Thursday, 11 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 15

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"There are two kinds of Human Beings in this World. One who knows the meaning of Humanity and the other who follows it"

Interrogation room
Police headquarters, Moscow, Russia
Peter was made to sit on a chair with his hands tied and Damien sat opposite to him. The interrogation began -

Damien: Peter, explain me.
Peter: I work for them, Damien. I did what I was supposed to do, changing the identities of the terrorists and safeguard them from getting attacked.
Damien: Have you lost your mind, Peter? Do you realize that you have committed a crime? You'll be hanged for what you've done.
Peter: I don't fear death, Damien. If death is only thing that fears me, I would not have been here sitting in front of you getting caught. I knew this would happen one day but you're a genius, Damien. I never expected you to find me this soon.
Damien: So you think you can escape from us? Or at least get your pardons and walk away from here just like a King? Don't ever imagine anything because that ain't gonna happen with you. You are about to face very bad consequences.
Peter: It's just that I'm worried about this country, this world and the people. People say that we doesn't know the meaning of Humanity. They branded us with the name 'terrorists'. But that won't stop us from doing what we are supposed to do. I was born for this, Damien. It's my duty.
Damien: Who are all involved in this? Where are those terrorists? I know that you're not gonna answer any of my questions now.
Peter: I told you, you're a genius, Damien. 
Damien: Don't interrupt me when I talk... Just let me complete what I'm supposed to say. I'm gonna shift you to the main prison and Peter, I don't think you could tolerate the pain that I'm supposed to give it to you. 

Damien asked his two subordinate officers, Gav and Stefen, to escort Peter to the main prison while he arranged a meeting with the Government attorney, the Mayor of the city and his chief at the Police headquarters. 

Meanwhile at Mumbai
Francis stood there looking at Amit's dead body. He then found his cell phone ringing. It was an international call. 
'Yes,' said Francis in a louder tone as the place was echoing with screams of the crowd who were running here and there after the bomb blast. 
'Brother, it's me.'

Meanwhile at Moscow
Peter was driving the car and the two subordinate officers, Gav and Stefen, lay dead at the back seat. He took the cell phone in his hand, as he drove the car, and dialed Francis' number. The call was picked up by his brother Francis Eclair aka Sam aka Salim.
'Brother, it's me,' said Peter on the phone.
'Brother, is everything okay?' asked Salim aka Francis.
'The time has arrived.'
'What about Damien?' asked Salim.
'I sent him a text. Everything is going smooth according to our plan.'
'Ismail, make sure you stay safe brother.'
'I'll be safe. Meet me at Istanbul,' said Ismail aka Peter and he hung up the call.

Police headquarters, Moscow, Russia
Damien was seated at the conference room along with the attorney, mayor and the senior officers to discuss about the execution of Peter. The meeting was about to begin and Damien took his cell phone in his hand to switch it off. That time a text message popped up on his screen and Damien decided to read it before switching off. The message read -

Mr. Damien, the time has arrived to begin our mission. Our mission is to rebuild the humanity by destroying the corrupt. Everything went accordingly as planned and I'm grateful to you for being a part of our plan. Yes, we diverted you totally such that we could go ahead with our plans without being monitored and you were reacting good to every false information I provided you. Everything you know, you saw didn't exist for real. I made up things to safeguard our brothers from getting attacked. Now the time has come for destruction and it all starts at home.

Damien read the last few words twice 'it all starts at home'. He began to sweat as he looked at the mayor and his senior officials. 'What's wrong, Damien?' he heard this from his chief officer but he was left speechless after reading it again - 'It all starts at home'.
The Police headquarters blasted into pieces leaving everyone inside dead.

Istanbul, Turkey
A couple of days later
Salim and Ismail arrived at a resort. David and Yuda, who were hiding at different countries, joined them later at the resort. By the evening, all the four were partying and that time Salim spotted Symond Robins walking into the resort. He said, 'hey Agustin, what's up man', as he walked to him and gave him a hug. 'You seem so energetic', said Symond aka Agustin and he joined them for a drink.

At a mall in Mumbai
Few minutes before the bomb blast
'Whoa! Whoa! Guys, what's happening over here?' it was Symond Robins who entered the scene.
'Who are you? You wanna die as well?' asked Amit looking at Symond.
Francis signaled Symond through his eyes and Symond made a quick move kicking Amit. Symond then kicked Daya and he saw Francis running after Amit. Symond walked to Daya and sat before him opening his bag which he left there at the cafe. He took out the time bomb and tied it around Daya's chest. He then muttered in his ears, 'you think you can destroy Salim? You got it wrong buddy. Now is the time for the payback. You shouldn't have been here.' Symond walked out of the mall and then he triggered the explosion. 

Istanbul, Turkey
'So, what's next?' asked Agustin aka Symond Robins to Ismail.
'We can't plan our next move until we get instructions from our leader. Let's wait for it.'


Written by Ashwin Kumar


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    1. that was how i sat after reading this episode. btw, this is a WOW series and this ending of the beginning is totally unexpected. I am awestruck. :)

    2. haha, i already said that its gonna be a bouncer! :P

    3. ya it was totally a great experience reading this.. thank you for presenting a wonderful series :D

      season 2 eppo release? :p

    4. haha.. no season 2. it will be a full length story ;)

  2. I pity you, Sam :-(.
    Its a stunning series. You did not drag this series as it happens with TV serial.
    Brilliantly narrated every episode.