Saturday, 29 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 7


Dubai International Airport 
"Jet Airways welcomes you aboard flight number 3302 to London. Our scheduled flying timing will be six hours and fifty minutes and we will be flying at an altitude of thirty three thousand feet..."
'Excuse me, can I get a glass of water,' he asked the flight attendant as he tied the seat belt around his waist. The flight took off within few minutes. Looking through the window he gazed at the spectacular aerial view of Dubai. He then slowly leaned his head on to the headrest and closed his eyes.

After 7 hours
He walked towards the exit of the Heathrow Airport after collecting his baggage. At the arrival terminal he saw Symond Robins who was waving hands at him. 
'Welcome to London.'
'Hey Symond, you have put on some weight buddy,' he said as he hugged Symond Robins.

Hotel Allen Valley, London
'Then, what's the plan?' asked Symond.
'Get me a ticket to the football match.'
'Done, you'll have it by this evening. Anything else?'  

The next day 
The stadium was heavily crowded as the football match had two famous teams confronting each other. Some big shots of the city were spotted at the stadium. The match began and he watched it sitting at the gallery. Thunderous applause and cheers filled the place. People were jumping off their seats whenever their favorite team hit the goal. The break time arrived and people were gaining their energy by having drinks. Looking through the binocular, he spotted a guy in a white suit sitting at a distance and talking over the phone. He focused on the guy. He zoomed in the binocular lens to the guy's forehead and focused on it. He then pressed a button located on the top. A bullet swooshed into the crowd and hit the forehead of the guy in white suit. The crowd went crazy after noticing the incident and the situation at the stadium turned into a mess. 

As he walked out of the stadium he recollected the words said by his superior officer.

'Francis, the time has arrived to close this case. We have got a lead on Leo. The information says that Leo is one of the most dangerous terrorists of the world and he might be a threat to our country as well. On behalf of Russian secret services, I'm roping you into this case and its your job to secretly finish off Leo.' 

Leo, the man in the white suit, is no more and Francis felt that his superior officer will have a sigh of relief after hearing this news from him. 

Out of forty efficient Police officers, chief officer Damien chose Francis Eclair for this assignment. This was possible only because of the excellent track record of Francis Eclair and he was said to be the most efficient Police officer as well as loyal to the Russian Police service. Francis Eclair, along with his subordinate officer Peter, worked in the anti terrorism department for a period of three years and Damien, the chief officer of anti terrorism department, roped in Francis to finish off Leo and few other terrorists.



  1. wonder how this story is related with Sam n Amit's..

    is Sam a Russian agent too? curious me.. :p

  2. Hmmm... so a new thread starts here...lets see how they tie up.

  3. Revealing the name of a person at last looked good.