Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 6


Sam sat there all alone below the tree. He heard an owl from a distance. He also spotted few bats flying around. All of a sudden Sam felt like he was not alone. He stood up at his place and looked around. At a distance he spotted a blurred figure approaching towards him. It became visible as it neared him. It was none other than Mari who was running towards Sam with a knife in his hand. On seeing him, Sam bent down and picked up the sand in his hand. He threw it on Mari's face and that blinded his vision. Mari dropped the knife on the ground. His eyes were irritated and he was trying hard to get his vision right.

Sam noticed Amit walking towards him. He rushed to Amit and holding his hand Sam said, 'Amit, the guy you killed. He isn't dead.' Amit pushed him aside and walked towards Mari. He slapped him hard. 

---Amit to Mari---
'Oru vela kodutha urupadiya seyyamateengala da?'
[Why can't you people do the work assigned to you in a proper way?]
---Mari to Amit---
'Ange miss aayitaan, inge irundhu ivana uyiroda anupuradha illa anna.'
[Bro, we missed it once and now we can't let him walk alive from this place]

As the two were conversing, Sam heard a voice from his behind. It was none other than Daya who joined them at the location.

---Daya to Amit---
'Accident madhiri irukanum nu neenga dhaane sonnenga. Ippo enna panradhu?'
[You said it was supposed to look like an accident. What to do now?]

Amit looked at Sam and walked to him. He said, 'it's all because of you.' He then slapped Sam and continued, 'why did you take those photos? To whom all you gave it?'
'Amit, listen to me. I've not shared those photos with anyone. Trust me,' said Sam.

---Mari to Amit---
'Avan kitta enna anna pesikitu irukeenga? Pottu thallunga.'
[Bro, why are you wasting time talking to him? Just kill him]

'Amit, what's happening here?' asked Sam. 
'Oh, now you want the truth? Okay, I was the guy in the black shirt. I'm the leader of the gang. You still need a strong reason to die?' 
Amit then looked at Daya and said, 'grab the camera from him and burn the memory card.'

Sam spotted the knife that Mari dropped on the ground. He reached it and picked it up in his hand. Sam poked it deep into Amit's abdomen. He then took it out and stabbed Daya's feet with it. Daya yelled out of pain while Amit turned unconscious and fell on the ground. Mari, who witnessed the scene, step forward to hit Sam but before he made a move further Sam threw the sand on to his face blinding his vision once again. He then immediately fled away from the location.

One week later
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Sam spoke on the phone, 'I don't want to hear that again. Next time when you call I want the news that Amit and his gang are dead. Understand?'