Sunday, 30 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 8


Moscow International Airport, Russia
Damien, the chief officer of the Russian anti terrorist squad, was waiting at the arrival lounge. Francis' flight landed on time and Damien walked to the arrival gate after hearing the announcement. He waited there for few minutes and then spotted Francis Eclair walking towards the exit. 
'Damien, you're here for me?' Francis was surprised to see his superior officer receiving him at the airport.
'Of course! You've done a fabulous job kid. I've something exciting for you,' Damien said as they walked to the car. 

On the way to Russian Police Headquarters, Moscow
Damien was driving the car and Francis sat next to him. As Damien drove the car, he gave an envelope to Francis and asked him to open it. Opening the envelope, Francis found four photographs in it. 
'Ismail, David, Salim, Yuda, the four most wanted people who have tie ups with the major terrorist organizations across the world. There is one more guy named Agustin whose photo is still being traced,' said Damien as he drove the car.
'What am I supposed to do with these?' asked Francis looking at those photos.
'This is your next assignment. You should target all these five people and kill them one by one. I have the information gathered from the secret service with the help of Peter. The information says that these five terrorists were spotted at various places in India.' 

Police Headquarters, Moscow
Damien's cabin
'So, you want me to go to India?' asked Francis who was in Damien's cabin. 
Damien got up from his seat and walked towards the coffee maker. He then asked Francis, 'you want some coffee?' 
'Sure,' replied Francis. 
Damien handed over the coffee cup to Francis and said, 'yes, you need to go there. But not as Francis Eclair. Not as a Russian secret service official. I've arranged an alternate identity for you. You need to be in disguise of a photo journalist.' 
'What? A photo journalist? Are you kidding?' asked Francis. 
'That suits you kid. I know your interest in photography. Never mind, just listen to my instructions and follow them. Do not react until you hear from me.' Damien sipped some coffee and continued, 'your name will be Sam and you're going to work for Daily Magazine for a certain period of time. Just acclimatize with the new environment and once we get the leads I will let you know. Till then stay safe and make sure your identity is not revealed to anyone.' 
'When do I leave?' asked Francis.
'Day after tomorrow. Your flight tickets are ready.'