Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 14

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Police headquarters, Moscow, Russia
Damien, after sending the photo of Agustin to Francis, got himself a cup of coffee and sat down before his computer going through some crime files. Later he came across an article in the internet which stated that a criminal escaped from the Tihar Jail has been found dead in a bomb blast and the Indian Police have alerted the border patrol to trace out the escaped prisoner. The article also stated that the 4 other prisoners who escaped along with the dead one were missing and their whereabouts were being traced. Damien then looked at the photo of the dead prisoner and he felt like he has seen him somewhere. He then cross verified the photo in the article with the photos of the terrorists he had in his file. Surprisingly, Damien found the photo matching with the one he had. The dead prisoner resembled Ismail. He immediately took the phone and dialed the information department which was located few meters away from his cabin. The call was picked up by a person and Damien said over the phone, 'send Peter to my cabin immediately'. The man from the other side replied, 'sir Peter has gone to grab a snack. I'll inform him once he gets back'. 

Damien then cross verified the photos of the other 4 prisoners with the photos he had with him. Everything matched perfectly except one. He was surprised to find out that the criminals whom they were after were escaped prisoners and not international terrorists. The names of these prisoners have been changed in the global database making them the international terrorists. He had 4 of those photos matched with those prisoners but the photo of Agustin did not match with any of those. At that time, Damien spotted a pop up advertisement in the website which had a travel agent guy and a quote stating 'Travel to your dream destination at an affordable price. Contact Symond Robins'. The guy in that photo matched with Agustin's photograph. He then heard Peter knocking the door.

'Did you call me Mr. Damien?' asked Peter after he opened the door.
Damien threw the photos on the floor and asked, 'who is Symond Robins?'
Peter's face turned pale all of a sudden. He replied in a stammering tone, 'Damien, let me explain...'
Before he could complete he got a heavy blow on his face from Damien. The blow made Peter unconscious.


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