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Payback - a sequel to Pioneer

Link to the prequel: Pioneer

About the story
The story continues from where the prequel, 'Pioneer', ended. After the death of Philippe Noel, the drug lord, the cops are after Akash who is solely responsible for the murder and he is on a run but this time he is not alone as he takes his friend Siddharth along with him on the chase. 

Action / Thriller


All he could visualize was pitch darkness. He struggled a lot to open his eyes. Opening his eyes he found himself in his brother’s residence. Abhimanyu, the elder brother of Akash, stood there by the side of the bed along with Siddharth. 
‘He’s recovered,’ Siddharth said this to Abhimanyu.
‘Yeah, but, he needs some rest,’ Abhimanyu said to Siddharth.
‘Welcome back, brother,’ Abhimanyu said looking at Akash.
Akash got up from the bed and Abhimanyu left the place. Siddharth walked to the bed and sat beside Akash.
‘It’s over, Akash. Philippe Noel is dead, and we made it,’ Siddharth said this to Akash.
Akash looked at him and asked, ‘what if I got killed during the process? How could he do that to me?’ 
‘Listen, Abhimanyu had some safety backup measures to save you. But, things went out of control after you shot a policeman. It was your mistake,’ Siddharth said.
‘Oh! Now it's my mistake, huh?’ asked Akash. 
‘Don't confuse yourself. Just get some rest. Abhimanyu asked me to meet him at the hotel after an hour,’ Siddharth said this and walked out of the room.

Akash got out of the bedroom and walked to the kitchen. He prepared himself a cup of coffee and went to the balcony and sat there sipping the coffee. Meanwhile, something struck his mind. He put the coffee cup aside. Siddharth, as he walked towards his bike, got a call on his cell phone. It was from Abhimanyu.
Siddharth attended the call and spoke, ‘yes brother, tell me.’ 
‘Where are you, Siddharth?’ it was Abhimanyu from the other end of the call. 
‘I’m on the way brother. Give me half an hour,’ Siddharth cut the call and rode his bike off the street. 

Akash, from the balcony, spotted Siddharth crossing the street. He reached downstairs and found a bike at the garage. The bike was in working condition, and he got into it, and rode it in the direction where Siddharth went. Siddharth started from Juhu, where Abhimanyu’s apartment was located. Within ten minutes of his departure, he reached Santa Cruz and after driving five minutes he halted at a signal. Akash, who started five minutes later from Juhu, increased his speed and reached Santa Cruz soon while Siddharth was waiting at the signal. Akash spotted Siddharth from half a kilometer distance. The signal turned green and Siddharth drove his bike straight to Kurla, where Abhimanyu’s hotel was located. Akash tried to ride his bike faster as he spotted that he had just 10 seconds to cross the signal, and he was 500 feet away from it. Akash crossed the signal when it turned yellow. He then spotted Siddharth’s bike from a distance. He drove faster and overtook him. Siddharth applied sudden brake and both the bikes were halted creating a mess in the roads. Some of the vehicles were halted behind Siddharth’s bike and they were honking the horn continuously. Akash signaled Siddharth to follow him and they together traveled towards Kurla. 

The Residency Hotel – Kurla West, Mumbai
Abhimanyu was in his office room waiting for Siddharth. He took his cell phone and dialed Siddharth’s number. The phone was ringing but Siddharth was not picking it up. Abhimanyu was trying again and again, but there was no response.

Gandhi Hospital – Kurla West, Mumbai
Gandhi Hospital was located right opposite to The Residency Hotel. Akash took Siddharth into the hospital and they walked to the terrace from where they could have a clear view of Abhimanyu’s office. Akash brought a binocular with him and he stood there at the terrace viewing Abhimanyu’s office room through the binocular. He saw Abhimanyu taking his cell phone and dialing a number. Siddharth’s phone started to ring, and the call was from Abhimanyu. Akash told Siddharth not to pick it up. Akash zoomed out the binocular and he found something else. There were two other persons in the room, each of them having guns in their pants. Akash gave the binocular to Siddharth and asked him to take a look. 

At the hotel, Abhimanyu threw the phone aside, and sat there placing his hands on his head. Meanwhile, one of those two guys went to Abhimanyu.
‘Sir, what happened?’ the guy asked Abhimanyu.
Abhimanyu threw the file that was right in front of him, on the table, and said, ‘he is not picking up the phone. I tried to reach Akash. He wasn’t available there.’ 

At the terrace of the hospital, Akash explained to Siddharth, ‘it’s a trap. I guessed it when Abhimanyu left the house and asked you to meet at the hotel after an hour. It was just a wild guess and now I could trace out the truth from what I see. I know about Abhimanyu. He always avoids having loose ends. You would have ended up dead if you had entered the hotel.’
Siddharth was surprised. He then said, ‘what the crap! What are we going to do now?’ 
‘I don’t know. Let’s wait until I think of something,’ Akash said.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities spotted Akash through the surveillance camera and immediately reported that to Police. Since the case was reopened, Police has been making intense search to find the whereabouts of Akash and now after getting the clue a team of Police officers started from Kurla Police station to the Gandhi Hospital with an arrest warrant to arrest Akash.

Akash and Siddharth, standing at the terrace, spotted a couple of police vehicles heading towards the hospital. The police parked the vehicles outside the hospital, and a bunch of police officers got into the hospital building. Meanwhile, a policeman from the ground made an announcement – 'Mr. Akash, we know that you are in there. Don’t try to escape. We are here to arrest you. Kindly co-operate with us. We will make sure that you will be safe'. 
On hearing that, Akash was shocked, and so was Siddharth. They didn't know that the case was reopened. They had nothing to do but to get away from the location. Akash walked to the other side of the terrace. He looked down from the building. There were no cops at the other end of the building. He looked at Siddharth.
‘We have to get out of this building, right now,’ Akash said this to Siddharth.
‘But, how can we get out of this building? The cops are on the way to the terrace,’ Siddharth looked down the building, and said, ‘wait, wait, you are not thinking to jump off the building, aren't you?’ 
‘That’s what we are going to do,’ Akash said and again looked down the building. 
‘Are you crazy? Jump off from the seventh floor, just like that?’
Akash found a lorry carrying some garbage entering the street. The compartment of the lorry was left open and it was filled with garbage and Akash decided for a safe land in there. He, along with Siddharth, made a jump; and their jump exactly synced with the timing the lorry crossed the building. They made a bumpy land on the garbage bags. As the lorry crossed the building, the police man standing near to the car outside the hospital started to blow the whistle after seeing Akash and Siddharth getting away from the location. The cops who were almost near to the terrace rushed downstairs after hearing the whistle sound. Akash and Siddharth got off from the lorry and they started to run away from the location.

Abhimanyu came downstairs and looked at the messed up situation. He saw Akash and Siddharth getting away from the location. He turned to his bodyguards, who accompanied him, and said, ‘bring the car from the basement. We have to follow them.’ 
The car arrived and Abhimanyu got into it. The car moved in the direction where Akash and Siddharth escaped. The cops followed them in the other direction. 

As they were running towards the airport road, Siddharth started to lose energy. 
‘Dude, come on. You can’t stop just like that. We will get killed,’ Akash said this holding Siddharth’s hand after they halted few meters away from the highway. 
‘Sorry Akash, let’s go,’ Siddharth said.
‘Okay, come on.’
They ran towards the airport highway. It was indeed a busy highway and they halted there before getting to the other side of the road. Akash turned back and saw cops nearing them, and to their other side it was Abhimanyu’s car. They were blocked from all sides and the only possibility of escape was getting to the other side of the highway. Akash took a stone, which lay on the ground near his foot, and threw that on a car that was heading from their right side. The car screeched and it hit another car, making a mess. Likewise, the cars that followed were halted, creating a massive traffic blockage. Akash and Siddharth managed to cross half of the road. The other half of the highway continued to be busy. Akash spotted a huge container lorry heading from their left side. Akash said to Siddharth, ‘by the count of three, catch hold of the grip.’ Akash counted three and both pushed themselves forward to get catch hold of the grip. The lorry moved away from the location. Abhimanyu, after seeing this, turned his car and started to drive in the direction in which the lorry moved. He then reached the divider and turned his car to the adjacent lane to follow the container lorry. Meanwhile, the cops were involved in clearing the traffic at the highway after they lost their track on them. As the container moved, Akash spotted a river that was flowing below the bridge. He signaled Siddharth to jump off the bridge. As the container entered the bridge, Akash and Siddharth detached themselves from the container and rolled on the road. Then, they immediately got up and ran to the footpath of the bridge that lay to their left side. They saw Abhimanyu’s car nearing the bridge. Siddharth jumped into the river followed by Akash. Abhimanyu stopped the car after seeing this. He got out of the car and looked down the bridge. 
‘Sir, one end of the stretch ends at Andheri, and the other end at Bandra,’ one of Abhimanyu’s bodyguards said.
‘Okay, then split into groups. Take your people and go to Bandra, and I’ll go to Andheri,’ Abhimanyu said this and waited there for another car to pick him up.

Akash and Siddharth managed to swim in the river as the water current was low. After swimming for twenty minutes they reached a place that was located at the backside of the airport’s runway. The place was totally isolated. Both of them reached the river bank and rested there. The airport was visible from a distance and so did the city. Akash looked at Siddharth who appeared completely tired.  
‘Feeling tired?’ Akash asked Siddharth.
‘Yeah, completely,’ Siddharth replied him.
Akash got up and stood facing the river, and he said, ‘this tiredness is nothing compared to all the pain I have experienced because of you and my brother. And, you joined hands with him; that was unbelievable. From the moment I got to know the truth, I wanted to finish you off.’
‘What?’ Siddharth’s voice appeared puzzled.
‘Yes, I brought you here to kill you. Not only you, I’m going to kill that bloody bastard who made a master plan. It's payback time!’ Akash said this and took out a gun.
‘No, no, no, listen to me Akash.’ 
Akash unlocked his gun and pointed at Siddharth, and then said, ‘this is not the time for conversation.’ He shot him on his abdomen and on his thigh. Siddharth went unconscious in few moments.
Akash then dumped Siddharth’s body in the nearby located dump yard. He then walked for an hour to reach the main road. He stood there waiting for a lift. Meanwhile, a car slowed down. It was Abhimanyu's car. He opened the door and Akash got in. 
‘Where is Siddharth?’ Abhimanyu asked Akash, who sat next to driver.
There was no reply from Akash. He was silent until they reached Abhimanyu’s residence. He went inside and he sat down on the sofa while Abhimanyu prepared him a drink. 
‘Here, have it,’ Abhimanyu offered him a drink.
Akash took the glass in the hand and said, ‘thank you.’ 
‘What happened to Siddharth?’ Abhimanyu asked him once again.
‘Only I got out from the river. He might be drowned,’ Akash said this and sipped some drink. 
Abhimanyu then checked the pockets of Akash. He found a gun. Akash simply turned away from him and walked to the window. Abhimanyu went near him and asked, ‘did you kill Siddharth?' After hearing no response from Akash, Abhimanyu said in an anger filled tone, 'How could you kill him? He was supposed to save you from cops and you killed him. What kind of person are you?’ 
Akash simply ignored him. He found a knife that lay next to him on the table. He took it in his hand and poked into Abhimanyu’s abdomen. Abhimanyu’s eyes quickly reddened. He pushed Akash and took out the knife. Blood spilled all over. He dropped the gun on the floor and knelt down yelling with pain. Akash went near him and picked up the gun. He pointed it at Abhimanyu. On seeing that, Abhimanyu hit the hand in which he held the gun. The gun slipped from Akash’s hand. Akash made a move to pick up the gun and in the mean time Abhimanyu managed himself and reached the lamp that was few steps away from him. Before Akash picked up the gun, Abhimanyu removed the bulb from the lamp. He took a coin from his pocket, and placed that on the bulb holder. He then put back the bulb on the holder. Akash picked up the gun and the lights went off. The room was covered with darkness. Abhimanyu made a move and ended up hitting the aquarium. Akash, after hearing the sound, fired the bullets in that direction. After some time Akash stopped hearing noises. He slowly reached the door, which was just few steps away from him, and reached the fuse box. He turned on the power. The lights were back and Abhimanyu was lying unconscious on the floor. A bullet lay beside his body and another one was missing. Assuming Abhimanyu to be dead, Akash walked out of the house holding the gun in his hand. 

Akash did not expect the situation outside Abhimanyu’s residence. The house was surrounded by cops, and they were aiming their guns at the house. As soon as Akash stepped out from the house, an announcement was made, ‘freeze! The police have surrounded the house. Don’t try to escape.’ 
Abhimanyu heard the announcement as he got up. The bullets fired by Akash did not hit Abhimanyu. He was resting on the second bullet which was visible as he got up. Abhimanyu’s cell phone rang. He took it out from his pocket and it was a call from Siddharth. 
‘Brother, please don’t step outside. I brought the police in here. They are here to arrest Akash. Stay inside, please,’ Siddharth said.
'Tell me that they are gonna kill him,' said Abhimanyu.
'This has to happen sooner or later. Let him die in their hands,' replied Siddharth. 
Abhimanyu placed his cell phone on the sofa and sat there on the floor next to it. Meanwhile, Akash saw the police aiming their guns at him. He gave a smile and slowly raised his hand. Akash then pointed his gun to one of the policeman and as he was about to open the fire he was shot in the chest by that policeman. Abhimanyu heard a series of gunshots. 

Akash lay dead in the lawn. Siddharth got out of the police car and walked to the lawn. He was tied with thick bandages all over his abdomen and he also had one tied to his right thigh as well. He crossed Akash’s body and reached the front door of the house. As he opened the door he saw Abhimanyu sitting on the floor and he was bleeding heavily. He rushed to him and said, ‘hold tight. The ambulance is just outside.’
‘What happened to you?’ Abhimanyu asked Siddharth after noticing the bandages. 
‘Akash shot me and threw me in the dump yard. I gained consciousness after few minutes. The dump yard guys took me to hospital.’ Siddharth explained to Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu recollected what happened in the car. After Akash got into his car, he asked Akash about Siddharth. Akash remained silent. Then, Abhimanyu tried to reach Siddharth but the connection failed. He then sent a text to Siddharth – ‘Akash is with me. You can inform the cops now.’ 

‘Did you get my text?’ Abhimanyu asked Siddharth.
‘Yes, I read you message on my way to the hospital after swapping the cell phone with a dump yard guy. I informed to police right away.’ Siddharth said this as he cleaned Abhimanyu’s blood.
The ambulance arrived after few minutes in which Abhimanyu was taken to the hospital whereas Siddharth stayed back at Abhimanyu's residence looking at the cops who were clearing out the mess. 

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. so that's it? ayyo, poor Akash. I thought its his time for the payback :-l but this is an unexpected ending.. perhaps a non heroic and a realistic one. hmm...

    1. yeah, i wasn't able to think of an alternative to end this story. i felt its better to end this way :) using my formula 'a twist in the tale'

    2. lol perhaps you should have paired Siddarth with Akash and killed Abimanyu for his cunning character. that could be the real payback as the title suggests... :P but i must accept that it was an engrossing read... :)

    3. haha.. i guessed the readers' pulse and molded it in such a way that the turning point should be out of guessing limits.. :P

    4. i just followed this 'not everyone who sets out on his payback mission tastes success'... also i considered this 'if abhimanyu is cunning enough to plan something big in the first part (pioneer) he shud be equally cunning in foreseeing the negative events that is supposed to happen (like it happened in this part)'... :P

    5. haha.. then Abimanyu is the anti hero here.. that's a cool thought.. ;-) :D

    6. haha.. yeah! neither a hero nor a villain.. ;)