Thursday, 13 June 2013

When the Sun rises in the West - a 'lengthy' short story

About the story
Aditya, a stockbroker, meets Swapna in a movie theatre. They meet as strangers and become friends later on. Eventually Aditya falls in love with her and he makes her fall from him. Later some unforeseen events creates a havoc in Swapna's life and the story takes a different turn thereafter.

What's so special about this story?
Narration and the surprise twist that comes in the latter half of the story. I'm sure that the readers will enjoy this story.

Romance / Action

Note: My vocabulary may not be very good because I always stick on to simple English. I penned this story a couple of years ago and I feel lazy to sit and edit it. 
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The gates at the level crossing were closed from both the sides and the place appeared to be deserted. An express train bound to Mumbai was about to cross the junction in few minutes. Meanwhile, few kilometers away from the railway level crossing, a bike rider was driving his bike at a speed of 60 miles per hour in the National Highway. His speed increased from 60 to 100, 110, and 115 and stabilized himself as he reached a speed of 120 miles per hour. His head was covered by helmet and the leather jacket covered his upper body. Another bike rider, wearing the same leather jacket but a different helmet, riding at a speed of 140 miles per hour, overtook the rider no.1. On seeing this, the rider no.1 increased his speed from 120 to 160 miles per hour. As the rider no.1 advanced, rider no.2 applied both the brakes, took out the pistol from his left pocket and fired at rider no.1. It was a miss. The bullet dodged the left rear view mirror of rider no.1. Panicked rider no.1 increased his speed from 160 to 220 miles per hour and fled away from the scene. Unfortunately, the car from the opposite line, riding at a speed of 150 miles per hour, suddenly changed its direction and started coming in the way the bike rider no.1 was driving. The car applied its break 100 feet away from the bike and that made the rider no.1 skid his bike towards his right side. The front window of the car opened, as it skid to it left side, and a man from the car opened the fire aiming at rider no.1. Again, it was a miss. The bullet straightaway struck the mud guard that left rider no.1 in a much panicked state. He turned his bike and started to drive in the third direction; i.e., towards the railway level crossing. An express train was nearing the level crossing and the bike rider no.1 traveling at a speed of 120 miles per hour. The bike was almost 20 feet away from the level crossing and the train was almost 30 feet away. Rider no.1 increased his speed to 130 miles per hour and the train was now 15 feet away from the level crossing. Suddenly a torch light flashed on. It was the ticket boy who was checking for tickets inside the movie hall.
‘Man! I missed the stunt scene. What do you want?' The guy who was watching the movie spoke out of irritation to the ticket boy.
'Ticket please’.
After checking the tickets, the boy turned to a young lady and said ‘your seat, madam'.
'Thank you'. The lady sat next to the guy. 'Did I miss something?' The lady asked the guy.
'No. Actually, the movie has just started. There was a small chase scene that you've missed'. The guy replied.
After sometime, she got a call on her mobile. 'Hello....Yeah, I've reached. There is not much crowd, it's almost empty.... okay... what?...It's important for me....Listen...It’s today they have mentioned it and you are canceling it in the last am I supposed to go?.....See I don't know the city...Listen....Hello...' The call got cut.

The guy was not able to sit at his seat during the interval. He went out to the cafeteria, following the lady. It seemed like he was obsessed with her beauty so much that he was not able to take his vision off her. He helped her carrying the snacks into the theater. As they sat in their seats, he spoke out 'Miss, I heard you speaking on phone. I think I can help you out with the place.'
'No thanks.' She replied and dialed once again to her friend. 'Oh shit! No service here. It's disgusting.' She seemed a bit irritated.
Movie started after interval and ended soon. After the movie, the lady was found sitting alone in the food court having a sad look on her face. He went and sat next to her.
'Listen, lady, I know it's odd when strangers come forward to help you. But, consider it the other way. Every time it doesn't happen your way. I am offering you a help that you are refusing. Just think of it. You'll be absolutely safe with me. If you still feel doubtful, there is a sub registrar office nearby where I can arrange for a stamp paper to sign and tell that you'll be safe with me. Shall I?' The guy's speech brought a smile on her face.
'Stop it.' The girl smiled.
'I am Aditya.'
'I am Swapna. You seem interesting, Aditya.'
'People say that more often. Tell me what your problem is?'
'I have to go to a place named Kodambakkam. I am new to Chennai and I feel difficult to find it out myself. My friend, Archana, who was about to pick me up, canceled the plan at last minute due to some emergency.' Aditya patiently listened to what she said.
'Okay, Swapna, I will take you there. Just give me the address.' Swapna gave him the address.
'Emerald Estate, Yeah, I know this place. Come on, let's go.'
Aditya drove Swapna straight to the place that was mentioned in the address.
'Shall I wait for you?' Aditya asked her.
'You can come with me if you want to.' Swapna replied him.
Aditya left his bike in the parking and accompanied her into the building. Aditya started to feel bored as he waited for more than half an hour at the reception. After few minutes, Swapna came out of the manager's room.
'Sorry I made you wait for a long time.' Swapna apologized to Aditya and introduced him to the manager 'Sir, this is Aditya, my friend.'
'Hello.' Aditya greeted the manager, spoke a few words and left the place along with Swapna.
'So, what's your native?' Aditya asked her as he drove his bike.
'Your parents live there?'
'My mom passed away four years ago. My dad, he travels to different countries every day. No one knows where he will be.'
'Oh! Do you know where he is now?'
'Not until I get a phone call from him. He calls me regularly.'
As the conversation continued, they arrived at Swapna's house.
'Hey, I can make you some coffee.' Swapna invited him into her house.
'Actually, I've some important work. I will surely join you tomorrow.'
'Okay. Here is my number.' Both of them exchanged their contact numbers.
'See you.' Aditya left the place.

That night, before going to sleep, Swapna was lying on her bed with the mobile phone in her hand. As she was about to turn the lights off, she got a text message in her mobile.
'Hey. Are you awake?' It was from Aditya.
'About to sleep. How about you?' Swapna replied.
'Me, I am in the middle of a dream sending texts to you.'
'Come on Aditya. Stop kidding.'
'Okay, tomorrow I'll pick you up at 7.30 in the morning.'
'What? 7.30 am?? So early?'
'Yeah. 7.30 Sharp. It's a surprise. Good night.'
'Okay. Good night.' She turned off her lights and went to sleep.

Next morning, Aditya brought his car to pick up Swapna at 7.30 am sharp. Swapna was ready dressed up in her casuals.
'You have a car?' Swapna exclaimed.
'Of course. It's mine if I am driving it.'
'Oh shut up Aditya. Tell me, where are you taking me?'
'It’s a Surprise, mademoiselle.'
Before starting the car, Aditya tied her eyes with a black cloth.
'Aditya, what are you doing?'
'I told you it's a surprise. Just have patience.'
Aditya drove the car straight to a resort. He slowly got her out of the car and took her onto the boat with her eyes still remained covered. As the boat reached the mid sea, he untied her eyes. She was shocked to find herself in the middle of the sea.
'Aditya, what is this?' She exclaimed with excitement.
'You always dreamed of this, right?'
Swapna was surprised. 'How did you know?' She asked him.
'That half an hour at the office, I was bored. You left your bag with me and when I opened it, I found a diary. I read it. It was quite interesting.'
'You are such a crazy insane human. Don't you feel ashamed to get into the personal stuffs of others?'
'Not at all.'
'You are an idiot. I mean it.'
'Okay mademoiselle. The reason for me to bring you here is not just this.'
'Go ahead.' She nodded and smiled.
Aditya went down on his knees and took out the flower that he had in his pocket 'After reading the whole diary, I felt that you are the person whom I was waiting for my entire life till date. You are the one for me. On behalf of that I would like to open up my love to you and that means I am in love with you. Accept it, you will stay on this boat else' Aditya moved his eyes around the ocean and said 'make your choice.'
'What?' There was a silence. 'What? Did you just propose to me?' Swapna asked him doubtfully.
'Yes, I did it just now. You want me to repeat it again?'
'Is that a way to propose to a girl? Or are you just trying to be different?'
'I am trying to be myself. Make your choice, you are running out of time.'
'Shut up Aditya. Anyways, I am impressed.'
'Impressed? No, no, I expect some other word from you. Even I'm impressed by the way I proposed to you. Tell me something which I expect you to tell.'
'Yes or no?' Aditya asked her holding the flower in his hand. 'Tell me fast; I'm holding this flower for a long time. My hand is paining. Show mercy.'
'Shut up Aditya, you are an idiot.'
'Sweet idiot, right?'
'Very sweet. What makes you sure that you are in love with me?' She questioned him.
'I have been waiting for you for a long time and now I don't want to miss the chance that is right before me. One more thing, I am sure that you are the only one for me. You know what, I am confident that I'll make you feel happier than any other woman in the world when you are with me. That is for sure. Cent percent. I am confident. Please Swapna; accept my proposal. Else it will be like losing a fifteen crore rupees deal. Time is running; make your choice.'
'Oh! Not again Aditya. Just shut up.'
'Okay. What's your answer then?'
Swapna thought for few minutes and then spoke 'I need some time Aditya. I must be convinced that you are the right person.'
'Okay. Tell me is there any better way to convince you than this? You always dreamed of spending your whole day in the middle of the sea. Now it's almost 40 minutes and you have plenty of time to spend here, in the middle of the sea. You have not asked for it, right? It's me who surprised you. If you are with me, there will be lots more surprises in your life. I promise.'
'Okay. Let me think about it.'
'Then I'm taking the boat back to the coast.'
'Aditya, can't we stay here for one more hour? It's beautiful.'
Aditya went to the other side of the boat and sat there. 'Enjoy, it's your day'.
'Hello...... Anybody there?' Swapna enjoyed shouting aloud in the mid sea.
'What are these girls are up to?' Aditya thought for a second while watching Swapna shouting aloud.
'Aditya, you know what, I feel very much relaxed today.'
'' Aditya nodded.
'Really. Speaking it from my heart, I feel happy and relaxed.'
'Good for you.'
After an hour, Aditya took the boat back to the coast. They had lunch at the resort and went to the movie at a nearby multiplex.
'How many movies you'll see in a week?' Swapna asked Aditya while they were watching a Hindi movie.
'3 to 4. Why?' Aditya questioned back.
'What do you do for your living?'
'Hello. I own two restaurants and a leather factory. You know what, I am a big shot in the city. I look like an ordinary young chap but I'm extraordinary.'
'Shut up Aadi. Stop kidding.'
'You called me Aadi?'
'Yeah. Shouldn't I?'
'No. You can.' Aditya felt like she began to like him.
'Okay. Tell me, what do you do for a living?'
'I am a stock broker.'
'That's amazing. So you are money minded, right?'
'Who is not? I love to make money.'
'That's yet another interesting side of you, Aditya. You are a different person I ever met.'
'Wow! You deserve applause.'
'Shut up Aditya. I guess it's your childish behavior I fell for.'
Aditya looked straight into her eyes. 'What did you just say?'
'Yes, I fell in love with you the moment you untied my eyes in the boat. That moment made me realize that you are the one for me.'
Aditya stood up from his seat and shouted in joy 'She is in love with me...'
'Aditya, please stop it.' She pulled him onto his seat. 'It's embarrassing.'
'Nah! Don't feel embarrassed. No one has noticed that.'
'You are insane.'
'Thank you. Now, I want to tell you one more thing.'
'What?' Swapna looked at Aditya.
'Your voice is sweet.'
Swapna smiled and kissed Aditya on his cheek.
'Woo! That's fantastic.' Aditya shouted in high pitch.
'Ssh. Aditya, what's this?'
After the movie, they had dinner and went back to their city. Aditya dropped her at her house and went back to his house that night.

After a month
One day, while Aditya was still asleep in his bed, he received a phone call. It was from Swapna.
'Hello my fairy girl. What's up?' Aditya spoke in a half asleep tone.
'Get ready and come to the airport in one hour.'
'What?' That shook him up from his bed. 'Airport? Where are you going?'
'Surprise. Get to the Airport within one hour else you are going to miss me. Don’t forget to get your passport along with you.'

Aditya refreshed himself and reached the Airport in less than an hour.
'Hello. Where are you?' Aditya dialed to Swapna and spoke.
'Right behind you.' Aditya turned to her and Swapna said 'You are early.'
'Where are you going?' Aditya was tensed.
'Baby, look at your face.' She wiped the sweat on his forehead with her handkerchief and then said 'I am not going; we are going.'
'We? Where?'
'To Bangkok.'
They boarded Air Asia flight FD 3760 that takes them to Bangkok within 4 hours.
'When did you book the flight tickets?' Aditya asked her.
'Ahem! My friend works in airlines.'
'What are we going to do there?'

They landed in Bangkok that evening. After collecting the baggage, they headed to the nearby taxi stand and got into a taxi.
'Siam Square.' Swapna said to the taxi driver and he put on the meter.
'What's at Siam Square?' Aditya questioned her.
'We are going to meet my dad. Yesterday night, I received a call from dad. He said that he is going to be in Bangkok for 2 days and he felt like seeing me. Instead of going alone I thought it would be great if you accompany me. Also, I've said to dad about us and he seems to be convinced. It's all in your hands to impress him.'
'This one is a hell of a surprise. I would love to meet your dad. Daddy... Daddy... Daddy...’ Aditya said.
'Stop it, Aditya. You seem pretty much excited. Okay, promise me that you'll never let me down in front of him. Also promise me that you'll convince him for our marriage.'
'I do.'
'Can you just stop here once?' Aditya said to the taxi driver.
'What?' Swapna asked him.
'This shop, I know this shop. I've came across it while browsing through internet. I want to buy something most important and I am sure that your dad likes it.'
'Go ahead.' Swapna remained seated in car while Aditya came back in less than ten minutes.
'Purchased?' Swapna asked him.
'Yeah. Let's get to the hotel.'
The car reached the entrance of Hotel Novotel at Siam Square, where Swapna's dad checked in. Swapna was curious to meet her dad and also to introduce her boy friend to him. They got into the elevator to reach fifth floor.
'What does your dad do?'
'He is a big shot. The busiest businessman. A man wanted by patrons all over the world. Dad will always travel to different parts of the country. He will not stay more than a day at a place but this time he halted for one more day just to meet me.'
'Interesting.' Aditya exclaimed.
The elevator reached fifth floor and the doors opened. They walked through the corridor to reach room number 510.
'Why there's no security? He's a big shot right?' Aditya questioned.
'That's because Dad doesn't like to keep security when I am with him. He doesn't want any mess when I am around. Even though death threats come occasionally, he isn't that worried about it. No one ever dared to get to him.'
'That's terrific. Hey, room number 510. It's here.'

Aditya rang the doorbell and it was opened by Sathyajith Bhatt, the renowned businessman, father of Swapna.
'Welcome, my dear.' He hugged Swapna. 'Welcome, my boy.' He greeted Aditya.
'Nice room.' Aditya looked over the interiors. 'Uh! Hello Sir. I am Aditya.' He greeted Swapna's dad.
'Yeah, I know that. Swapna spoke a lot about you last night. Have a drink.'
'Dad, I will be back in a minute.' Swapna went into the room.
'So, what do you do Aditya?' Sathyajith asked him while Aditya was looking around the room.
'Uh! I am a stock broker.' Aditya replied.
'Aditya, can I order something for you to eat?' Swapna came out from the room and asked him.
'Uh! No. No...Not necessary.'
'Order something, he'll have it.' Sathyajith said to Swapna.
'Swapna, where's my bag?' Aditya asked Swapna.
'Yeah, I'll get it. Wait.' Swapna went inside the room and came out with Aditya's bag.
'Then, Aditya, tell me about your parents.' Sathyajith asked Aditya.
'Here's your bag.' Swapna handed over the bag to Aditya.
'Just a minute, sir.' Aditya said to Sathyajith.
'Ah! Now don't call me Sir.' Sathyajith spoke back to Aditya.
'Okay asshole.'
Aditya took out the pistol and shot three bullets into the chest of Sathyajith. The pistol was fitted with an inbuilt silencer, purchased at the most renowned gun shop at Bangkok, which was on the way from Airport to the Hotel. Swapna was shattered. Her eyes turned reddish which traveled to her cheek and her face became pale sooner. 'What have you done to my dad?' was the thing that went on her mind that time. Aditya looked ferocious. He continued to point the gun towards Sathyajith. Less satisfied Aditya shot two more bullets that got into Sathyajith's abdomen leaving him dead in few minutes. Aditya pointed the gun towards Swapna.
'Who are you?' Swapna cried out aloud.
'Shivanand Reddy. Ever heard of me?'
'Shivanand Reddy?' Swapna said it out loud.
'Yes, that's my name. Shivanand Reddy. Say it aloud.'
'Why are you doing this to me?' Swapna started to cry aloud.
'Later, babe. Time is running out.'
Shivanand shot Swapna on her forehead leaving her to die within seconds. He left to Airport and soon he boarded a flight that took him straightaway to Abu Dhabi.

At Dubai Airport, his brother Dhayanand Reddy was waiting at the arrival lounge. The flight arrived a few minutes late and Shivanand went to the arrival lounge after collecting the baggage.
'Brother, what happened?' Dhayanand asked him.
'At last, it's done.' Shivanand took some deep breathes as they sat in the car.
'Now what?' Dhayanand asked him as he drove the car.
'Ask him 15 crore this time. I am not going to leave it as such. I want it in my account in the next 48 hours.' Shivanand lit a cigar as he was talking to his brother.
'15 crore?'

Shivanand and Dhayanand were the professional contractors who hire people to kill some interesting big shots for a huge ransom of money. They have killed people for the prices ranging from 2 lac to 2 crore and for the first time, Shivanand received an offer of 7 crore to kill Sathyajith Bhatt from a person known to him. Shivanand hired seventeen professional killers to complete the project but to his surprise Sathyajith escaped from his trap seven times leaving three of his killers dead. Shivanand was asked to repay the amount of 7 crore to the person and suffered from huge loss. To compensate the loss, Shivanand took it as a challenge to complete the mission on his own. He found out that Sathyajith’s daughter was in Chennai. He followed her. One day he came to know that she was out for a movie all alone and he went to the theater, stood behind her in the queue, got the ticket for the same movie. He went inside the theater before her arrival and tried to connect with her. He also found out that, after the movie, her friend was about to pick her up. Cleverly, he made plans and diverted her friend such that he can accompany her the whole day. Everything went as per the plan but he didn't realize that it would happen the third day after he met her.

'Yes. Have to compensate for the 7 crore loss.' Shivanand replied.
'Man! You are awesome!' Dhayanand looked surprisingly at Shivanand.
'Hey...Watch out.....' Shivanand shouted as he saw a large container truck coming towards their car. Dhayanand tried to apply the brakes, but it was too late. The truck hit the car and left the car roll on the roads. As the car hit the lamp post nearby, it blasted into pieces leaving everything burned up from inside.

‘It’s over. Both are dead.’ Said a man to Lehman.
‘Are you sure?’ Lehman asked his subordinate.
‘Yes Sir. The bodies have been burnt off.’ That made his day. Lehman was happy.
‘So I can have those 15 crore with me.’ He looked through the room. ‘Where is Mohammed? What happened to Suri and Prakash? Where did everyone go?’ Lehman asked his subordinate.
‘Sir, they went to have their lunch.’
As he was responding, a bullet traversed through the chest of the subordinate and he fell dead on the knees of Lehman.
‘Who’s that? Suri, Prakash, where are you? Lehman was left in a panic state.
‘Don’t shout. I said don’t shout.’ Shivanand appeared before him and Dhayanand accompanied him.
‘Shivanand?’ Lehman was horrified to see a dead man walk before him.
‘Yes, that’s my name. Say it louder.’ Shivanand said pointing the gun towards Lehman.
‘Ah! Brother. Let’s get the cash first.’ Dhayanand said to Shivanand and then turned to Lehman ‘where is the cash, asshole?’
‘Transfer 15 crore to my account now or else you will be dead like a rotten chicken, do you get that? Transfer it now.’ Shivanand said to Lehman and then turned to Dhayanand ‘Brother, open his laptop.’
Dhayanand opened the laptop and the 15 crore was transferred to Shivanand’s account. Dhayanand then pointed the gun to Lehman.
‘Something is urging me to pull the trigger.’
‘No, Dhayanand. Don’t kill me. I have given you what you need.’ Lehman said in a much panicked tone.
‘Brother, if it urges you then do it. There must be no regrets later on.’ Shivanand said and continued to Lehman ‘Bastard. You decided to finish us off and now you are asking us not to kill you.’ Turned to Dhayanand ‘Brother, kill him. Kill him quick. Quick.’
‘Should I? Should I?’ Dhayanand kept saying that while the gun was still pointed towards Lehman.
‘Ah! Give me a break.’ Shivanand took out the gun from his pocket and pulled the trigger. The bullet went straight into Dhayanand’s forehead. Dhayanand died immediately. This shocked Lehman.
‘What’s happening here?’ Lehman appeared puzzled.
‘Once you decide something then you should not think twice. This is what happens if you do.’ Shivanand went near Dhayanand’s body and spoke ‘you filthy asshole. You are planning a trap for me? For me? For me?’ Shivanand’s voice intensity increased and he released two more bullets into Dhayanand’s body.
‘You know what? This guy planned to kill me after the money gets transferred. This bloody guy knows all my passwords. It’s not safe to have him. It’s not safe right?’ Shivanand asked Lehman.
‘Yes. It’s not safe. Yes.’ Lehman cried out.
‘Yes? You are telling that it’s safe to kill my brother? Damn it, he was my brother. I killed him with my hands. You are responsible for his death. I am going to kill you. Wait. Wait. I am going to kill you.’ Shivanand loaded his gun and went near Lehman, pointing the gun on his forehead. ‘I am going to kill you. I am going to count from one to three. Here it goes. One, two and three.’ Shivanand pressed the trigger and the bullet got into Lehman’s head leaving him bleed to death.
Outside the room, the dead bodies of Suri, Prakash and Mohammed were found. Shivanand, along with his brother, killed everyone before entering the room where Lehman was talking with his subordinate. After killing everyone, Shivanand took Dhayanand’s body to the car and drove away from the city.

Breaking News… A car found burnt at the Airport highway and it has been reported that the person who has been killed was Dhayanand, owner of the famous hotel Paradise Inn.

Shivanand turned off the radio and drove towards the airport. At the departure lounge was his girlfriend Laura, who was waiting for him to arrive.
‘Why did you ask me to come urgently to the Airport?’ Laura asked and kissed Ryan aka Shivanand.
‘We are leaving to New York.’ he replied.
‘Why suddenly?’ Laura asked him.
‘Honey, the time has arrived.’

What happened to Shivanand? Who is Ryan? 
A few seconds before the accident
'Hey...Watch out.....' Shivanand shouted as he saw a large container truck coming towards their car. Dhayanand tried to apply the brakes, but it was too late. Shivanand opened his door and so did Dhayanand. ‘Brother, on the count of three, we will get off the car. One, two, three. Now.’ Shivanand said to Dhayanand as they saw the truck coming their way. The truck hit the car and left the car roll on the roads. As the car hit the lamp post nearby, it blasted into pieces leaving everything burned up from inside.

After the escape from the accident, Dhayanand and Shivanand headed to Lehman’s house to sort things out. They cleverly noticed that the truck belonged to Lehman and it was his trap set to kill them.
‘Transfer 15 crore to my account now or else you will be dead like a rotten chicken, do you get that? Transfer it now.’ Shivanand said to Lehman and then turned to Dhayanand ‘Brother, open his laptop.’
Dhayanand opened Lehman’s laptop. Shivanand gave the gun to Dhayanand and operated Lehman’s laptop. He asked Lehman to log in to the bank account and Shivanand transferred the sum of 15 crore to his alternate identity named ‘Ryan’. After killing everyone, Shivanand took Dhayanand’s body to the car and drove away from the city. At the outer part of the city, he spotted a graveyard and stopped the car. He buried the body of Dhayanand in the graveyard. He took his cell phone, dialed Laura’s number and spoke ‘Darling, pack your things. Come to airport after an hour and wait for me there.’ He got into his car and drove it.

Breaking News… A car found burnt at the Airport highway and it has been reported that the person who has been killed was Dhayanand, owner of the famous hotel Paradise Inn. The other person killed was identified to be Shivanand, the younger brother of Dhayanand. The bodies were burnt to ashes and it was traced with the help of the ID retrieved by the police officials from the car. Also it was found that the two persons were found missing since the morning and that confirms them to be burnt in the blast.

Shivanand turned off the radio and drove towards the airport. At the departure lounge was his girlfriend Laura, who was waiting for him to arrive.
‘Why did you ask me to come urgently to the Airport?’ Laura asked and kissed Ryan aka Shivanand.
‘We are leaving to New York.’ he replied.
‘Why suddenly?’ Laura asked him.
‘Honey, the time has arrived. Let’s check in the baggage now.’ Ryan said to Laura.
‘Can I have your passports?’ Ryan handed over their passports for security check. ‘Have a pleasant journey Mr. Ryan.’ The lady at the desk greeted.
‘Thank you.’ Ryan took his coat and went to board his flight with Laura.
The flight bound to New York took off from Dubai and was on air in few minutes.

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. nice plot.. though i kinda guessed something fishy as it was too much drama between Aditya and Swapna's romance.. but at the end, is it possible to burn totally into ashes in a car accident without any trace? hmm.. anyways quite an engrossing read. :)

    1. haha.. i didn't think much of any logic as I wrote this story long ago, during my budding days as a writer.

    2. ok it was a good try indeed. and yeah, it did keep me engaged till the end.. :)