Friday, 26 July 2013

Overturn - a short story (my next level of experimentation)

How did I end up writing this story?
On January 11, 2013, I sat down to write an experimental story. I wanted to write something 'out of the box' and I ended up with this story 'Overturn'. The initial draft had many plot holes and I corrected those in this version just to give the reader the reading flow. It's just a try and I don't know how far it remains enjoyable, rather I could say understandable. Do share your views after reading this story so that I'll get to know how my experiment worked. 

Sequel plans?
There is surely a sequel and I have not yet started my work on it. I'm thinking for yet another 'out of the box' type of narration for the sequel which I hope I'll be doing it soon. 

Thriller / Mystery


For every ending there is a beginning. For example, while watching a movie, people are anxious about how it ends and they care a little about the way it began. Likewise, at the end of a day, people remember a little about how their day began. It’s not necessary for everyone to remember what they did on their fifth birthday or what color dress they wore last Sunday. The thoughts start to fade as the time moves forward, solely focused on the ending than the beginning. But it is not necessary that every ending should have a beginning. If that’s not true, then let me put on this question - Where does an endless loop end? It’s highly impossible to answer the question as the loop has no end. There was a time when a man’s life was cursed. The time was switched backwards creating an endless loop and he was forced to survive in the loop. There was no way for him to escape it. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Payback - a sequel to Pioneer

Link to the prequel: Pioneer

About the story
The story continues from where the prequel, 'Pioneer', ended. After the death of Philippe Noel, the drug lord, the cops are after Akash who is solely responsible for the murder and he is on a run but this time he is not alone as he takes his friend Siddharth along with him on the chase. 

Action / Thriller


All he could visualize was pitch darkness. He struggled a lot to open his eyes. Opening his eyes he found himself in his brother’s residence. Abhimanyu, the elder brother of Akash, stood there by the side of the bed along with Siddharth. 
‘He’s recovered,’ Siddharth said this to Abhimanyu.
‘Yeah, but, he needs some rest,’ Abhimanyu said to Siddharth.
‘Welcome back, brother,’ Abhimanyu said looking at Akash.
Akash got up from the bed and Abhimanyu left the place. Siddharth walked to the bed and sat beside Akash.
‘It’s over, Akash. Philippe Noel is dead, and we made it,’ Siddharth said this to Akash.
Akash looked at him and asked, ‘what if I got killed during the process? How could he do that to me?’ 
‘Listen, Abhimanyu had some safety backup measures to save you. But, things went out of control after you shot a policeman. It was your mistake,’ Siddharth said.
‘Oh! Now it's my mistake, huh?’ asked Akash. 
‘Don't confuse yourself. Just get some rest. Abhimanyu asked me to meet him at the hotel after an hour,’ Siddharth said this and walked out of the room.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

How 'dreams' work?

Yesterday, while I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, I heard something from her like 'how does a dream occur and what causes a dream?' It was indeed an interesting question on which I've been trying to do a research for the past few days and finally here I am writing something about 'dreams'. I'm writing this article based on the knowledge acquired through a quick online research.

It is said that the 'dreaming' occurs only at the stage 5 of the sleep called the REM (Rapid Eye Movement). First of all let me explain the difference between the dream and the reality. Dream is an involuntary actions that occurs in a person's brain during sleep. The involuntary action involves production of ideas, emotions, images and sensations. Only your brain is involved in the 'dreaming' process. Coming to reality, it is a state where things actually exist. The reality allows you not only to observe but also to touch and feel the physically existing things. Here the brain as well as the body is involved. 

Am I a 'Monster'?

Am I a 'Monster'? This is what always keep echoing in my mind whenever I try to eat non vegetarian food. Even though I come from a 'Brahmin' family, I've never had any restrictions from my parents like 'if you touch non veg, you're dead' and I had full freedom to try whatever I feel like eating. Hence I decided to try my hand at non vegetarian food and it all started 4 years ago, in the year 2009. I remember having tried the chicken curry and fish curry once when I was a kid but I don't exactly remember how it tasted so I decided to head to KFC (in the year 2009) with one of my non vegetarian buddy just to give it a try. For the first time I felt it somewhat awkward as I was never used to chicken. Slowly I started to get used to it and it happened at the beginning of 2010, where I tried having Tandoori Chicken at an excellent restaurant located near Chennai Marina Beach. I enjoyed a lot having it that day. I then started to get further used to it as I had it occasionally, but it lasted no longer. 

In the month of July 2010, I happened to visit my friend's place (located somewhere in Andhra Pradesh) and there I happened to taste 'prawns'. Believe it or not, I stopped having non vegetarian food there after. I'm still unable to figure out whether it was the taste of prawns or its smell that made me to stop thinking about the non veg food. But from then I was very strict to myself not to have any kind of meat or sea food. 

Three years passed and my mindset started to change slowly (it indeed changes with time) and that's when I decided to give it a try one more time (i mean, the chicken). I happened to visit KFC one fine day (May 2013) and I pushed myself to try it for one last time just to check whether I'm able to consume it or not. Unfortunately I wasn't able to consume more than one piece of chicken. I started feeling like 'please, I don't want to eat it'. I did not force myself further and left it as such. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 15

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"There are two kinds of Human Beings in this World. One who knows the meaning of Humanity and the other who follows it"

Interrogation room
Police headquarters, Moscow, Russia
Peter was made to sit on a chair with his hands tied and Damien sat opposite to him. The interrogation began -

Damien: Peter, explain me.
Peter: I work for them, Damien. I did what I was supposed to do, changing the identities of the terrorists and safeguard them from getting attacked.
Damien: Have you lost your mind, Peter? Do you realize that you have committed a crime? You'll be hanged for what you've done.
Peter: I don't fear death, Damien. If death is only thing that fears me, I would not have been here sitting in front of you getting caught. I knew this would happen one day but you're a genius, Damien. I never expected you to find me this soon.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 14

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Police headquarters, Moscow, Russia
Damien, after sending the photo of Agustin to Francis, got himself a cup of coffee and sat down before his computer going through some crime files. Later he came across an article in the internet which stated that a criminal escaped from the Tihar Jail has been found dead in a bomb blast and the Indian Police have alerted the border patrol to trace out the escaped prisoner. The article also stated that the 4 other prisoners who escaped along with the dead one were missing and their whereabouts were being traced. Damien then looked at the photo of the dead prisoner and he felt like he has seen him somewhere. He then cross verified the photo in the article with the photos of the terrorists he had in his file. Surprisingly, Damien found the photo matching with the one he had. The dead prisoner resembled Ismail. He immediately took the phone and dialed the information department which was located few meters away from his cabin. The call was picked up by a person and Damien said over the phone, 'send Peter to my cabin immediately'. The man from the other side replied, 'sir Peter has gone to grab a snack. I'll inform him once he gets back'. 

Breakaway - Episode 13

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Francis stood up from his seat and looked towards the exit. He saw Symond Robins turning back, looking at him and giving a faint smile. He then saw Symond taking out a remote control from his pocket and then he saw him pressing the red button on it. The car was unlocked and Symond Robins, as he walked to his car, realized that he forgot his bag inside the mall. By the time he walked inside the mall he noticed something bizarre. He saw Francis rounded by three guys, each holding a gun in their hands.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

About the 'Aspect Ratio'

I can still visualize myself sitting with an irritated face inside the theater while watching the movie 'Source Code' because the aspect ratio of the movie was worse (black box appeared on both sides of the screen that made me feel like I was watching an advertisement not a movie). Similar thing happened while I was watching Madagascar 3, Life of Pi, Avengers and many other 3D movies. Then one fine day I sat and analyzed why those 'black box' appears on screen which degrades the full screen visual experience, and at that time the website IMDB came to rescue in sorting out this issue. I'm going to share the method to find out whether the movie is being screened in full screen or half (black box at the sides) at your nearby theater. 

What is 'Aspect Ratio'?
According to Wikipedia, the aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of a shape to its height. The aspect ratio is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon (x:y) where x and y denotes the relation between the width and height. You remember 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios? 4:3 is the aspect ratio for the standard television (the old color tv) and 16:9 is the aspect ratio for the widescreen LED or LCD (for example). The same applies to the theater screening where there are different types of aspect ratios that varies with the films.

How to find out whether the movie is screened in full or not?
For that, you need to get into the IMDB website and search for the movie. The screen will look like this (here I considered the movie 'Despicable Me 2' to demonstrate the method):

Friday, 5 July 2013

Tell you something

Five star tea stall - somewhere in Southern part of India
Time: 5.10 pm
As Vijay entered the tea stall, he noticed Ajay, who was sitting at a table, looking anxious. He walked to the table and sat opposite to him.

Ajay: Vijay, why did you ask me to meet you all of a sudden? What's so urgent?
Vijay: Yeah, I want to tell you something.
Ajay: Is there a problem? Is it about your girlfriend?
Vijay: No, no. This is something... (lowering his voice a bit) something more important than that.
Ajay: What's that?
Vijay: It's really important and it's highly confidential. You have to promise me that you won't share this with anyone else. Promise me?
Ajay: Yeah tell me what's that.
Vijay: No, first promise me. From the bottom of your heart.
Ajay: Okay man, I promise that I won't share it with anyone. Tell me what it is.
Vijay: Okay, before that let me get some coffee. I'm feeling thirsty. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 12

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Sam called his chief officer, Damien, to inform about Ismail's demise. 
'Sir, Ismail is already dead,' said Sam in the phone.
'What? Are you sure that's him?' asked Damien from the other end of the call.
'Yes sir, I'm sure its him. Salim, David and Ismail are dead. Yuda and Agustin are the only ones remaining in our list. Did you trace out the photograph of the Agustin? '
'Peter has almost traced it. I will be sending you the photograph anytime,' said Damien.

Breakaway - Episode 11

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Sam was rescued by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chakravarthy, and his stay was arranged far away from the city. On the flip side, the trio Amit, Mari and Daya were rigorously tracking Sam's whereabouts. Chakravarthy provided Sam with a laptop and data card as demanded by Sam. Sam connected to the network and opened his mailbox. He had an unread mail from his chief officer. The mail read - 'David's presence has been spotted at a place named Bhopal, located somewhere in the northern part of India and Ismail's whereabouts is being traced out.'

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 10

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The next few months
Amit helped Sam to overcome the language barrier by teaching him a few words in Tamil. Within a couple of months after joining the company, Sam shifted to Amit's residence and they shared the household expenses.

Breakaway - Episode 9

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Chennai International Airport, India
Assistant commissioner of Police, Mr. Chakravarthy, was waiting at the arrival terminal to receive Francis Eclair aka Sam who was arriving at Chennai traveling all the way from Russia. Chakravarthy was holding a pic of Sam in his hand just to identify him when he walks through the door. After waiting for sometime, Chakravarthy heard an announcement regarding the delay of the flight. On hearing that, he walked to the waiting room and sat there taking a short nap. After an hour, the flight arrived and Chakravarthy spotted Sam walking towards the exit.