Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 11

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Sam was rescued by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chakravarthy, and his stay was arranged far away from the city. On the flip side, the trio Amit, Mari and Daya were rigorously tracking Sam's whereabouts. Chakravarthy provided Sam with a laptop and data card as demanded by Sam. Sam connected to the network and opened his mailbox. He had an unread mail from his chief officer. The mail read - 'David's presence has been spotted at a place named Bhopal, located somewhere in the northern part of India and Ismail's whereabouts is being traced out.'

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Sam checked into Kailash lodge located opposite to Chandni Bar. The reports indicated that David regularly visited Chandni Bar, for at least thrice in a week. Sam's room was located at the first floor facing the bar. He had a clear view of the bar entrance from the window. Sam set up his sniper and was waiting to spot David who was supposed to arrive anytime at the bar. Meanwhile he received a phone call. It was from Damien.
'Son, we have traced out Ismail's whereabouts,' said Damien from the other side of the call.
'Where?' asked Sam.
'Mumbai, and the reports states that he is planning a bomb blast in a big scale. Son, just trace him out and kill him before he does anything,' said Damien.
'Sure sir,' Sam said and hung up the phone.

Sam was waiting for his target to arrive. The barrel of the sniper was aimed at the bar entrance and it was fitted with a silencer just to avoid the sound of the gun shot. As he was focusing, his cell phone received another call and it was from assistant commissioner Chakravarthy.
'Yes Mr. Chakravarthy,' said Sam over the phone.
'Mr. Sam, Amit and the other two fellows are after you. I tried to catch them but unfortunately they escaped. They have also wounded two officers,' said Chakravarthy from the other side of the call.
'I don't want to hear that again. Next time when you call I want the news that Amit and his gang are dead. Understand?'

The target arrived and Sam hung up the call. He saw David entering the bar and focused his aim on the door to shoot him by the time he exits. Few minutes later he spotted David exiting the bar and shot two bullets that dodged into David's head causing him an instant death. Sam then packed his bags and checked out of the hotel. He then headed to Mumbai to confront his next target, Ismail.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Sam, after reaching Mumbai, checked into Hotel Bismil. After taking a bath, Sam sat on the sofa holding the cup of coffee which he ordered a couple of minutes ago. He turned on the television and he was surprised after looking at the news. The news was about the minor bomb blast that happened in the city a day ago and the death victims photos were being displayed on the television screen. One of those photos matched with the one Sam had in his file. When he browsed through the file, he took out Ismail's photo and found it matching with the death victim.


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