Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 13

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Francis stood up from his seat and looked towards the exit. He saw Symond Robins turning back, looking at him and giving a faint smile. He then saw Symond taking out a remote control from his pocket and then he saw him pressing the red button on it. The car was unlocked and Symond Robins, as he walked to his car, realized that he forgot his bag inside the mall. By the time he walked inside the mall he noticed something bizarre. He saw Francis rounded by three guys, each holding a gun in their hands.

Daya, Amit and Mari were after Sam. Through Inspector Duraiswamy they came to know that Sam has traveled all the way to Bhopal and Commissioner Chakravarthy helped him in his escape. Amit and the other two, as they were about to head to Bhopal, were confronted by Chakravarthy at a checkpost. Chakravarthy tried to stop them but the goons escaped from him injuring a couple of police officers. After reaching Bhopal, Amit and his gang got to know that Sam moved to Mumbai and they traveled all the way to Mumbai to confront Sam and kill him. They reached Mumbai, tracked the Hotel where Sam stayed and followed him to the mall. After Symond Robins stepped out of the mall, Amit, Mari and Daya confronted Sam aka Francis at the mall.

'You didn't expect us here, right Sam?' asked Amit who stood in front of Francis pointing a gun at him.
'I wanna kill this guy right here and right now,' said Mari whose tone was filled with anger.
'Whoa! Whoa! Guys, what's happening over here?' it was Symond Robins who entered the scene.
'Who are you? You wanna die as well?' asked Amit looking at Symond.

The crowd at the mall stood still at their places staring at the situation. The cops weren't available at the location to take control of the situation. Francis signaled Symond through his eyes and Symond made a quick move kicking Amit. Amit then fell on Daya and Mari was handled by Francis. Francis, as he walked to Amit, spotted Mari getting up and running away from the location. Daya was handled by Symond and Francis was after Amit who started to run away. Amit got out of the mall and Francis followed him. Mari was somewhere inside the mall hiding himself from Francis and Symond. Amit and Francis ran half a kilometer away from the mall and suddenly Amit felt a force striking his back. He then halted and turned back to see what it was. The mall was blasted into pieces. He saw Francis noticing the same standing few feet away from him. 'Daya... Mari...' yelled out Amit as he ran towards Francis. Francis, on seeing Amit running towards him, took out his revolver and shot twice in his chest. Amit died instantly.



  1. whoa! after a gap, its like a season 2 of Breakaway.. brilliant start.. and i dint expect this twist at all. i was expecting for 'THE BOOM' as you gave a big hype to the remote but only that was about to open the car.. lol. well, that means i over-imagined the scene.. loved this twist actually... :P

    so Amit chapter is closed and the action with Symond begins.. great going. :D

    1. i'm glad you're enjoying the series. the next episode is surely a bouncer!

  2. Good start. I did not expect that the remote to is open the car door. You nicely held the nerves of the reader at the beginning and I am able to visualize the action sequence with Amit while reading.