Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 12

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Sam called his chief officer, Damien, to inform about Ismail's demise. 
'Sir, Ismail is already dead,' said Sam in the phone.
'What? Are you sure that's him?' asked Damien from the other end of the call.
'Yes sir, I'm sure its him. Salim, David and Ismail are dead. Yuda and Agustin are the only ones remaining in our list. Did you trace out the photograph of the Agustin? '
'Peter has almost traced it. I will be sending you the photograph anytime,' said Damien.

After hanging up the call, Sam found out that he had no outfits to wear for the day. Looking through the window, he spotted a mall nearby. He decided to head to the mall to do a quick purchase. He locked his room, stepped out of the hotel and walked to the mall. At the entrance, someone tapped his shoulder from his behind. He turned back to see who it was but there was no sign of anyone. When he turned his head he spotted a man standing before him. He was none other than Symond Robins, his travel agent friend. 
'Hey Symond, what a surprise man! What are you doing here?' asked Sam aka Francis. 
'Francis, I'm surprised to see you here,' said Symond as they hugged each other. 
'Coffee?' asked Francis pointing to the coffee shop at the ground floor.

Francis aka Sam ordered two cups of espresso, his favorite drink. He then noticed Symond carrying a baggage with him.
'Hey, why are you carrying such a heavy thing?' asked Francis looking at the bag which Symond had on his lap.
'Laptops and some regular stuffs. Okay, you never informed me anything about your trip.'
'It's quite confidential. Anyways...' Francis' cell phone beeped. He got a mail and it was from his chief officer Damien. He opened the mail and downloaded the photo. It was the photo of Agustin, the most wanted terrorist who is on the hit list. He then continued with Symond, 'well, how long you gonna stay here?'
Symond looked at his watch and then said, 'oops! I gotta go. I'll call you.'
'Hey what about the coffee?' asked Francis as he saw Symond getting up from the seat.
'Next time buddy. I'm so sorry,' said Symond and he walked towards the exit.

Francis found the photo in the cell phone to be loading as it appeared a bit blurred. He then found Symond's bag under the table. He looked towards the exit and saw Symond walking towards the exit gate. He then uttered, 'Symond, buddy, your bag'. Symond, without responding to Francis, walked out of the mall. The cell phone beeped once again indicating that the photo has been downloaded. Francis was stunned for a moment after taking a look at the photo. The man in the photo resembled Symond Robins. He then stood up from his seat and looked towards the exit. He saw Symond Robins turning back, looking at him and giving a faint smile. He then saw Symond taking out a remote control from his pocket and then he saw him pressing the red button on it.