Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 10

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The next few months
Amit helped Sam to overcome the language barrier by teaching him a few words in Tamil. Within a couple of months after joining the company, Sam shifted to Amit's residence and they shared the household expenses.

One fine day
It was midnight and Sam's cell phone was ringing continuously. Sam reached his phone and when he looked at the display he saw Damien's name on it. Sam immediately picked up the phone. As Amit was sleeping in the adjacent room, he had very little chance of getting to know what exactly is going on in Sam's room. 
'Hey kid, did I wake you up?' said Damien from the other end of the telephone call.
'No problem sir. I guess you've some news for me,' said Sam. 
'Yes, Peter gave me an information that Salim has been spotted in Chennai. I guess that's the place you're in right now.'
'Yes sir,' Sam opened the draw and took out the photos. He then said looking at Salim's photo, 'I got this. Let me run a trace on him.'
'Make sure you stay safe, Francis,' Damien said and hung up the call.

Sam spent the entire night gathering information about Salim. He checked the mails sent by Damien and from the information given through mails Sam understood that Salim has been spotted thrice at a same location, a mall at the center of the city. He decided to visit that mall.

After a couple of weeks
Sam has been visiting the mall for past few days to spot the most wanted terrorist Salim. He has been hiding himself in the crowd and covering his face just to avoid getting noticed by the enemy. As usual Sam walked into the mall and being a weekend the mall was pretty much crowded. Luckily, Sam spotted Salim, who was waiting for someone at the second floor, from the ground floor. He got into the escalator and reached the second floor. Salim was standing few feet away from the escalators. Sam casually walked towards him and stood by his side. He then softly muttered, 'just don't make a move. I know its you. Stay calm and listen to what I...' Sam, before he completed, saw Salim running away from him. 'Now he is dead,' said Sam and he began to chase Salim.

Sam spotted Salim getting down the escalators. He then reached the ground floor and saw Salim exiting the mall. He rushed towards the exit and found him crossing the busy road. He ran out of the mall and reached the road. He saw Salim jumping the divider and getting to the other side of the road. Before Sam made a quick move, he saw a heavy vehicle hitting Salim throwing him several feet away. Salim died on the spot and Sam got away from the location. 

The same day 
The sun has set and Sam was in his room typing a report which he is supposed to mail to his chief officer Damien. After sending a mail regarding the closure of Salim's file, Sam took his camera and connected to his computer. He browsed through the photographs which he took a couple of days ago at the Elliot's beach. As he was looking at the photographs, he heard Amit entering the house. He cleared his mail outbox before Amit reached the room. 
'Hey Sam, how was your day?' asked Amit as he walked into Sam's room.
'It was not bad. Hey, you look so energetic. What's the matter?' asked Sam.
'Nothing, I will be back after taking a bath,' Amit said and he left the place.

Sam then took his cell phone and dialed assistant commissioner's number. The call was picked up by Chakravarthy himself.
'Yes Mr. Sam,' said Chakravarthy from the other end of the call.
'Mr. Chakravarthy, I captured some photos of a drug deal a couple of days back. I think you might be interested in handling this case. What do you say?' said Sam.
'Mr. Sam, I don't want you to get involved in anything. Erase those photographs and just concentrate on the work you were assigned,' Chakravarthy said and he hung up the call.

Sam opened the folder to erase the photos and Amit, all of a sudden, entered Sam's room. He said, 'hey Sam, we will be leaving to Pondicherry tomorrow to cover a political conference.'
'Tomorrow? At what time?' asked Sam as he closed the folder containing the photographs.
'By 6 am. Make sure the batteries are fully charged,' said Amit as he left the room. 

The next day Sam and Amit departed to Pondicherry. Sam never expected those unforeseen events to happen that day. He was chased by two goons for no reason and as things began to unveil, he found Amit joining hands with those goons to kill him. Sam managed to escape from the goons. He stabbed Amit and a goon with knife and fled away from the location.

As he was running away from them, he took out his cell phone and dialed Chakravarthy's number. He said after the call was picked up at the other side, 'i'm in trouble.'



  1. Things tying up now..I think this guy Chakravarthy is also hand in gloves with the drug racket.

  2. waiting for the puzzles to get solved. and i second Patnaik.. there is something fishy about this coè.. let us see whats in store.. good going.. :)

    1. hold on tight to your guesses.. the suspense is going to be maintained in the next few episodes :)