Monday, 24 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 4


'Mari, he is the guy. Go get him. He is the guy we were supposed to kill,' Daya said in a louder tone.

Sam, on noticing this, started to run towards the bike. He yelled as he ran, 'Amit... Amit... start the bike.' Amit immediately started the bike and Sam got on the bike. Mari saw them entering the bridge and he took a thick wooden stick in his hand that lay on the path. He aimed at the back wheel and threw it straight at the wheel rim. Amit lost his control and stumbled on the road. The bike then hit the bridge barrier and Amit hurled down the bridge into the water. Sam rolled on the road along with the bike. Sam at once got up and walked to the edge of the bridge. He was hesitant to make a jump because he didn't know to swim.
'Sam, run away from here. I'll manage to get away from these goons,' said Amit as he swam towards the shore.
Sam was reminded of the police check post all of a sudden. He lifted the bike and noticed that the bike was still running. He drove it away from the location escaping from Daya and Mari. Daya ran towards his jeep to follow Sam while Mari was at the edge of bridge looking at Amit who was struggling hard to swim.

Sholinganallur check post 
Sam reached the police booth at the check post. He put his bike to the side and walked into the booth. Inspector Duraiswamy escorted him out of the booth and said, 'you shouldn't get in like that. We have some rules.'
'Sir, right now I feel like I'm in a trouble. You've to help me out please,' said Sam who was sweating like hell. 
'You look like a foreigner. Which country are you from?' 
'Russia, I'm from Russia,' replied Sam.
'Okay, relax yourself. I'll go make a call to my superior officer. You stay right here,' said Duraiswamy and he walked into the police booth.

-Inside the Police booth-
Inspector Duraiswamy opened the envelope and took out a photo. It was none other than Sam who was in the photo. He then picked up the telephone and dialed a number. The call was picked up at the other side.
'Daya, he is here. Come soon,' said inspector Duraiswamy.
'Just manage for few minutes. I'll be there,' it was Daya who spoke from the other side of the call.

Sam overheard the conversation standing outside the police booth. He immediately fled away from the location after hearing Duraiswamy's words.

Daya arrived there in a auto rickshaw in few minutes. He walked to Duraiswamy and asked, 'where is the guy?'
'I don't know, I came out and found him missing,' Duraiswamy then asked looking at the auto rickshaw, 'what happened to your vehicle?'
'Damn it! It got stuck. We can't lose him Durai sir,' said Daya.
'Don't worry Daya, he wouldn't have crossed this area. We can catch him.' 

There was a tea stall few meters away from the check post and a volvo bus was standing adjacent to the stall. Sam was hiding behind the bus and was having a look at the check post scene. He saw Daya and Duraiswamy having a conversation. All of a sudden, Sam felt someone tapping his shoulder from behind. His heart beat skipped for a moment. Thinking that to be Mari, Sam slowly turned his head to see who it was. He then had a sigh of relief after seeing Amit who got completely drenched in water.
'Thank God! Amit, what happened there?' asked Sam as he took a deep breath.
'I killed that guy,' replied Amit.



  1. uh..oh.. i dint expect Amit will kill someone here.. oops. so what next? :p

    I am now imagining our tamil goondas talking english.. lol.. :D

    1. actually in my original script those conversations (goondas talking to each other) were in 'Tamil' ;) but i had to change it here :P

    2. lol ok. but since its happening here in Chennai, i think you can add one or two native slang words in between, esp with those goondas.. it will add some colors to the scenario. never mind, that was my little opinion... while you know how to make the readers glued to your story :-) :p

    3. okay, then i'll add the slang in the forthcoming episode :)

  2. Nice ending. your narration is fast and crisp.