Friday, 5 July 2013

Tell you something

Five star tea stall - somewhere in Southern part of India
Time: 5.10 pm
As Vijay entered the tea stall, he noticed Ajay, who was sitting at a table, looking anxious. He walked to the table and sat opposite to him.

Ajay: Vijay, why did you ask me to meet you all of a sudden? What's so urgent?
Vijay: Yeah, I want to tell you something.
Ajay: Is there a problem? Is it about your girlfriend?
Vijay: No, no. This is something... (lowering his voice a bit) something more important than that.
Ajay: What's that?
Vijay: It's really important and it's highly confidential. You have to promise me that you won't share this with anyone else. Promise me?
Ajay: Yeah tell me what's that.
Vijay: No, first promise me. From the bottom of your heart.
Ajay: Okay man, I promise that I won't share it with anyone. Tell me what it is.
Vijay: Okay, before that let me get some coffee. I'm feeling thirsty. 

A couple of minutes later Vijay came back to the table with two cups full of coffee. He placed it on the table and sat on his seat. 

Ajay: Are you going to tell me or what?
Vijay: Yes, The thing is... (Vijay noticed his cell phone ringing) Hey Ajay, I should take this call.

Ajay sat there at the table while Vijay walked out of the cafe. Ajay started to become over anxious about the information that Vijay was about to share. He was thinking - 'what really would have happened? What exactly is that important thing? Did he get a huge amount in lottery? No, the lottery is banned in our country. So what would that important thing be? Man, he landed me in a confused state.' He then saw Vijay walking towards him.

Vijay: Sorry man, it was an important call.
Ajay: Okay now are you gonna tell me what it is?
Vijay: First let's finish this coffee. 
Ajay: (sipping his coffee) What's that all about?
Vijay: It's gonna change our lives. Something really exciting which changed my life. I'm sure that it will change yours as well.
Ajay: Okay, tell me... 
(Interruption) Anonymous guy (to Vijay): Hey Vijay, how are you man? It has been a long time.
Vijay (to anonymous guy): What a surprise man! How are you?
Vijay (to Ajay): Ajay, this is my school mate. 
Vijay (to anonymous guy): Hey, this is Ajay.
--after some murmurs-- Vijay (to Ajay): Hey Ajay, we are going to take a puff. Do you care to join us?
Ajay (to Vijay): No, go ahead. 

As Ajay saw Vijay and his friend leaving the cafe, he kept on thinking - 'Life changing? How it is going to change my life? What change he experienced? What's that going to be?' Suddenly Ajay noticed traffic mess in the main road outside the cafe. When he rushed to the spot he found Vijay lying unconscious on the road. He was hit by a vehicle while he tried to cross the busy road.

A Hospital nearby the cafe
Ajay was waiting outside the intensive care unit and as the doctor stepped out, he went to him and asked, 'is he alright?'
The doctor said, 'he is safe but...'
'What happened, doctor?' 
'It's just that he cannot recollect any of his old memories. He just experienced memory loss'

Ajay stood there shocked. 'Memory loss...' it echoed in his ears.
'I want to tell you something. Promise me that you won't share this with anyone. It's highly confidential. Something really exciting which changed my life. It will change yours as well.' 
He stood there recollecting things said by Vijay few minutes ago at the cafe. 
'What exactly was that?' 

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. brilliant climax. sigh, whats that something..? :(

  2. Whats that ??????????? Tell you something part 2 ???

  3. vijay is a confused whether to worry about his friend's condition or to worry about the thing he did not say to him.
    I liked your open ended climax

  4. Aaaaaaaaah! I need to know! Ashwin, brilliant. Haha!

  5. Wow! I liked the suspense element. Life's indeed unpredictable!

  6. everyones itching to know what it was...
    a really unexpected ending :)

  7. very apt title!! suspense remained through out the story and even the climax does not bring that out.. Can you tell what was in Vijay's mind(you might better be knowing that SECRET apart from Vijay himself :) )??

    1. haha.. maybe the secret will be unveiled if Vijay gets back his memory :P