Sunday, 14 July 2013

Am I a 'Monster'?

Am I a 'Monster'? This is what always keep echoing in my mind whenever I try to eat non vegetarian food. Even though I come from a 'Brahmin' family, I've never had any restrictions from my parents like 'if you touch non veg, you're dead' and I had full freedom to try whatever I feel like eating. Hence I decided to try my hand at non vegetarian food and it all started 4 years ago, in the year 2009. I remember having tried the chicken curry and fish curry once when I was a kid but I don't exactly remember how it tasted so I decided to head to KFC (in the year 2009) with one of my non vegetarian buddy just to give it a try. For the first time I felt it somewhat awkward as I was never used to chicken. Slowly I started to get used to it and it happened at the beginning of 2010, where I tried having Tandoori Chicken at an excellent restaurant located near Chennai Marina Beach. I enjoyed a lot having it that day. I then started to get further used to it as I had it occasionally, but it lasted no longer. 

In the month of July 2010, I happened to visit my friend's place (located somewhere in Andhra Pradesh) and there I happened to taste 'prawns'. Believe it or not, I stopped having non vegetarian food there after. I'm still unable to figure out whether it was the taste of prawns or its smell that made me to stop thinking about the non veg food. But from then I was very strict to myself not to have any kind of meat or sea food. 

Three years passed and my mindset started to change slowly (it indeed changes with time) and that's when I decided to give it a try one more time (i mean, the chicken). I happened to visit KFC one fine day (May 2013) and I pushed myself to try it for one last time just to check whether I'm able to consume it or not. Unfortunately I wasn't able to consume more than one piece of chicken. I started feeling like 'please, I don't want to eat it'. I did not force myself further and left it as such. 

Two months passed and yesterday (July 14, 2013) I made up my mind once again to have non vegetarian food. So I took the same non vegetarian buddy, who accompanied me during my first time 4 years ago, to a restaurant nearby my residence to taste 'chicken'. He ordered a dish called 'chicken lollipop' and a 'chilli chicken' gravy along with rice and roti. I had a chance of having 3 pieces of chicken - the first piece when I had it I felt like it tasted good, the second piece made me to feel a bit awkward and the third piece I did not have it fully. My taste buds as it tasted the chicken straightaway triggered an impulse that was sent to my brain to check whether the taste matches with something I had before. Sadly it seemed like there was nothing registered in my brain and my digestive system was reacting in reverse to the process of intake. I forced myself to consume it but my brain did not allow me to act further.

Also yesterday I felt like I'm a 'monster' eating dead meat and I don't like it that way. I personally feel that it would be good for me if I stick to vegetarian food because I don't think so I'll be comfortable trying something which I'm not used to and even if I try that I'm sure that I won't be able to continue the same for longer. 

That's the reason I'm a 'Vegetarian' ;)


  1. haha.. perhaps you shouldn't have opted for KFC chicken. heard its not that good as it used to be :p

    btw, enjoyed reading the discovery of your taste bud or should i say how you revert to your non monstrous side.. interesting write up :D

    1. ya i cud see the difference... 4 yrs ago the KFC chicken was good but recently when I had it I felt awkward!

  2. Am I a Monster :D I have to question myself now :) Nice one ra

  3. Replies
    1. kashtam lekunda phalitham raadhu anni pedhavaalu chepparu kadha bhaiyya... :P

  4. Nicely written... I am a monster for atleast twice a week :-).