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Misfortune - a short story

This short story got published in the September 2013 edition of the Storizen e-magazine. Clicking the above image will take you directly to the e-magazine.

How the idea struck my mind?
It happened yesterday (June 15, 2013) few minutes before I went to bed. I was thinking of something and accidentally ended up framing a story that deals with 'misfortune'. Today (June 16, 2013) I narrated the story to couple of my friends and after noticing their reactions I decided to pen it. Here I am sharing my creation with the virtual world. Do share your valuable comments after reading the story.


Friday – 10:20 pm
'Hey guys, how about watching a movie tomorrow?'
Guy 1: No man, its weekend and I wanna take rest. I'm not coming.
Guy 2: Movie? I don't wanna watch any movie.
Guy 3: Lets watch it here in our house.
'Damn it, you people are just machines. Lazy idiots,' he looked quite frustrated as he said this, 'okay, I'm gonna go myself to the multiplex and watch the movie tomorrow.'
--Site opened--select movie---select seats---payment gateway---ticket generated---sms received--
'What's the name of the movie you are gonna watch tomorrow? Asked guy 3.
'What does that have to do with you? I ain't gonna tell you the name.'

Bipin, a software engineer, lives with his friends Varun, Akshay and John at an apartment in a metropolitan city. Bipin being a die hard fan of Christopher Nolan couldn't resist himself from watching the movie 'Inception' which hit the screens on Friday. As Friday was a working day, Bipin decided to watch it as early as possible on Saturday. He booked the special morning show which starts at 9.00 am at a popular multiplex in the city. Varun, even though he likes Christopher Nolan, did not wish to accompany Bipin as the show was early in the morning and he wanted to sleep till noon. Akshay was not interested in movies and John always prefer to watch movies in his laptop rather than heading to a theatre. Finally Bipin decided to head to theatre by himself to watch his favorite director's movie.

Saturday – 6:30 am
'Good morning, you're up so early today,' John asked Bipin who saw him walk towards the bathroom.
'Good morning John. I've a movie to watch,' said Bipin who then took the toothbrush in his hand and headed to the wash basin that lay outside the bathroom.
'Inception, right?' John said as he put his blanket aside.
'Yes it is,' Bipin replied as he put the toothbrush into his mouth.
John got up and went into the bathroom. After spending ten minutes, he got out and it was Bipin's turn. Before entering the bathroom, Bipin realized that he had no towel. He went back to the room to get the towel and by the time he arrived at the bathroom the door was locked from inside. Somebody went into it and Bipin went back to the bedroom to find out who it was. He saw Varun and John lying on bed and it was Akshay who was in the bathroom.
'Akshay, buddy, make it fast,' said Bipin standing outside the bathroom.

7:15 am
Bipin sat at the hall watching TV while Akshay was still inside the bathroom. After few minutes he heard the bathroom door getting unlocked.
'You moron, what took you so long?' asked Bipin out of frustration.
'Don't worry, I made it clean,' Akshay replied and went to the hall.
Bipin got into the bathroom and locked it from inside. He hanged the towel and clothes on the hook. He then turned on the tap. There was no water coming out of the tap.
'What the hell!' Bipin exclaimed.

7:30 am
Bipin has to go down two floors to fetch water. He had no time to wait until the water gets filled up in tank. He took a bucket and walked down two floors. He filled it with water from the pump and carried it back to the room. He repeated the same process again for the second bucket. He placed those two buckets on the bathroom floor and then locked the door from inside.

8:00 am
Bipin wore his casual half sleeved shirt and a jean pant. He sprayed the perfume on his shirt and wore a belt that suited his shirt color. He applied cologne on his face and gel to his hair. He wore his shoes and was ready to leave.
'Hey buddy, I'll be back by lunch time,' Bipin said this to Akshay who was watching TV sitting in the hall.
'Enjoy the movie,' said Akshay.

8:05 am
Bipin got down the two floors and reached the gate. To his surprise the gate still remained locked and the owners were still asleep. The time was running and instead of getting the keys he decided to jump off the compound wall. As he lifted his leg he heard some bizarre sound. His pant got torn. His face turned palish. He rushed back to his room.

8:10 am
'What? Have you changed your mind?' asked Akshay who saw Bipin entering the house.
'Damn it, my pant got torn,' said a frustrated Bipin as he walked to his room.
'Awesome, awesome,' Akshay chuckled as he said this.
Bipin changed his pant and before he stepped out of the house, he took the gate keys along with him.
'I'm taking the keys,' he said to Akshay and left the house.

8:20 am – 40 minutes left
Forty minutes were left for the show and Bipin was waiting for the bus. There was no sign of anything on the road as it appeared deserted on a weekend morning. His heart beat started to beat faster whenever he looked at his watch. Ten minutes passed and there was no sign of anything. To his rescue an auto rickshaw arrived there in few minutes.

8:45 am – 15 minutes left
Bipin reached the multiplex 15 minutes before the show began. He went to the ticket counter to get the ticket by giving the booking details.
'Sir, can I have the booking number?' the guy at the ticket counter asked Bipin.
Bipin thoroughly searched his pockets and found his cell phone missing. He then realized that he left the cell phone at his house. The pant which he changed had the cell phone and he did not notice it while leaving. He was frustrated once again.
'Sorry, I left my phone at my house,' Bipin sadly said this to the guy at the ticket counter.
'It's okay sir, just give me your contact number and I can generate the ticket.'
Bipin got his ticket and verified the details --- Movie: Inception, Show: 9.00 am, Seat: C 16, Screen 2.

8:50 am – 10 minutes left
Bipin got into the multiplex. The movie was not yet started and people were waiting for the door to be opened. Meanwhile Bipin spotted someone familiar at the multiplex. He saw a girl standing all alone near the food counter. Her face appeared familiar and he went to her.
'You are... Pooja, right?' Bipin asked the girl who was staring at his face.
'Yes, how do you know my name?' asked the girl.
'Hey Pooja, I'm Bipin. Remember me? We studied together till 9th class,' said Bipin whose face appeared excited after all the frustrations he faced from the morning.
'Oh my god! Bipin, how are you? It's been a long time,' said Pooja who then hugged him.
'Inception?' asked Bipin.
'Yes, and your seat number?' asked Pooja.
'C 16...' Bipin looked at Pooja's ticket. It was printed B 14. He then said, 'cool, you sit right behind me. We can sort out the seating arrangement after we get inside.' Pointing to the food counter Bipin asked Pooja, 'you wanna have something?'
'Sure...' Pooja said as he looked around, 'my friends...' she spotted two girls waving their hands at her and then continued, 'yeah, there they are.'
The door was opened. Pooja signaled her friends to proceed inside as she went to the food counter with Bipin.
'One medium combo, two black forest and a cold coffee,' Bipin said this to the guy at the food counter.
'So, you like Nolan?' asked Pooja who was standing next to him.
'I love Nolan. He is a creative genius. He is my all time favorite,' said Bipin who was very much excited to watch the movie.
'Did you book in advance? We struggled a lot to get tickets. The weekend shows were totally filled up,' said Pooja.
'Well, it was a luck. I checked into the website yesterday and found two tickets left. I grabbed one and...'

8:55 am – 5 minutes left
Bipin was interrupted by the guy at the food counter. He handed over the tray filled with snacks to Pooja and paid the amount. The guy in turn gave a bill to Bipin. Bipin threw the bill in the garbage can as he walked to the screen along with Pooja.
'Ticket please,' the guy at the door asked Pooja. Pooja then went inside the screen.
'Ticket please,' the guy asked Bipin and Bipin gave the ticket he held in his hand.
'Sir, give me the ticket,' the guy said returning the one Bipin gave.
Bipin was shocked to see the food counter bill in his hand. The one he threw in the garbage can was his ticket. It was too late for him to retrieve the ticket from the garbage can as the cleaning guy cleared the contents of the can as soon as he dropped the ticket in it.
'Sorry sir, without ticket you will not be admitted into the screen,' said the guy.
'But I reserved it online,' said Bipin.
'Sorry sir, you should either carry the confirmation message or the ticket stub.'
'Is there any way to regenerate the ticket stub?' Bipin asked the guy.
'No way sir, you should have been careful.'

The show began and Bipin sadly headed to the ticket counter to try his luck for the next show. Unfortunately it did not happen as all the shows for that particular day were filled up leaving him no chance to watch the movie.

Written by Ashwin Kumar  


  1. Hey! Ashwin, Ur writing style is too good. U r a wonderful story teller!

  2. ha ha ha good one dude . was that SPI cinemas coz only that came into my mind .

  3. I wouldnt have taken bath, if movie is so important :P, why didnt he have the confirmation msg :(. Y sorry ending

    1. he didn't have the confirmation message because he left his mobile at his house (remember pant getting torn? he forgot to take out the mobile from it) :P

    2. @Prasanna... to answer your second question (reg the sorrow ending) i need you to answer this -- what would you have done if you were forced into such situation? :P

  4. ha ha ha awesome mams :) ending was terrific ;) even at times we happen to experience a very bad day and our misfortune irritates us to the core ...Nice thought and equally well Executed :) Keep Rocking buddy :) We want more from you :)

  5. Just now shown this story to two of my Colleagues ... They laughed out loud ... Complimented your style of Writing :)

  6. Better luck next time for Bipin :-(
    Narration is really good.

  7. Poor Bipin! Very ironic short story. Excellent. Going to a movie is very difficult, isn't it? :-)

    1. @Del Hylton.. thanks for reading and i'm glad you liked it :)

    2. @Del Hylton.. it ain't that difficult unless bad luck haunts you :P

  8. ...and you did a great job of making me dislike the lazy roommates very much...

  9. haha.. this is truly amazing.. loved it. and I am following you now... waiting to read more from you.. :)

    A Rat's Nibble

    1. @a Rat... thank you :)
      do check out this page for other short stories

  10. damn experimental bro...short n sweet!!!

    1. lol, i've partially 'experienced' it and you know that :P

  11. very bad day, there are days like this where things seem to have conspired against us
    beautiful story fun to read

  12. Good one Ashwin. I was wondering if he would not be able to reach the theatre with all the things going wrong. Though against all odds, he did reach there, yet, he could not watch the movie.

  13. Like how he got the ticket first time wen he missed his mobile same way again he can fetch the ticket for the second time too know ??? rather he wil miss 10 minutes movie than the whole movie ???

    I think in the excitement of meeting Pooja he trowed away tickets having bill in his hand.... It happens for any guy ;-)

    Nice one :-)

    1. no.. once the ticket is generated there is no chance of regenerating it.. :P

  14. Entertaining till the end...
    Converting a series of inconveniences into a story...good thinking...