Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cute Little Story - a romantic 'short' story

Genre: Romance
I personally find myself 'bad' at writing romantic stories as I haven't explored much into it (maybe, I'm not that romantic). Still, I pushed myself and came up with a couple of romantic stories and this one, Cute Little Story, is one of the so called 'romantic' stories written by me. Do read this story and share your views in the comment box (you may find the story cliched, funny, kiddish or even good. Whatever it is just let me know so that I could refine my writing skills in the near future). 

Conversations in blue belong to the male character
Conversations in red belong to the female character

Cute Little Story

I saw her on a breezy evening while I was having my coffee at the famous coffee shop that lay opposite to Westside bus stop. While I was waiting for my coffee, I looked at the bus stop and she stood there in her pink churidhar waiting for the bus. Her hair flowed in waves and she adjusted it as it streaked her face. I gave a cold stare at her luscious and glossy lips. Her beautiful smile matched her captivating eyes. Her fair complexion synced her dress color. She appeared a perfect woman.

My coffee arrived a few minutes later. I continued to stare at her while having my coffee. Later, she noticed me staring at her. I put down the cup and took off my coolers. She looked at me. I looked to my left and to my right, and then looked at her. She was looking at me as there was no one except me at the coffee shop. She gave me a smile. I reached my cup and sipped some coffee, and then looked at her. Her waving hair and her alluring eyes kept my focus on her.

She then stepped out from the bus stop, crossed the road, and walked towards the coffee shop. I started to feel a bit anxious. A few seconds later, she was sitting before me, at the same table. I felt so jumpy that moment until I heard her speak.

‘Hi Nikhil, what have you been up to all these years?’
‘Excuse me, how do you know my name?’
‘You hardly recognize me, don’t you?’

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Are we really dignified?

'Are we really dignified?' This question often pops up in my mind when I look at a few crack heads who behave oddly when they are surrounded by a group of people. I witness such kind of behavior in my day to day life where I come across a bunch of individuals behaving in different ways. Few of those are really irritating, for example, talking in a louder tone interrupting others' conversation, mocking others using harsh words, honking horn continuously in traffic, spitting on the road, interrupting others while they're speaking, not switching off the mobile phones in silent zone, likewise I can list out many things. These are the basic entities that should be taken care of by an individual. When people try to implement such 'not to do' things, it creates nothing but irritation to people like me (yes, I get irritated more often). 

There is nothing wrong in practicing things that doesn't harm a fellow human being and in the same way implementing those in day to day life will not only fetch you dignity in the society but also avoids the cause of irritation among the fellow individuals. In my previous article No one to blame but yourself, I would have mentioned something like - 'Rules are meant to be followed not to be broken. They are just rules and not ‘death defying stunts’. Make a habit to follow those and I’m sure that it will cause you no harm.' Likewise these basic rules of life aren't tough to implement and following those doesn't cause you any harm. As an individual, one should be aware of these basic manners (found this while browsing through some websites), which I have listed below, and try to implement it in your daily life.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Incredible Cupcake!

The disco lights glittered. The music was louder creating irritation to the ears. People around me were dancing hysterically. Well, It's a birthday party. It was my best friend John’s birthday and I was there along with few of my friends to celebrate it. I took a look at the dining table. There were wide varieties of delicious dishes arranged neatly and I was searching for my favorite, Butterscotch cupcake, among those. At the corner of the table there was a single Butterscotch cupcake lying untouched. I rushed to that before someone spotted it and took it in my hand. ‘Phew!’ I sighed as I held the delicious cupcake in my hand. Closing my eyes, I took my face near the cupcake and smelled it. Oh my God! The aroma was awesome. Having my eyes closed, I took a bite of it. It was yummy. I enjoyed the delicacy as I chewed it slowly. I now decided to take a second bite and opened my eyes.  

Cupcake was in my hand, my mouth was wide open and so were the eyes, but I wasn’t able to go ahead and take a second bite. There were three sharp wooden sticks pointed to my chest and holding them were three incredibly scary tribal people. Their skin was tanned and reddish in color. They had those weird scary eyes and had ornaments made of skull tied over their necks. I looked around and the place appeared like an island with a dense jungle lying in front of me. They weren’t allowing me to take a bite of my cupcake. Moments later I was tied with chains and with the cupcake still in my hands I was taken along with them inside the jungle. 

"D4" - a story by Ashwin Kumar

About the story
This story is the fourth installment of my 'Dangerous Domar' series. This will be more of an action oriented rather than a full length satire. The major highlights of this story is the screenplay towards the end (I hope you'll be stunned by it) and the climax twist. 

Is it mandatory to read the prequels before starting this?
Not necessary, but if you've already read it then you'll enjoy this to the fullest. Even if you haven't read those, I can assure you that you're gonna enjoy reading this.

Links to the previous installments

Summary of Dangerous Domar 4
The story begins at Jamaica from where Domar and Hari sets out on their journey to Seoul to catch hold of the international terrorist Bong-Cha. 


Montego Bay, Jamaica
After arriving at Sangster International Airport, Hari Prakash got a cab and traveled all the way to Holiday Inn, where Domar was supposedly holidaying. Getting out of the car, Hari Prakash spotted Domar, who was in his boxer shorts, walking towards the car from the sea shore flaunting his perfectly toned six pack abs. Hari Prakash gave a high-five, a gesture of greeting, to Domar and they both walked towards the bar. 
'Vodka,' Domar looked at Hari and after Hari nodded a yes Domar said to the bartender, 'two vodkas'. 
'So, what brings you here?' Domar asked Hari. 
'Bong-Cha, we have found his whereabouts,' replied Hari.
The vodka arrived and Domar said as he took a sip of it, 'now what are we going to do?' 
'I've already booked the tickets. It's time to travel,' said Hari as he sipped some vodka. 
'Where?' asked Domar.
'To Seoul, South Korea.' 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Liebster Blog Award

I woke up this morning and as I sat down with the brush before my computer to check the mails I was surprised to find my blog nominated for the Liebster award. I jumped off my seat after I noticed my name over here - Vashti Q-Vega's blog. Thank you very much, Vashti, for nominating my blog for this award. 

What is Liebster Blog Award?
Liebster means “dearest” or “favorite” in German, and it’s an award given to up-and-coming blogs of less than 200 followers. 

Rules to follow
Rule 1.  Post 11 facts about yourself.
Rule 2.  Answer the 11 questions posed by the person who nominated you.
Rule 3.  Nominate 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award.
Rule 4.  Create 11 new questions for your nominees.
Rule 5.  Go to each blogger’s site and let them know about the award.
Rule 6.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to his/her blog.

11 random facts about me
  1. I love to write action and thrillers and I hate writing romantic stories.
  2. I hate olives and cashew nuts. 
  3. I prefer traveling to hilly areas rather than coastal places. I love mountains and snow very much.
  4. I'm an atheist.
  5. I would love to visit Seoul, South Korea at least once before 2015.
  6. I neither eat ice creams nor consume cold items. 
  7. I have 'sky diving' in my '10 things to do before I die' list.
  8. I hate traveling in car but I enjoy traveling in flight.
  9. I would love to do 'space walk' if I get a chance.
  10. I like photography.
  11. Music is my companion. I take my iPod wherever I go.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Science and Religion interlinked

Disclaimer: The below written words are solely based on my point of view and I'm not intended to target any particular religious group or hurt their feelings. As a human being I believe that I've got the rights to express my views. 

What is religion? According to Google, it is defined as 'details of belief as taught or discussed'. So, what is science? It is defined as 'knowledge attained through study or practice'. Now I guess you'll be able to find similarity between the two entities 'science' and 'religion'. The similarity is that both the entities are followed through study or practice. There is a difference existing between these two entities - religion derives its base from the history whereas science creates history. That doesn't mean that both are not interlinked, after all religion and science were brought into picture by a fellow human being.

Both the entities, religion as well as science, even though they are interlinked they do not function as same. Remember, A is always A and it never becomes B, but B always follows A (read it again if you didn't get it). Still, the questions unanswered by the science remains a mystery when it comes to religion to answer those. For example, if you ask me who created the universe, I would say it's the Big Bang. Now, the Big Bang theory falls under the category of science. Now if you ask me who created the Big Bang, I end up in an infinite loop looking for answer then I transfer that to the religion department. There I get a different answer like God triggered the Big Bang. Then I might ask them 'did God personally tell you that He triggered the explosion? If so, then who's Evil? God isn't supposed to trigger explosions, right?' Then I leave those people in the same infinite loop who then answer me 'some questions cannot be answered'.