Monday, 24 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 3


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 12 – 04:45 hours
'Hey, hey, Mari, wake up,' Daya said this to Mari who fell asleep in the driver's seat.
Mari woke up at once. He wiped the sweat on his face and said, looking at Daya, 'what happened? Did you get the call?' 
'Not yet. Shall I dial him?' asked Daya.
'No, no, let us wait for the call,' Mari asked this as he looked around in the jeep, 'is the envelope safe?' 
Daya took out an envelope from his shirt and said, 'it's safe.' 

October 12 – 05:00 hours
Daya received a call on his cell phone. He spoke over the phone for few seconds and hung up the call. He then said to Mari, 'lets start now. We have to get there on time.'
'Daya,' Mari spoke hesitantly, 'after finishing our work you have to buy me foreign liquor. I heard they sell it half price at that place.'
'First lets complete the job given by our boss. Then he himself will buy us one,' said Daya.

Mari started the jeep. He drove it across the streets and reached the main road in few minutes. The roads were empty as it was early in the morning and it gave room for Mari to drive faster. He started from a place called Royapuram located at the northern side of Chennai and reached Central in ten minutes. By 5.20 am, he crossed the Spencer plaza. Then it took him thirty minutes to reach a place called Sholinganallur located at the outskirts of the city. A few meters away Daya spotted a check post where all the vehicles were being checked. Mari halted the jeep. Daya spotted a young guy crossing the vehicle who was carrying tea glasses. 
'Hey kid... hey you with the tea glasses,' Daya called the young guy as he stepped out of the jeep. 
The guy walked towards the jeep and said, 'sir, did you call me?'
'Yeah,' Daya placed the envelope on the guy's hand and said, 'you see the police officer there?' Daya pointed to the police officer aged in his mid forties and continued, 'handover the cover to him. Okay?'

The guy walked towards the check post and handed the envelope to the officer. He then murmured in the ears of the police officer, 'two people standing in front of the jeep, they gave this', and left the place. The police officer signaled his subordinate to check the vehicle documents and he went into the police booth holding the envelope in his hand.

It was 6.20 in the morning and the vehicles were being cleared out from the check post. Daya and Mari got into their jeep and Mari drove it towards the check post. The police officer, after he spotted the jeep, got out from the police booth and walked towards the vehicle.
'Hello Inspector Duraiswamy, how are things going on?' asked Mari who halted the jeep.
'Hello Mari sir,' the police officer then looked at Daya and said, 'Daya, where are you guys going?'
'To Pondicherry sir. You need anything from there?' Mari said. 
'Ha ha, no need Mari,' the police officer signaled another officer to make way for the jeep to pass through. 

October 12 - 06:30 hours
Mari's vehicle crossed the check post. Daya spotted two bikes in front of him. One bike was slowing down towards the side of the road while the other was moving at a constant speed. He was confused for a moment and then he asked Mari, 'which one of those two bikes? You have any idea?'
'See, the brown jacket,' Mari said pointing to the bike in which both the riders wore helmets. 
'Yes the brown jacket. Follow that bike,' said Daya.

Mari noticed that the bike rider was about to turn left to give way for the jeep to pass. Before he did so, Mari stepped on the accelerator and hit the bike with a greater speed. The bike screeched and the riders rolled on the road. Mari halted the jeep at the end of the bridge and got out of it. Daya stepped out of the vehicle and both of them walked towards the bridge. Daya looked at the face of the rider who removed his helmet. He then saw Mari who walked to the other injured rider. He took off the helmet and looked at the face of the rider wearing brown jacket. He then said to Daya, 'Bro, he is not the one.' Daya then looked around. He spotted a guy hiding at the corner of the bridge and capturing the accident in his camera. Daya, pointing his finger to the camera guy, said, 'he is the guy we were supposed to hit.' Daya said in a louder tone, 'Mari, he is the guy. Go get him. He is the guy we were supposed to kill.'



  1. hmm.. waiting for the chasing scene.. :-)

  2. But why are they after his life? And are these guys - Daya and Mari also from the police?

    1. Daya and Mari are not from the Police.. they are those famous 'contract killers' hired by a person to kill these guys.. The reason will be revealed in the forthcoming episodes.