth enabled phone after he noticed Hari deviating from the path.
‘What do I do now?’ Hari asked over the Bluetooth enabled phone.
‘Get into that building. I’ll somehow manage to get there before he escapes,’ said Domar.
Domar stood there on the seventieth floor figuring out what move he should make and at that time he spotted an aircraft getting close to the building. The aircraft just took off from a nearby private airstrip and Domar thought that would be the easiest way to get to the building which was several feet away from him. Without thinking further Domar ran a few steps forward and jumped on to the aircraft. He got hold of its wheels tightly and as the aircraft moved towards the building, where Bong-Cha got in, Domar freed himself from the wheels of the aircraft and made a safe land on the terrace of that building. He then informed to Hari over the phone, ‘get to the terrace, now!'

Domar then noticed Bong-Cha entering the terrace. Upon his arrival, Domar immediately rushed to him and gave a solid punch on his face. Blood oozed out of Bong-Cha’s nose and on noticing it, Bong-Cha pushed Domar aside and kicked him hard on the abdomen with his knee. Domar then looked at Bong-Cha who was standing right in front of him. He then said looking at Bong-Cha, ‘I didn’t expect you this soon.’ Hari reached the terrace after Domar said this. He aimed his gun straight at Bong-Cha who was standing between Domar and Hari. ‘Put your hands up, Bong-Cha. You’ve no way to escape,’ Hari then looked at Domar and said, ‘the cops will be here any minute. I’ve informed them.’ Bong-Cha, on hearing this, placed two steps back. Hari aimed his gun straight at Bong-Cha while Domar was ready to grab hold of him. Before Domar made his move, Bong-Cha ran to the edge of the building and jumped off from the terrace that was located at the eightieth floor of the building. ‘Oh! Damn!’ said Domar, ‘he is going to die.’ Bong-Cha, as he travelled down in the air, opened the parachute when he reached fiftieth floor. Domar, on noticing this, jumped off from the building and within few seconds he landed on the parachute. Both of them made a bumpy land on the ground and Bong-Cha immediately started to run away from the location. Domar, who had minor injuries, went chasing Bong-Cha. Hari rushed downstairs and ran after them.

Bong-Cha and Domar ran across the streets of Seoul and Hari followed them. Bong-Cha then spotted Seoul Station and ran towards it. Domar, on noticing him, said to Hari over the Bluetooth enabled phone, ‘did you see that?’ For that, Hari replied as he ran behind Domar, ‘he is getting into the station.’ Domar, after he saw Bong-Cha getting into the station, said, ‘I know how to stop him.’ Domar then saw a KTX, the bullet train, halted at a platform, and he spotted Bong-Cha running towards the train. The doors were closed once Bong-Cha entered the train and it departed instantly. Domar halted there on the platform and saw the train leaving the station. Hari stood next to Domar and said, ‘what do we do now? We missed him.’ For that, Domar replied, ‘I have an idea.’ Domar then looked at the other platform. There was an empty KTX halted over there. He then noticed a guy walking towards the engine. Guessing it to be the driver, Domar walked to the guy and asked stopping him, ‘are you the driver of this train?’ The guy nodded a yes and Domar instantly punched hard on his face.
‘What are you doing?’ Hari asked Domar after the driver guy got fainted on the platform.
Domar pointed his finger in the direction Bong-Cha escaped and said, ‘I’m going to offer him unbearable pain by taking this train.’

Domar and Hari got into the engine of the KTX. Domar started the engine and the train quickly gained its speed. Domar took care of the operation and the train further gained its speed. It was moving at an average speed of 240 mph. Domar made a rough calculation in order to get to Bong-Cha’s train and he further increased the speed to 250 mph. Now the train, KTX, was moving at an incredible speed. Hari spotted Bong-Cha’s train at the adjacent track.
‘That’s the train. We’re almost near,’ said Hari.
‘Oh! Crap!’ said Domar.
‘What happened?’ asked Hari.
‘The train is slowing down,’ said Domar after he noticed the KTX at the adjacent track slowing down.
Domar reduced the speed of the train a bit while Hari noticed a curve which was few hundred feet away from them. He then said to Domar, ‘holy shit! We need to slow down before we reach the curve else there could be a massive damage.’
‘I can’t lose him,’ said Domar as he further reduced the speed.
‘I have an idea,’ said Hari.
‘What’s that?’ asked Domar.
Hari looked into Domar’s eyes and said, ‘you take care of this train. I’ll somehow manage to get to that train and stop Bong-Cha’. Hari then noticed the speed lowering to 150 mph. Both the trains were running parallel to each other and the gap between the trains was not more than 50 feet. Hari made a rough calculation in his mind and opened the engine’s door. Domar leveled the speed of the train with the neighboring train. Before Hari made a move, he spotted a junction that separates both the tracks. His train was about to take a right turn whereas Bong-Cha’s train was about to deviate to left. Hari, without thinking further, risked his life and made a jump after the train reached the junction. The train took a left turn and Hari got hold of the handle that was attached to the door with his left hand. He began to lose his balance. The train now gained its speed. ‘The train is gaining speed,’ Hari said this to Domar over the Bluetooth enabled headset. ‘Try to manage. I’ll see you at the station,’ Domar said this to Hari. Hari managed to get his grip and he held the handle of the door tightly with both his hands. Then he looked to his right and there was a glass window. Looking through the glass window, Hari spotted Bong-Cha sitting inside the coach. Bong-Cha then noticed Hari Prakash, who was hanging outside, and he immediately fled to the other coach. The train began to slow down a bit and Hari tried to break the glass window. He wasn’t able to make it.

The train further slowed down. Hari Prakash, as he was holding on tight to the handle, spotted the station and noticed that the train was about to halt. He then saw Bong-Cha who was standing near the door to escape as soon as they are opened. The train halted, the doors opened and as Bong-Cha stepped out of the train he confronted Domar face to face.
‘Impossible,’ said Bong-Cha after looking at Domar who was standing right in front of him on the platform.
‘Gotcha, Bong-Cha,’ said Domar with a faint smile on his face.
‘Stay where you are or else I’ll shoot you,’ said Hari aiming the gun at Bong-Cha.
 Domar then kicked him hard. The kick was powerful such that Bong-Cha flew in air, hit the coach of the train and then made a bumpy land on the platform. He lay unconscious on the platform for a couple of seconds.
‘Is he dead?’ asked Hari Prakash looking at Domar.
‘I don’t think so,’ replied Domar.
Then both Hari and Domar noticed someone laughing hysterically. It was Bong-Cha who stood up laughing at them. Hari and Domar were confused about the reason behind Bong-Cha’s hysteric laugh. Bong-Cha slowly took off his face mask. It wasn’t Bong-Cha whom they were after. It was his look-alike. Hari, on noticing this, aimed his gun at Bong-Cha look-alike. Two gun shots were fired from his gun.
‘What’s wrong with you?’ Domar asked Hari.
‘What are we gonna do with him?’ said Hari. Hari then got reminded of the incident that took place at the airport. He got reminded of the man who accidentally hit him at the airport. The man looked exactly like the dead Bong-Cha look-alike. Hari then said to Domar, ‘oh shit! That must be Bong-Cha. The man who accidentally hit me at the airport, he must be Bong-Cha. I’m sure about that’.
‘How can you be so sure?’ asked Domar.
‘He resembled the dead man. Goddamn it! It’s a diversion,’ said Hari.
‘Oh shit! It’s the President’s party the day after tomorrow,’ said Domar.
Hari and Domar looked at each other’s face. Hari then said, ‘seems like we need to travel back to America’.

Dulles International Airport, United States of America
The next day, Domar and Hari landed at the Dulles International Airport. Domar, after collecting his baggage, was walking towards the exit and all of a sudden he lost track of Hari Prakash who was supposedly walking beside him. He looked around and there was no sign of him. Then he felt someone tapping him from behind. It was Hari Prakash.
‘Where the hell did you go?’ asked Domar.
Hari said pointing to the men’s room, ‘nature’s call.’
Domar then gave a strange look at him and said, ‘okay, let’s go.’

President’s Party
Luxury Hotel – 8.00 PM
Hari and Domar were at the President’s party dressed up in their suits. Domar was having a conversation with the security guys whereas Hari was busy selecting the flavor of his favorite drink. Domar then walked to Hari and said, ‘all set’. Hari nodded a ‘yes’ and walked to the snack zone to grab his favorite snack.

At a factory located few miles away from Luxury Hotel
A group of four members got into the factory to free a man who has been kidnapped by some unknown guys. A series of gun shots were fired and a group of ten people were killed in the shoot out. All the four members safely rescued the man who was kidnapped and brought him out of the factory. The man was none other than Hari Prakash.

At the President’s Party
Domar spoke through the wireless attached to his ears, ‘everything is set. The President is gonna cut the cake anytime. Wait for my signal’. He then looked at Hari Prakash who looked a bit nervous.

Outside Luxury Hotel – 8.25 PM
‘Wait for my signal,’ Hari Prakash heard Domar’s voice through the wireless. He was hiding behind the telephone booth located outside the hotel while the other officers, the four guys who rescued Hari Prakash, surrounded the hotel. Hari then announced to Domar through the wireless, ‘the perimeter is secure. That son of a moron is gonna taste blood today’.

At the President’s Party – 8.30 PM
The President arrived at the hall to cut the cake. Few of the delegates shook hands with him and few took some photographs with him. The President bowed at Domar and Domar in turn bowed back at him. Hari Prakash went and stood next to the President. As President was about to cut the cake, Hari Prakash took his hands to his waist and he froze for a moment after he felt a gun barrel attached to his back. It was Domar who was holding a gun pointed at Hari’s back. Hari slowly turned his head and looked at Domar. Domar replied looking at him, ‘take off your mask, Bong-Cha. You don’t need to hide your face anymore.’

Outside Luxury Hotel – 8.35 PM
‘Get inside… Get inside,’ said Hari after he heard Domar through the wireless.
All the four officers, along with Hari, got into the hotel. Everyone held their weapons in their hands. Hari along with a fellow officer took the stairs while the other two officers secured the elevators. All the four split into three teams with a similar objective to protect the President of United States of America.

At the celebration hall – 8.35 PM
He took off the mask and revealed his face. It was Bong-Cha who was in disguise of Hari Prakash.
‘You’re good, but not smart enough,’ said Domar.
Bong-Cha gave a faint smile and said, ‘I’m smarter than you know.’
The lights went off.

Few hours ago…
At the Dulles International Airport
Domar and Hari landed at the Dulles International Airport. Domar was waiting at the baggage counter to collect the baggage whereas Hari Prakash went to a nearby shop to recharge his prepaid mobile. After recharging his mobile phone, Hari walked to the baggage counter. On the way, he was stopped by an anonymous lady.
‘Excuse me, can you fill this form for me?’ the lady asked Hari Prakash.
‘Well, I… Okay, let me help you out,’ Hari said this and took the form in his hand. He then saw Domar walking away from the baggage counter. Suddenly he felt nauseated. His eyes turned red. He was losing his consciousness. The paper he held in the hand had a small needle that was pierced into his thumb. The needle had a drop of solution that causes unconsciousness in few seconds. Before Hari fainted on the ground, the lady got hold of him and put him on to the wheelchair. Hari was then taken out to the exit from the other gate. Few people were waiting at the exit and after the lady brought Hari out, they transferred him into their car and drove him off the airport.

Luxury Hotel – 8.40 PM
The lights were still off. Domar couldn’t see anything in that room as it was dark. The lights were automatically turned on after few minutes. The President was missing. Domar announced through the wireless, ‘secure the building. Bong-Cha got the President with him’. Hari, on hearing this, rushed to the exit. He saw Bong-Cha taking the President to the car. The car left the location. Hari noted the car number. Domar rushed downstairs and saw Hari running towards the parking area. He saw Hari taking a bike and following the car. Domar got into his car and followed Hari.

Bong-Cha drove the car faster in a zigzag manner to make Hari deviate from the course. Hari Prakash keenly followed Bong-Cha’s car. He drove his bike in the same way Bong-Cha drove his car. Both the vehicles entered into a tunnel. Bong-Cha drove his car at a speed of 120 mph while Hari touched 110 mph in his bike. The traffic was moderate and both the vehicles moved swiftly to reach the end of the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, Bong-Cha noticed a car heading towards him. It was Domar’s car. Noticing this, Hari slowed down his bike and took out the revolver in his hand. He aimed straight at the car tyre and fired at it. The bullet hit the rim of the wheel and the car drifted across the tunnel. The car halted after it hit one of the corners of the tunnel. Bong-Cha stepped out of the car and he had gun placed on the President’s head.
‘Don’t get closer. I’ll blow off his head,’ said Bong-Cha.
‘Bong-Cha,’ said Hari Prakash, ‘leave the President. I assure you that we won’t harm you’.
Domar, who was standing opposite to Hari, said, ‘what the hell is wrong with you?’
Bong-Cha, who was standing between Hari and Domar, said looking at Domar, ‘you think you can arrest me? You’re still holding on to your hopes, right?’
Domar, pointing his gun at Bong-Cha, said, ‘I feel like shooting this bastard right this moment’.
Hari, pointing his gun at Bong-Cha, said to Domar, ‘hold it right there. We need him alive only then we get to know his plans.’
Domar said, ‘hell with the plans’. He then turned to President and asked, ‘give me a nod. I’ll rip his skull off right now’.
The place was filled with silence for a moment. All of a sudden a bullet traversed into the head of Bong-Cha. Neither Domar nor Hari triggered the bullet; instead it came from somewhere else. There was a third person who shot Bong-Cha.

Few seconds ago…
A kilometer away
A guy from the terrace of a twenty floor building was looking at the scene happening at the edge of the tunnel. He was viewing it through the sniper he held in his hand. He aimed the sniper straight at Bong-Cha. He then released a bullet that hit Bong-Cha’s forehead. After noticing Bong-Cha’s dead body, the guy took out his cell phone and dialed a number.

At the tunnel
Domar’s phone was found ringing. He looked at the display and the call was from an unknown number. He attended the call.
‘Nice shot isn’t it?’ it was the voice from the other side.
‘Who are you?’ asked Domar.

At the terrace of a twenty floor building
‘It doesn’t matter who I am. You have just forty six hours to save your city and the people. The clock is ticking’.

Written by Ashwin Kumar



  1. The narration was great with twists,turns, Bullet speed action sequences.Dumbstruck by the unexpected climax. Eagerly waiting for D5:)

  2. ohh wow.. this so fast and thrilling. a gripping narration as expected. you never fail to amaze me, Ashwin. and yeah, i must agree that i am absolutely stunned by your climax. now tell me is this your trick to make us wait for the D5? ;)

    *whistles* i wish i know how to 'fweee.. fweee' better.. cheerz man. :p

    1. haha.. i told you already that you'll be amazed with the climax :) and yeah, it's my way of arousing the curiosity for D5... Wait for it!! :)

  3. Oh.. man I loved it very much. All the twists twisted me like anything. Especially, climax had a punching twist. I thought this is the last tale in Domar series but I was wrong after I gone through this story. The series is still on.
    I am happy that my character is through out the story along with "Domar The Great".

    Finally, D4 is a big blast.

    1. i can sense the level of excitement within you :) hold your hopes high for D5 ;)