Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 5


Sam slowly turned his head to see who it was. He then had a sigh of relief after seeing Amit who was completely drenched in water.
'Thank God! Amit, what happened there?' asked Sam as he took a deep breath.
'I killed that guy,' replied Amit.
'What?' Sam's tone was filled with shock.
'I pushed him aside and his head hit a rock. He is dead,' said Amit.

Sam noticed that the volvo bus was about to depart. He grabbed Amit's shirt and pulled him along into the bus. The bus departed from the location. To their surprise, the bus moved towards Pondicherry, the place where Sam and Amit were supposed to go. Amit, as he entered the bus, searched his pockets for his wallet.

Daya picked up a wallet that lay on the road. It had Amit's photo in it. He then looked at the volvo bus which was moving away from the location.

'What happened?' Sam asked Amit.
'I missed my wallet,' replied Amit.
Sam occupied the window seat and Amit sat next to him. After traveling for some time, they reached a place called Mahabalipuram. The clock showed 12 o'clock and both of them did not get out of the bus. The bus then reached Pondicherry around 3 o'clock.
'We shouldn't get down here,' said Sam.
'But why?' asked Amit.
'Those guys will be arriving anytime,' said Sam.

The bus departed from Pondicherry and headed towards Nagapattinam. On the way, Amit asked Sam if everything was okay with him and for that Sam had a reply.
'I now remember. They are after those photographs,' said Sam.
'What?' asked Amit.
'The photographs I took a couple of days back. I visited the Elliot's beach to take some sunset photographs and there I happened to witness a drug deal. A group of three people were exchanging drugs for money with a person. I captured everything in my camera.'
Sam took out his camera which he safeguarded in spite of the mess he faced and browsed through the pictures. He then zoomed in a picture and showed it to Amit.
'Look, these two guys. Don't you recognize them? They are the ones who are after us.'
Amit, as he looked at the photos, asked Sam, 'who is this third guy?'
'I missed capturing his face,' Sam said pointing to that anonymous guy in the photo, 'this guy in the black shirt, I guess he is the boss.'
'Sam, the situation appears dangerous. Why didn't you tell me before?' asked Amit.
'I totally forgot to tell you about this incident. I'm sorry Amit.'
'It's too late to feel sorry Sam. Let's face it.'

As they spoke, Sam spotted a jeep overtaking their bus. He looked out of the window and observed the jeep closely. It was Daya who drove the jeep. After the jeep crossed them, Sam walked to the driver and requested him to stop the bus. Both of them got out of the bus. The sun has already gone and darkness sneaked in. Both sides of the roads were covered with thick trees. Sam and Amit walked into the trees. The moon appeared brighter than ever providing them with adequate light to walk around. They both sat under a tree and relaxed.

'They won't find us here. We are safe for now,' said Sam.
'I'm feeling hungry. Let me go to the nearby town to get something to eat,' said Amit.
'Even I'm hungry and thirsty.' Sam said to Amit as he saw him get up, 'you better be careful.'
'Don't worry,' said Amit and he walked away from the location.

Sam sat there all alone below the tree. He heard an owl from a distance. He also spotted few bats flying around. All of a sudden Sam felt like he was not alone. He stood up at his place and looked around. At a distance he spotted a blurred figure approaching towards him. It became visible as it neared him. It was none other than Mari who was running towards Sam with a knife in his hand.



  1. oh.. so Mari isn't dead yet?? ayyo, now you're making me curious and to imagine what will happen further.

    *ahem.. over imagination is no good for you, rat.. wait till you read the next episode to make sure your guess is right...* :p

    1. let me know abt your guess in the next episode comment section :P

  2. ohhhkay...so these folks are drug smugglers...one mystery resolved. Now waiting for the endgame.