Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 9

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Chennai International Airport, India
Assistant commissioner of Police, Mr. Chakravarthy, was waiting at the arrival terminal to receive Francis Eclair aka Sam who was arriving at Chennai traveling all the way from Russia. Chakravarthy was holding a pic of Sam in his hand just to identify him when he walks through the door. After waiting for sometime, Chakravarthy heard an announcement regarding the delay of the flight. On hearing that, he walked to the waiting room and sat there taking a short nap. After an hour, the flight arrived and Chakravarthy spotted Sam walking towards the exit. 

Chakravarthy then escorted Sam to a famous star hotel, that goes by the name 'Taj', in the city. After reaching the hotel, Sam informed Damien, who was in Russia, about his safe landing. Chakravarthy then escorted Sam to his room. Sam headed to the bathroom to refresh himself while the assistant commissioner was busy going through the documents. 

After an hour 
Restaurant - II floor, Hotel Taj
Chakravarthy and Sam conversed with each other as they had their lunch.
'Mr. Sam, I guess you started liking our country.'
'Mm...hmm...' Sam placed down the soup bowl on the table and said, 'of course Mr. Chakravarthy.'
Chakravarthy picked up the file that lay on the table and handed it to Sam. He then said, 'your appointment order and identity card. Your work starts tomorrow. I'll be picking you by 6 in the morning.'

Daily Magazine main office
Sam reached the Daily Magazine office where he was supposed to be working for a certain period of time. The managing director of the Daily Magazine was a relation to the assistant commissioner Chakravarthy and he was aware of Sam's identity but managed to act like he didn't know anything about Sam. He escorted Sam to his cubicle after introducing him to the other staffs. Sitting on his seat, Sam looked around the office. The atmosphere appeared cozy and he began liking it. Then he heard from a guy who sat at the adjacent cubicle, 'hi, I'm Amit.' Sam then shook hands with Amit.